SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 3

“Alright, then how about ‘Ohana’?” 
“Yeah. Combining the first and last part of ‘O-ha-na’ from the Mihaneya family name, it becomes ‘Ohana.’ That should be fine, right?” 
“Wow, that’s cute!” 
“Idiot… You’re getting all happy without even knowing it’s a reference to ‘flower’ in your head.”
T/N: He’s calling her idiot, also I hate kanji wordplay joke 
“It’s not cute at all!” 
“Well, I can’t help it. My inner voice just slipped out…” 
For some reason, looking at this person makes me want to tease her, or something… I feel like I can relate to Suzuki a little now. 
“Wow, you two became really friendly in no time.” 
Suzuki appeared at just the right time. 
“No, no, we’re not getting friendly at all. Listen to this, Suzuki-san. This person called me terrible names like—” 
“Oh, that’s Mihaneya-chan’s fault.” 
“I haven’t said anything yet!” 
Ohana excitedly explained to Suzuki about my unlucky nature and the conversation we had earlier. 
“Ah, that’s Getsuka’s fault.” 
I haven’t said anything yet!? 
“No no, thinking about it, originally calling me Daikyou is much ruder… But it doesn’t seem like something Getsuka would do. Even though we’ve only known each other for a short time, you don’t seem like the kind of person who would make fun of someone’s traits, right?” 
“Hah, it seems Suzuki-san is strangely biased. I’ve been saying I’m a genuine delinquent from the start. I just wanted to diss Daikyou-san 100%.” 
“Ah, I see. You were worried that Ootomo-kun couldn’t let his classmates know about his bad luck trait, so you tried to help by giving him a nickname that conveyed it soundly, but you immediately regretted it yourself, and just as you were about to reflect on it, Ootomo-kun countered with ‘Oobaka’ and ‘Gesuka’, so you couldn’t back down, right?” 
“Please stop perfectly guessing my line of thought!” 
Bulls eye. 
“So Ootomo-kun, forgive her. Getsuka has a good nature underneath but is just acting badly.” 
“Your words can be too harsh!” 
“Now now, Getsuka. Don’t you have something you want to say to Ootomo-kun?” 
Sincere, huh. 
“Nah, I was being shortsighted too. Most of the fault is not that Getsuka couldn’t blend in, but rather that there aren’t many people he can get along with.” 
“No, I’m in the wrong. You’ve probably faced unpleasant things from a young age because of bad luck, and I said something making fun of that…” 
Serious, huh. 
Also, bad luck has basically become part of my life, so it’s not really that delicate of a topic…but even if I explained that normally, she would probably think it was a lie with how down she seems. 
“From now on, I’m going to call you that – Ohana-chan from the Flower Fields.” 
“Wh, why you…then I’ll call you Daikyou-san!” 
“Go ahead. Also, I really don’t care about bad luck stuff anymore.” 
“Hmph, I don’t feel anything about being called Flower Fields anymore either!” 
You should feel something about it, I think. 
In a voice low enough that Ohana couldn’t hear, Suzuki whispered. 
“Heh, you’re kind, Daikyou-kun.” 
“It’s not that Getsuka couldn’t blend in so much as there just aren’t many people like Ootomo-kun can click with. You seem like a great match.” 
“Stop it…” 
“Hold on a second. What are you two whispering about?” 
“Ah, it’s nothing. Just badmouthing Getsuka as usual.” 
“You must be talking about something!” 
“Ahaha, joke joke.” 
“Oh, by the way Daikyou-san. I realized. The real reason you suddenly started calling me Ohana just now…” 
…Well yeah, that makes sense. It would be a bit embarrassing if the person noticed the reason you were trying to spare their feelings, but there’s no helping it. 
“Actually, you really liked the name ‘Daikyou-san’, right? But you were too embarrassed to directly ask me to call you that, so you intentionally provoked me a bit and tried to naturally work it into conversation…” How about it? 
“You weren’t bothered by bad luck teasing after all, and I went and apologized pointlessly. Ah, it’s not fair if it’s just me, so please apologize for ever calling me stupid or rude too…Come on!” 
What the… 
As I involuntarily looked at Suzuki, our eyes met with her expression saying [“What the…”]. 
“…Ootomo-kun, you understand my feelings, right?” 
“…Yes, very well.” 
Watching the appearance of Mihaneya Getsuka, a girl taking advantage of the situation… 
“”I want to smash her to bits”” 
“What kind of thing are you muttering!?” 


