Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 31

Mob No.31: “It’s been a while, Mr. Uzoss!”

After receiving payment on the destination planet Garaif,

we disbanded and went our separate ways.

Why don’t we take a round trip job?

The reason is simple – the client only requested a one-way trip.

There are cases where a return trip is requested, but standby fees accrue until the return leg begins.

The longer the standby period, the greater the expense, so it’s usually just one way.

For the record, after disbanding:

Levin went pirate hunting.

Old man Bernard took a vacation.

Moritz took another escort job.

Arthur and Seila were invited to a military reception as the heroes who resolved this incident.

I was fortunate that there was a gate near Planet Ytts, so I headed straight back.

Incidentally, invitations to the reception were sent to everyone except me and old man Bernard.

Well, even if I got one I would’ve declined, so no issue there.

That manager was apparently demoted to a regular employee for arbitrarily handling the ship’s wheel and making judgments that endangered his employees multiple times.

Normally when an unlicensed person arbitrarily handles a ship’s wheel except in emergencies, it’s definitely grounds for arrest, but thanks to that we survived, so it was treated as an emergency and he was spared arrest.

He had a temper and was selfish, but didn’t steal his subordinates’ achievements or push his failures onto them, and sincerely acknowledged his mistakes, which were also considered mitigating factors.

When I leisurely returned to headquarters on Planet Ytts, I ran into Mr. Roans not at his usual counter but in the lobby.

He was in his usual suit, but seemed somewhat elated for some reason.

“Rare to see you here. Headed somewhere?”

“Vacation. Finally going to see my wife and daughter again♪”

Mr. Roans cheerfully adjusted his tie knot.

“Then I guess I’ll take some time off too.”

“I did hand off my duties.”

“A girl would have a terrible experience for sure.”

“It’s a guy so it’ll be fine.”

Mr. Roans took time off before too, and a female clerk took over for him then.

Of course I didn’t act rudely towards her, and was careful with how I spoke and dressed.

It should have been normal polite attire and manners for female shop clerks around town.

For the record, the first female clerk I addressed after becoming a mercenary

[Ugh…sorry. I’m swamped with work so please go to another counter]

completely brushed me off with an unpleasant attitude.

Fortunately this clerk had no issues, and properly introduced jobs and handled procedures.

But one mercenary who saw this

“Hey you! Can’t you see she doesn’t like you? Get lost!”

pointed a heat gun at me.

The female clerk protested him, but he didn’t listen and

“It’s okay! I’ll get rid of this ugly creep right away!” appealed to the clerk, drunk on his own words.

I could’ve fought back, but with a heat gun pointed at me things could go badly, so I quickly fled.

His buddies behind me were laughing at me.


I found out later he’s some famous idiot noble, now a Queen-rank who throws his weight around in the capital, but his successor might not be so different.

Plus there’s Hero-kun.

Anyway I’ve had my fill of guys like that, and don’t want to cause trouble for decent clerks.

Incidentally, the one who paid me on Planet Garaif was a male clerk.

“Yeah I’ll take some time off.”

I was already planning to vacation, so I’ll extend it until Mr. Roans gets back.

Then Mr. Roans mentioned some juicy gossip.

“Speaking of, heard you declined the reception.”

“Well you know, too much hassle.”

That’s not the real reason, but denying it is also a hassle.

The military probably prefers reporting he declined rather than not inviting him at all to save face.

Eventually time came for Mr. Roans to leave the guild and board the domestic flight to see his family.

I should hurry home and sleep too.

The next day, after finishing cleaning my room, I headed to [Animember].

The anime shop I hadn’t visited in a while was as calming as ever.

This building is a blessed place with everything – anime, manga, games, doujinshi, trading cards, figures, and more.

Most otaku residing on Planet Ytts come here.

The staff wear anime character cosplay outfits, and some androids even have full exterior remodels to look exactly like anime characters.

And unlike some of the merc guild’s receptionists, they don’t change their attitude based on the customer.

Well, some female staff and customers do get excited seeing male pairs.

Oh, the new volume of the manga I like is out.

The light novel got a comic adaptation huh. I’ll grab it.

While enjoying Animember, I was suddenly addressed.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Uzoss!”

It was my friend since sophomore year of high school, Kruss Arnoid.

“Yo, Arnoid! As vibrant as ever?”

“2D or 3D, beautiful girls are sublime! And I pursue that sublimity!”

Kruss Arnoid is a friend of me and Gonzalez. His face and arms down to the elbows are covered in strengthened exoskeleton.

We went to different schools.

We met at a comic market.

Right before starting middle school, he suffered serious burns on his face and arms in a fire accident. Though he received clone regeneration therapy, for some reason the cells wouldn’t regenerate. At one point they considered full prosthetic bodies like Gonzalez, but he chose to cooperate in research to treat others suffering like him.

Now research has advanced considerably, and his arms down to the wrists and 60% of his face have been restored to normal.

Since he’s quite the hunk, his hobby game streams are supposedly very popular.

Incidentally, when he learned I became a mercenary, his first words were:

[Have you met any cute female mercs? Loli would be best!?]

And he’s a government official.

Apparently there’s many otaku like him in the government.

They get calendar vacations without overtime, so it’s easy for them to attend events and such.

It had been a while, so we popped into a random fast food place and enjoyed catching up with otaku talk.

I wanted to go all night, but Kruss and I both had plans that afternoon, so we wrapped up around noon.

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