The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: The Rampage of An Older Brother

[It’s just not right… We didn’t commit any crime, yet just because we look a little different, we’re treated as slaves…]

It started from something truly trivial.
This morning, on a mere whim, I asked Abel [What do you want to do if you become a Magic Knight?]. Abel said [I want to build a small village].
Not everyone is strong. So at least, he wants to protect the people within his reach.
And he also said this.

── [I want to free the slaves].

Especially the [demi-humans] and [elves], the ones enslaved just for being [sub-humans].
…Horrifyingly, at first I didn’t understand it.
I couldn’t see anything wrong with demi-humans being slaves at all.
Why is there a need to free them? Demi-humans as slaves is only natural… Without realizing, I seriously thought that.
What’s even more horrifying is that this way of thinking isn’t abnormal at all. My ideology wasn’t especially radical, it was just that almost everyone who heard Abel’s words there thought demi-humans being slaves was obvious.
Well, the girl called Lily already knew Abel’s beliefs so she wasn’t surprised.
Now that I think about it, I’d seen signs of this before. There were rarely beastmen and elves in my territory too, but they were always serving someone without exception.
The only exceptions were adventurers who seemed to be from other countries.

─── [Demi-humans are human slaves]

This is the [common sense] of the Mirestia Kingdom, the [obvious] ingrained in this body. That’s why I didn’t notice…I think.
That strange feeling of some knowledge not in my brain denying this.
Is it because I’m a reincarnator that I noticed this strangeness?
Until now, I never found it strange at all. Rather, why was Abel able to see this common sense as wrong? He’s from this country, right?
“Well, no use thinking about it now.”
It’s not something I can change immediately even if I wanted to.
At least for now, I have many other things I should do.
Well, when I become one granted all kinds of ‘freedom’ and ‘authority’ as a [Magic Knight], I could change this foolish common sense if I wanted. We should utilize it rather than exclude it. I don’t like such irrational things.
But various issues would arise even if we talk about emancipation. It won’t happen overnight.
In any case, I should study more deeply. About the history of this country and others.
While thinking that, I left the library.
I switch gears immediately.
What I’m taking next is the last class for today, [Special Magic Combat Training].
The handouts didn’t list the instructor’s name, only labeling it [Special Lecturer].
There were several classes with this kind of notation but [Special Magic Combat Training] was one of them.
The class content was described as [Combat training against enemies using special attribute magic].
Heh, quite a tantalizing class.
I wonder what kind of class it’ll be. I’m a little excited.

“It’s been a while──Alice.”
Even I was surprised…this was far too unexpected.
“Luke, it’s been a while. Last time we met was about a year ago, right?”
Silver hair, long aquamarine eyes, transparent white skin, well-ordered features.

Alice’s brother──[Yorand].

“Is everyone here? Let’s get started with class!”
Alice looks more disturbed than I’ve ever seen.
“Hey, your brother is super hot, huh.”
Mia whispers to Alice.
She denies it with a truly unhappy expression.
Objectively speaking, Yorand’s features are very well-ordered.
“Damn, too hot…”
Other female students also let out sounds of admiration.

scene transition



In contrast, Alice let out a sigh.
“Let me start with a quick self-introduction. My name is [Yorand Elias Lonsdale]. Feel free to call me Professor Yorand, pleased to work with you all. Oh, some of you probably noticed already but the Alice over there is my little sister.”
” ………… “
Yorand smiles merrily while Alice narrows her eyes unhappily.
They’re quite the contrasting siblings.
Meeting him in person, I sensed an odd heterogenous feeling from the man I’d been told was a worthless person by Alice, but──
“For the record, I hold the post of [Vice-Commander of the Second National Mage Corps]. Though I just got appointed this year.”
It seems that perception was in the past.
I’d heard the rumors. That he belonged to the kingdom’s mage corps but was just an ordinary soldier.
But I’d also heard he suddenly rose to prominence around two years ago.


Yes──two years ago when Alice and I unwillingly became engaged.

