The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 3 part 6

I head to the cafeteria. Luckily it was close so I got there quickly.
There were already people there before me. It was the guy with the really nasty eyes and red hair I saw in the classroom yesterday.
Without a word, he just silently kept eating his meal.
“He looks nasty. An unpleasant sight first thing in the morning. Why don’t you disappear?”
I didn’t really care.
Frankly, I don’t give a damn what some nobody does.
Plus, this guy is just silently eating his meal.
There’s no need to worry about it…but Alice feels differently.
There were signs of it from the moment we first set foot in the classroom that day.
She’ll bluntly voice any unpleasant feelings without hesitation.
Extremely aggressive towards anyone except me. How to put it…feels like the heroine on the villain side. She was probably Luke’s heroine in the original story too.
The redhead’s face twisted in anger, giving off dangerous vibes like he might punch me any moment.
But surprisingly, he obediently picked up his dishes and moved to the far end of the large table.
In other words, he obediently followed Alice’s words.
“Good to see he knows his place. Luke, let’s eat.”
I felt a slight interest.
“You, what’s your name?”
Lloyd huh. The man ranked fourth after Mia who can use three attributes.
Despite his delinquent looks, he’s very excellent.
But I have even more questions now.
“Why do you obey Alice’s words?”
Lloyd’s expression warped in humiliation and anger as he grit his teeth.
He himself doesn’t want to obey Alice’s words.
Yet the fact he still obeys means there’s some reason behind it.
An unbending will that refuses to yield.
“Luke, who cares about some man like that. Hurry up and eat alrea─”
“You shut up.”
Go, I’m sorry. …… Ha-ha-ha.
I wanted to hear Lloyd’s answer.
“…During the practical exam, I was in the same venue as that silver-hair.”
“Silver hair? Who on earth are you──”
“──Quiet, don’t make me say it twice. So?”
Lloyd paused for a moment. With an expression filled with humiliation and anger.
I ignored the rough breathing I could hear from next to me.
“…She was strong. Stronger than…me, damn it.”
Those words seemed to contain this man named Lloyd’s everything.
“Didn’t fight her directly. But…I understood. As I am now…I can’t win…”
“Heh, I see.”

“You too, blondie. As I am now…I can’t beat you either. You’re worse than that silver-hair. I don’t even know how far apart we are…damn it.”
There are really a lot of interesting guys here.
“But don’t think I’ve given up. Just you watch, I’ll damn well surpass you.”
“Ah hah hah hah! You’re interesting, I like you.”
I like him. He’s a stoic man through and through. To the point he’ll obey someone stronger than himself no matter how humiliating, just because he acknowledges they’re stronger.
“Morning. You’re all up early. Do you mind if I join you for breakfast too──”
“No. Go away please.”
Leonard appeared with a refreshing smile.
That smile disappeared like smoke within two seconds…thanks to Alice’s mercilessly sharp words.
“Is it…okay if I sit here…?”
“Do what you want.”
“Ha…ha… Never has someone’s kindness seeped so deeply into my heart…”
Lloyd accepted Leonard.
Despite his looks, seems he’s quite kind. He’s really full of unexpected traits.
“The noisy one’s here.”
“All I did was say good morning! That’s not noisy!”
“See, noisy.”
“Oh youuu…!”
Mia showed up.
While grumbling, she sat near Alice and started eating.
They look like they’re always arguing, but they might surprisingly get along well.
“Be prepared, Alice! I’ll challenge you to a ranking match within a month!”
“Anytime. There’s no way I’d lose to someone as utterly mediocre as you.”
“No good, shorty.”
A voice came from elsewhere.
I immediately grasped who this [shorty] referred to.

“Who…who just called me short!?”

It was about Mia. And she herself seemed to be aware of it.
The one who called her shorty was, surprisingly, Lloyd.
“Fight me first. If you lose a ranking match, you can’t do them for a month. So fight me first. ──As you are, you can’t beat the silver-hair.”
“…If I remember right, you’re the second son of the Arbathnott family…[Lloyd Iris Arbathnott]. I know about you. You’re supposed to be quite skilled at magic. So you got conceited? Fine, I’ll take you on. I’ll teach you…the difference in our levels.”
“Heh, interesting. Go ahead and teach me──shorty.”
Things are really heated from the morning. Truly, this is an interesting academy I’ve entered.



