The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 3 part 5

Professor Freya announces the end of the match.
The moment she does, the gigantic [sun] Luke created disappears like an illusion.
That unique sensation of magic power being drained from inside my body also vanished.
Along with the endless feeling of powerlessness from having my magic power taken away, and Luke’s gaze looking down on my sorry state──ah, it’s unbearable.
My body tingles and my lower abdomen grows hot.
It’s really too bad that’s not directed at me right now.
“Luke really is unbelievable…”
“A-are you okay, Alice? Your face is red but…”
“Don’t worry about me. Just leave me be.”
“I see…if you say so.”
Normally the pain in my body would subside quickly. No, I’d make it subside.
Yet today…it’s different. Rather than subsiding, my body just grows hotter.
…I probably realized deep down. I’d hit my limit long ago. I’d just been enduring all this time.

Everything about me changed──since [that day].

Before meeting Luke, I was convinced I was the most excellent human in this world.
I never doubted that. Because the way everyone around me looked at me was always the same.
So I didn’t like it. When I first saw Luke at that party.
Because he looked at me the same way I’d looked at everyone around me up to now.
I wanted to stain that worthless gaze of his with humiliation.
To thoroughly trample his arrogant, hate-filled self.
Just imagining that made me feel such delight. How pleasant it would be to picture him hating me yet unable to do anything about it, making my body tingle deliciously from deep inside.

But──that’s not how it happened.

The one stained with humiliation was me…it wasn’t even a contest.
To him, I really was just another worthless person.

Powerless me.
Miserable me.
Pitiful me.

I was engulfed by dark emotions I’d never felt before, more than I could count.
And…I changed. That detestable feeling became [pleasure], then changed into [love].
As I started spending time with him, those twisted feelings swelled ceaselessly.
I don’t even understand why myself. But for certain, I was completely remade from my foundations.
I can no longer go back to who I was before. I don’t even want to go back.

But…that was also the beginning of suffering.

He never slacked in his efforts. Whenever I went to see him, he was either swinging his sword or reading magic books without pause.
He didn’t even try to look at me. As if possessed, he continued to devote himself to training, seeking [power] with an insatiable heart.
That’s when I realized.

He is──a light that’s too big.

Light can sometimes become hope and admiration.
But what if it’s too big? Its radiance scorches the eyes of those looking at it, incinerating any who try to approach.
Sometimes it confuses and drives mad──such an excessively great light.
That was exactly what Luke was. It’s quite ironic his attribute is [Darkness].
Even so, I fell in love with Luke…no, this isn’t such a pretty emotion.

Something more muddy and brazen, like [dependency] or [obsessive love].

Before I knew it, I couldn’t even imagine a world without him.
He’d never been kind to me or whispered love to me.
Yet my heart was dyed so completely there was no room for any other color.
I started making efforts like I never had before. And not halfhearted ones either.
Desperately, truly desperately, I did my best. Because I wanted to be reflected in Luke’s eyes even a little.
Those days were painful. I pursued magic whenever time allowed, and at night indulged in miserable masturbation to vent my growing desires. At some point, that became my daily routine.
…This is what it means to be at the side of a light as great as Luke, I told myself over and over.
I did think about how nice it would be if I could forget Luke, but that was impossible. Once you’re enthralled by such an intense light, I think there’s absolutely no escaping it.
But my efforts weren’t for nothing. Little by little, Luke started looking at me more.
I was so happy I thought I would burst.
No matter how painful, just that was enough for me to keep pushing myself as hard as I could.

Yet──I realized human desires are bottomless.

Luke’s were like a sweet poison, slowly invading me.

More, more.
More, more, more, more, more──.

My desires swelled exponentially.
The agony of having to endure limitlessly swelling desires.
This agony only grew greater day by day.
So this was probably fate…

The moment I saw Luke’s [Dark Sun] today──something inside me broke with a snap.