However, I’m hearing for the first time that he rose to the position of Vice-Commander.
For a man who was just an ordinary soldier to become Vice-Commander in two years. Clearly abnormal.
“Now then, that’s enough about me. Let’s get right into explaining this class. As you can see from the name, my class is [Special Magic Combat Training], but does anyone know what it covers?”
“Yes sir!”
One man sharply raises his hand.
“Okay, you. Your name?”
“Logan Roll Compton, sir!”
“Alright, Logan. So what’s the answer?”
“Combat training against enemies using special attribute magic!”
“Correct. So do you know what kind of [special attribute magic] that includes?”
“That’s…I don’t know!”
“Right! Good honesty!”
Watching the interaction between this Logan person with strangely good posture and Yorand, Alice muttered under her breath.

──The moment she said that, Yorand’s movements froze for an instant and his body twitched blurrily for a split second that I didn’t miss.

Huh…what was that just now.
Feels like I caught a glimpse of something tremendously brazen.
“An-anyway, I’ll continue the explanation. Namely, the four great attributes──── [Fire] [Wind] [Water] [Earth]. Attributes quite different from those four. For example, my [Magnetism] attribute is just like that.”
── [Magnetism] huh.
“Yeah, you, the big guy!”
Yorand pointed sharply.
“Oh, me?”
“Yeah you. What’s your name? Just the first.”
“It’s Hugo!”
“Got it. Hugo, what’s your attribute?”
“Yeah, good attribute. So, try hitting me with some magic. Make it as strong as you can, ‘kay?”
“I-is that okay…?”
“It’s fine. It definitely won’t hit after all.”
Yorand provoked Hugo’s fighting spirit with provocative words.
“Here I come!”
“Yeah, anytime.”

“── [Rock Bullet]!”

The moment he said that, a tremendously large rock was generated and fired at Yorand.
The speed was pretty good too. Not bad.
With that size and speed, if you don’t start dodging immediately you won’t make it.
Yet Yorand doesn’t move.
“Get out of the way!”
Unable to endure it, Hugo yelled.

“── [Repulsion].”

As Yorand chanted that, the giant rock gently changed trajectory.
It passed right over Yorand’s head.
“See, it didn’t hit, right?”
Then he smiled like a child.
Not just Hugo, most people here gasped.
Seeing that scene, I roughly grasped this [Magnetism Magic].
Very powerful magic.
Heh, he’s supposed to be a worthless man? Don’t spout nonsense.
“My [Magnetism Magic] can impart magnetism to anything, generating attraction and repulsion. In this case, I imparted magnetism to the giant boulder Hugo fired and the ground, generating repulsion.”
I see.
“You thought it was strong, right? But you know, the range I can impart magnetism in is about five meters radius centered on me. I can’t repel heat or cold. And the more powerful the attraction and repulsion I generate, the more magic power it consumes. Lacks wide-range attack means…and so on, it has various demerits.”
Yorand continues speaking.
“For now I’m explaining it to you all. But in real combat, you have to find these weaknesses in the middle of battle and impose your own advantage. I want to teach you all how to fight against special attribute magic users like me.”

── [Special Magic Combat Training]

What a nice class. I had already decided to take Yorand’s class.
“Since this is combat training, my mage corps comrades will also help out as opponents sometimes. Keep that in mind.” ──Alright, I think that covers the explanation.”
Looks like many are favorably impressed by this class.
Only Alice still has a complicated expression.
“Let’s see…Luke.”
At that moment, he suddenly calls my name.
“I heard you’re the most excellent one here. ──How about it, want to fight me?”
A tranquil smile.
But what’s with this intense hostility? Seems I’m quite hated.
Even though I haven’t done anything to you as far as I know.
“Ah, let’s do it.”
Everyone watches as I step forward.
I take distance from Yorand and we both take up our swords.
“The nature of my magic means I also use a sword.”
“I see.”
“Anytime you’re ready.”
“Heh, then I’ll help myself.”
I activate a spell.

“── [Dark Drain].”

A simple spell that utilizes the Darkness attribute’s nature to drain the opponent’s magic power.
But its performance is considerable.
Magic power is a mage’s lifeline. Without magic power, they can do nothing.
I’m certain my [Darkness Attribute] is the strongest against mages…but─I can’t absorb it.
“I know about your [Darkness Attribute]. But I can impart magnetism to my own magic power. I generated attraction to offset it. ──In the end, it wasn’t much, huh.”
“Heh, ah hah hah hah!”
This really is fun.
So fun I can’t stand it.

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