Right after Suzuki headed back to her group, Mihaneya came up to me brimming with excitement. 
“Okay, okay, Daikyo-san! Hurry up and do something weird to make yourself even less popular!”  
“You’re the worst…” 
“Did you forget? Half the reason I offered to be your friend was [because I want to establish dominance over someone lower than me], remember?” 
How can she say something so nasty with that smug look…? 
“So this officially bumps me up from worst in the grade. Be happy for me. Daikyo-san, you get to witness a historic moment.” 
“What’s with the dramatic phrasing…? And moving up from the very bottom doesn’t really change anything.” 
“No, it changes everything! This is the first step toward my dream!”  
Mihaneya’s eyes lit up as she instantly replied. 
“Yes! Becoming a superstar!” 
I couldn’t help reacting.  
That word unavoidably makes me think of my dad. 
“A superstar, huh. Specifically what kind?” 
“The specifics don’t matter! A superstar is a superstar!” 
“Come on, there are different kinds. Movie actor, pro athlete, singer…these days it could be an internet streamer or something.” 
“Tsk tsk. You don’t get it at all. A true superstar transcends genre…they’re a concept at that point!” 
…I don’t really get it, but one thing is clear: this girl is an idiot.  
“So what do you want to achieve by becoming a superstar?” 
“I want to stand out and be doted on!” 
“Huh? …And? That’s all there is to it!”  
“There’s gotta be more, right? Filling stadiums, walking red carpets, winning a pile of Olympic gold medals…” 
“Oh, any of those would be fine! I just want to be doted on!” 
This is just too stupid…but— 
“That’s awesome.”  
“Huh? What’s so awesome about it? I usually just get laughed at when I tell people this dream…” 
“No, the contents and motivation might be a little suspect, but that’s not a big issue. It’s just, being able to instantly reply—and with such a happy look—when asked about your dream, that’s really rare, you know?” 
“Huh? …What’s with the sudden praise? I won’t fall for it just because you compliment me… Although, I guess you can grope my boobs for like 5 seconds if you want.” 
She seems super excited… 
“Nah, it just made me feel lame about myself. My life’s goal is [to live peacefully without standing out]… Our aspirations have totally different scales, huh?” 
“What’s wrong with that?” 
“Just now, when you talked about your goal, your eyes were serious. I could tell you really want that. I don’t think the scale matters when it comes to finding meaning in life.”  
“Then again, we shouldn’t be friends after all.” 
“How is that a logical progression!?” 
“No, it makes total sense… Because your dream is to become a superstar, right? Whether you succeed or fail, you’re guaranteed to attract a ton of attention…directly opposed to my goal of not standing out at all. You understood that I was serious about not wanting to stand out, right?” 
“That was a lie! I don’t understand at all how [not wanting to stand out] could be a goal! I just pretended to understand so you’d be charmed by me and I could establish dominance!  
This girl really… Well, her blurting all that out shows she’s mischievous rather than malicious.  
“And you know, Daikyo-san, isn’t your thinking a bit shallow?” 
“What do you mean by that?” 
“You know, the closer I get to becoming a superstar – the more fame I gain – the more invisible you’ll become next to me… See, you’re already being called the ‘other guy’ on TV.”  
“Yeah, it’s true… In comedy duos where one partner has a really strong personality or character, the other one often gets stuck with an unflattering nickname like that… If you insist on staying next to someone flashy, you’ll remain unnoticed yourself… Maybe that’s an unconventional way of thinking about it.” 
“I get it… Let’s put this on hold for now.” 
“Phew… I managed to ramble something plausible together. You’re pretty easygoing, aren’t you?”  
Don’t say that out loud… 
“Well, that’s what my dream is, so this historic moment I mentioned earlier isn’t an exaggeration at all. I’m going to become a member of Teio Ten Sai from now on.” 
“You serious? That’s not just any Ten either…” 
“Yes, and not just some run-of-the-mill member! I’m going to defeat all the current ten and take that spot solely for myself! By this time next year, the name Mihaneya Getsuka will be echoing across the nation as Teio One!”  
“Each one is the absolute pinnacle in the country though? You think you can do that?” 
“Because I’m a superstar.” 
Mihaneya smiled confidently.  
“Yet your immediate goal is just to escape last place? Seems like a tiny first step for such lofty ambitions.” 
“Urgh… Y-You and your smart mouth again…” 
Mihaneya made an exaggerated struggling gesture, as if pondering something. 
“Fine. Let’s move up the timeline then… Look over there.” 
She nodded towards the center of the classroom.  
A conspicuous group was gathered there, chatting amongst themselves. 
And one girl with brown hair stood out even among them – the student I had noticed this morning. 
“Reina Houjou – the only daughter of the Houjou Group.” 
“Huh? …The Houjou Group as in that Houjou?” 
“Yes. That Houjou.” 

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