I think it was something like restraints.
With the restraints gone, the desires I’d suppressed until now overflowed, engulfing me in an instant.
“The dorms provide breakfast and dinner. There are some rules but you’re basically free. Do as you like. Also, get along with each other. It’ll benefit you more that way. Being able to connect with others of similar standing is another boon of this academy.”
Somehow I was in the dorms. My mind is hazy.
“That’s it for today. Classes start tomorrow. If there’s anything you want to take, don’t be late.”
The first floor was communal, second floor was the guys, third floor was the girls.
I head to my assigned room. As soon as I enter, I close and lock the door. Make sure to lock it.
I flop down on the bed and slip under the sheets.
My hand naturally reaches down between my legs. …This is no good, it’s becoming a habit.
But right now, I have to do something about this body that’s like a lump of heat, otherwise I’ll go crazy. ──I gently traced myself over my underwear.
I indulged myself for a while.
Hoping to vent some of this heat outside my body.

But…no good.



No matter how much I indulge, the pain only grows.
That’s right, something broke back then. Something that had been restraining me.

──I’ve endured enough already.

It felt like I heard a voice saying that.
Any more than this is impossible…I can’t endure it anymore.

Before I knew it, I had left my room and started walking──to Luke’s room.

The rational part of my brain searches for reasons to affirm myself.
My period just ended recently, so it should be fine. And I’m engaged to Luke.
Since we have a promised future, there shouldn’t be any problem.
Thinking those things, I arrived at Luke’s room.
At this moment for some reason, a strange nervousness softly spreads through my heart.
But my body aches more…so I steel myself and knock on the door.
Fortunately or unfortunately, the door opened right away.
“It’s you huh. What are you here for?”
He’s clearly unhappy. He looks at me like I’m garbage. Without any hesitation, he rejects me.
All of that heightened my arousal, covering up the last scrap of rationality I had left.
“Let me…in…”
Surprisingly, Luke easily let me in.
Once inside, I lock the door behind me.

“What exactly are you──huh?”

I strip. Not slowly.
I immediately take off my top and remove all my underwear too.
“What on earth are you doing…”
Luke doesn’t change his expression at all.
But his voice is a little different from normal. That was unbearably cute.
I approach Luke like that and press my lips against his, slipping my tongue into his mouth.
While tangling our tongues, I push Luke down──.

Morning sunlight streams in through the window.
I get up from the bed and look outside.
It’s a nice morning. Really…such a nice morning….



Shiit, what the hell!?
Men are so stupid!
Are men really such foolish creatures!?


I bang my head against the wall.
This is the worst…I went and did it. My reason didn’t function at all.
To experience such a mistake in one night, I’m understanding not with logic but my body…
Damn it!! How’s security here!?
Is even this included in ‘freedom’!?
Don’t give me that connection crap!!
…Haa, calm down. It’s my fault.
To be so vulnerable to a woman…I’m pathetic.
Well, it’s because I only focused on swordsmanship and magic…
“Good morning, Luke.”
I heard a voice. In this room, there’s only one other person besides me.
“You’re good in the morning as well. You really have no faults, do you?”
“…Shut up. Just hurry up and get dressed.”
“Oh, come on. It’s still fine, isn’t it?”
…Damn it. I underestimated the fact that her appearance was her only redeeming quality.
I didn’t expect it to escalate to such a violent weapon.
“How about it? We still have time, so can we do it one more time?”
I looked at Alice.
Her snow-white skin, slightly red lips, and seductive curves.
All of it tantalized my desire. Ah… really──

“…Get on all fours.”

Men are such foolish creatures.


Let’s think positively.
I was able to experience a woman at the age of fifteen. It’s nothing more than overcoming another one of my weaknesses.
This isn’t a bad thing. …Yes, I’m getting closer.
To the true heights that no one else can reach.



“We should have gone in together.”
I take turns with Alice to bathe.
I’ll wash away this hazy feeling that’s clouding my thoughts. Gotta pull myself together.
While washing my body, a thought flashed through my mind.


Honestly, he was an insignificant existence.
That physical attack power has no equal. But that’s all.
No matter how many times we fight, my victory won’t waver. Since his power relies on magic power rather than pure physical ability, he can never be my enemy.


But his eyes were good.
Those eyes starving for strength, never breaking no matter how overwhelming the difference in strength.
He was completely different from the [protagonist] I’d imagined.
“Looks like fun.”
The words naturally slipped out.
There, I noticed the change in my heart.
Until now, part of me was scared somewhere. Scared I might lose someday. That fear would occasionally engulf my heart.
This hasn’t disappeared yet. However, I’m enjoying the entirety of this situation now.
No matter how much you grow and strengthen from here on Abel, I’ll stay ahead of you.

So──struggle with all you’ve got.

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