I took some classes in the morning. Most of today’s classes were lectures on each attribute.
There was nothing like practical combat magic classes, and of course no classes on my darkness attribute either.
But I thought there was value in taking them even if it was another attribute.
My [Darkness Attribute] can absorb magic power and also use magic through that absorbed power.
In other words, I can use other attribute magic conditionally.
So there was meaning in taking classes on other attributes…or so I thought, but in the end it was awful.
Explaining what I could cover in five minutes over ninety minutes, it was a truly inefficient class. I don’t need to take them.
I’ll just make use of the teachers when necessary.
And now, I’m in the grand library that Aslan Magic Academy boasts of. This place is truly a treasure trove.
Knowledge upon knowledge accumulated here.
Just being able to use this library makes entering this academy worthwhile. I can’t challenge upperclassmen to ranking matches for a month, so I’ll spend time pursuing magic here for a while.
Well, I’ll still go to classes I’m interested in like [Alchemy] in the afternoon once.
Otherwise I’ll spend time here. ──Now then, I should get going.
The moment I left the library, I heard a voice.
Looking over, it was──Abel.
“Haven’t seen you…since yesterday…”
A commoner doesn’t use honorifics with me like this. But I didn’t feel any displeasure.
It means I acknowledge Abel to at least that extent.
“You’re Abel, right?”
“Yeah. Um…Luke is fine, right?”
“Call me whatever you want.”
He looks very awkward and fidgety as he tries to gauge my mood.
The wounds from yesterday are nowhere to be seen. They shouldn’t have been light injuries by any means.
Indeed, healing magic from a priestess is truly remarkable.
“You can’t use elemental magic, can you?”
“Yeah, you know a lot about it.”
“What were you doing this morning?”
“Well, it seems that Professor Blood was watching our fight yesterday… and then he kind of forcefully took me with him…”
“He said he’d train me, so he dragged me along… Haha…”
Abel laughed as if he were tired.
That training with this Blood must have been quite tough.
I see…as expected, he’s blessed. He has the power to attract others to him. ──Truly, it’s a power befitting the [protagonist].
Heh…gotta watch out for this guy.
“Why did you come to this academy?”
“Answer quickly.”
“Um, to get stronger, I guess.”
“Why do you need to get stronger?”
I was a little intrigued. It was just a casual question.
Yet Abel’s atmosphere suddenly changed. So much I unconsciously gasped.

“──So it’s not stolen from me again.”

Ha ha ha!
What’s with those eyes!? Is that how the protagonist acts!?
For just a brief moment, just a brief moment, it felt like I saw Abel’s darkness.
It’s regrettable I have almost no knowledge about the original story. I wonder what could have happened to make him look like that.


Yes, I felt a little mischievous.
I wanted to peer into Abel’s darkness a little more.

“What would you do if I came to steal your precious things?”
“You can’t win. You understand that after yesterday, right? What will you do? Come on, tell me. Your answer──”
There’s no need to ask this.

scene transition

But I couldn’t help it. I had to know Abel’s answer.

“I’ll do…what I should do.”

Abel’s answer was very simple.
Yet I sensed…the true meaning hidden within those words.
“Ah hah hah hah! ──Good answer.”
I won’t look down on you. This unfathomable creepiness is your true nature.
It’s good I was able to feel this creepiness up close. It will surely nourish me.
“Ahaha…s-sorry, that was weird of me.”
Abel laughs as if covering up.
The bizarre atmosphere from earlier has completely vanished. This academy won’t be boring.
By the way, what classes is he taking? Is he also going to Alchemy like me?
Well, whatever. I’ll do what I should do.

──The royal capital deep at night.

A back alley smelling of blood.
Two silhouettes emerge from there──and immediately leap up, moving to the roof.
Those figures illuminated by the moonlight have practically no exposed skin.
“Another dead end.”
“I’m sick of this. We should take more direct action.”
“Direct, seriously?”
The male voice and the androgynous voice.
“But you know, that’s dangerous. We should just steadily do it the roundabout way. I’m actually pretty fond of the life here.”
“Have you forgotten the mission…?”
“No I haven’t but…”
“Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”
“When you say you’ll handle it…”
“Attribute magic users. Their wide area destruction capabilities are formidable. But they aren’t invincible. The people of this country. Rely too much on magic. It’ll be easy.”
“Haa…when you decide on something, there’s just no stopping you…But remember this at least. Don’t rush. Let’s do this slowly and surely.”
“Got it.”

With those words, the two shadows disappeared into the night──.

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