The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 3 part 4

There are various details, but these are probably the most important points.
But what is all this? Well, it’s within my expectations, but still…
“What’s not mentioned here is that for the next month, anyone within your year can challenge anyone regardless of ranking. If you’re unsatisfied with your ranking, make the most of this period.”
As expected, or perhaps I should say unsurprisingly, the classroom, which was already quiet as if frozen due to Alice, fell even quieter.
The sound of someone swallowing spit echoed strangely loudly.
“What’s the matter with you guys? You knew what you were getting into when you came to this academy, didn’t you?”
Freya’s monotonous voice was the only thing that resounded.
“Is this place not what you expected? Were you satisfied just being accepted? Do you truly understand the meaning of aiming to be one of the only ten [Magic Knights] in this country? There is no place for those who are negligent in their efforts. If you don’t want to suffer miserably, learn with reckless abandon and grow stronger. That is all I can advise.”
“Heh, don’t worry. The fact you were accepted into this academy already guarantees you have the minimum talent.”
I see. Abel, ranked dead last in this twisted meritocratic academy.
It’s a very straightforward underdog story.
“Any other questions? If not, we’ll head to the dorms now and–“

The one who raised their hand was──Abel.

“What is it?”
“The ranking battles…when can we start them? For example, could we do one right now?”
A tense atmosphere rushed through the classroom.
Many looked at Abel in disbelief.
“Heh…hah hah hah! Interesting! Normally paperwork would be required but I’ll make an exception just this once! Who do you want to face!? Say it!”
Ah, I somewhat saw this coming. That’s how it’d go.
“I…I want to face Luke.”
Timidly, Abel turned to face me slowly.
In the depths of his eyes, courage and fear wrestled.
Looking closely, his body trembled slightly.
Pretty gutsy deciding to challenge me after hearing all that. But I can easily grasp your feelings.
It’s because you yearn for strength that you want to know the distance from me, the highest ranked here, right? You want to know how high the wall you must surmount is, don’t you?
No, could you even be thinking you’ll surpass it!?

“──Yeah, let’s do it.”

If you want to know that badly, I’ll show you.
The difference in our ranks.


The place was literally an ‘arena’.
The spacious central area was surrounded by stands in a circle, and protected by layers of [magic barriers].
But that was just the sense of it. The barriers were far more transparent than any I knew of.
There must be some kind of mechanism. Maybe these are created through magical tools, but that’s not something I should think about now.
I stare straight at the [enemy] before me.
That’s right, enemy.
Abel…I will recognize you as my enemy.
I can’t even imagine you as my enemy at your current level. How many times have I simulated fighting you?
To be frank, I look down on everyone except Freya whose ability is unknown.
Those I know are below me in [Ranking] are utterly worthless.
But just for now, I’ll restrain this arrogant heart that doesn’t feel the need to suppress them either.

For the sake of absolute victory──.

“Both of you, take distance.”
Freya’s voice echoes.
In the spectator stands I see students and teachers besides those I met earlier.
Good, I can see clearly. My vision is perfectly clear.
That was my only concern.
What would I feel when I actually confronted the [protagonist] before me?
That was the only uncertainty.


My heart is still.

I realized my mouth was distorted into a grin that seemed to split open.
Abel draws his sword. As if responding, the arena stirs slightly.
In any other magic academy, just this much would be abnormal.
But don’t think the sword belongs to you alone. I also drew my sword.
Both of us take a fighting stance. This must be an extremely irregular sight in this academy.
“So you use…a sword after all.”
“Oh, you knew?”
“Yeah, my teacher told me about you. Called you a [monster] genius.”
“I see…”
Abel’s body trembles ever so slightly. Even so, he doesn’t avert his eyes from me.
The eyes of someone with unyielding conviction.
If I had to compare us, I’m the [Demon Lord] and you’re the [Hero] challenging me right?
You didn’t challenge me because you were confident of winning.
There was some uncompromisable reason for you.
“Are both of you ready?”
Freya does a final confirmation.
“Heh, yeah.”
Anytime is fine.
I’ve anticipated every possibility.
Seeing Abel in person didn’t change anything.

“Then, begin!”

The instant she spoke, Abel backstepped to further increase the distance from me.
Then he started constructing magic. At a speed that would make me yawn.
Seeing the gathering magic power, I’m certain.

As I thought, there has been no major change since the entrance exam.

── [Physical Enhancement ×5]

Abel activates his magic.
See, just as expected.
“Here I come.”
“Yeah, come!”
I don’t activate any magic.
I just take a fighting stance with my sword. Because I’m confident I can handle this with just swordsmanship.
The greatest benefit I obtained from learning swordsmanship was that it trained my ‘eyes’.
What was necessary when crossing blades countless times with Alfred whom I absolutely couldn’t beat with power was to take action before my opponent.
Deciding how to move before my opponent did, controlling the initiative, never missing a chance, and absolutely not overlooking any openings.
Put simply, that was all swordsmanship was to me.

But how profoundly deep just that was.

It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with swordsmanship.
That hasn’t changed even now. It really is a fascinating world.
I probably like swords more than magic after all.
My sword is a [late] sword.
Not an aggressive [early] sword, but one that sees through the opponent’s moves and catches them off guard.
While I can use magic too, this style came about naturally through training with Alfred, and I’m certain it suits me best.
And above all, I have good ‘eyes’. My opponent’s subtle movements, breathing, rustling of clothes.
All the information I can get from my eyes teaches me their next move.
So this sword is good for me. I made no mistakes here.



Hey Abel──did you think just being faster and hitting harder would get through to me?

No matter how superhumanly that one strike is, there’s no way I can’t handle a frontal assault after seeing it during the entrance exam. Don’t mess with me.
If you thought you could win with just that much, you’re quite underestimated.
Abel kicked off the ground.
Along with a booming sound like something exploded, his figure blurred.
A speed completely impossible for me to fully capture with my eyes.

But that’s all.

Such a straightforward swing.
Dealing with it is easy.

See, here.

Now I just have to let this [power] slip past.
Hey hey, what are you so surprised for?
You didn’t seriously think you could beat me with just this much, did you?
Don’t look down on me so much.
I swing my sword smoothly like flowing water.
Then, Abel tumbled past me ungracefully, unable to stop his momentum.
Supporting himself with his hands on the ground, he looks at me in astonishment.
“What’s wrong? Is it over already?”
At my words, Abel shook his head as if shaking off idle thoughts.
The fighting spirit returns to his eyes. That’s good. Come, here.
“Not yet!!”
Together with that yelled fighting spirit, Abel accelerates again.
But the result is the same as ever.
Just one sword swing. And once again, Abel tumbles pathetically.

I’ve handled it three times. ──I’m used to it now.

As Abel charges at me shouting, I brought my fists together.
A definite impact. The sound of something breaking.
My fist directly strikes his face, and Abel collapses before me.

The moment I saw his shocked eyes filled with despair──an intense euphoria rushed through my whole body like electricity.

“Ah hah hah hah hah!!”

It’s not that I was conceited. It’s not that I thought I’d win.
But after meeting master, finding a way I could get stronger, and managing to pass the Aslan entrance exam despite being told it was impossible.

I can’t deny…there was a part of me that thought [maybe].

“Ah hah hah hah! What’s wrong, is it over already!?”
Seeing the [monster] laughing in front of me, I think.
Is the distance really so far…that even catching a glimpse of the peak is impossible?
Have I fallen so far behind that no matter how much effort I put in from here…will I ever reach that domain? My heart is shrouded in a haze of darkness.
“You want to know, right? The distance between us. ──I’ll show you.”
Saying that, Luke activates a single spell in the blink of an eye.

“── [Dark Sun]”

In an instant, a very small black mass appeared on Luke’s palm.
“This is the [core] I condensed my ‘darkness’ to the limit. See? It’s starting right?”
My voice won’t come out. My vision is blurry and I can’t see well.
Even so, that sensation was very distinct. The feeling of magic power rapidly draining away.

An intense dizzy spell, nausea. I can barely stand up anymore.
“My…magic power…”
“What is…this…”
“This is bad…losing…consciousness…”

scene transition



The distorted [magic barrier] was swallowed up by the black mass and disappeared.
Not just me, everyone in the spectator stands was also suffering.
“Ah hah hah hah! Nice magic power collected!”
Before I realized, the small black mass on Luke’s palm had transformed into something enormously huge.

That ominous blackness was──truly a [Dark Sun].

I realized the light was disappearing.
Here I will die…I naturally thought that.

“Who’ll let you!?”

That cannot be accepted.
I can’t accept this!!
Not in a place like this──

“Like hell I’ll die here!!”

I can’t die in a place like this.
I haven’t done anything yet!!
But reality is merciless.
No matter how much my will resists, my body won’t move an inch.
“Heh…Just as I thought!! It really is so!! ──I’ll pay you my respects.”
Dammit! Move!! Move, my body!!
But as expected, it won’t move. Shit…shit…ah, really…

Why am I…so weak…

My vision narrows and I start losing consciousness.
Right before the world completely went dark, I heard Professor Freya say “That’s enough.”

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