I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 2

“I guess I’d hate it if I were you. Seems like there’s nothing to do, and you can’t even go out to buy magical tools… Huh? But, having food served automatically might be nice… Depending on the quality of the meals, it might be worth considering a lifetime of being lazy. Hey, how’s the food here? Is it any good? It might be worth thinking about.”

However, the armored man continued to talk to the girl, paying no mind to her.

“Don’t talk to me.”

Lifting her face slightly from her knees, the girl muttered a rejection.

With that, there would be no more talking. That’s what she thought, but…

“…Fine. I won’t talk anymore. Instead, I want you to answer just one thing.”

Letting out a sigh, he suddenly spoke with a serious tone. The girl nodded, thinking that if he stopped talking to her because of it, it would be worth it.

“You… Do you have something you want to do?”

He asked a question that was incomprehensible and made no sense.

“If you don’t, then anything that interests you, something you like, or a future dream… Anything will do. By the way, my dream is to defeat the Demon King and become a king. It’s a big dream, right?”

It was an unexpected question for the girl. However, such a thing…

“…I don’t have… anything.”

She said only that and rejected him, burying her face in her knees.

“…I see.”

Hearing the girl’s response, the armored man fell into deep thought.

Then, after a while, he suddenly stood up.

“I’ve decided. I really don’t like being a slave.”

He said decisively. The armored man said, “Let’s go,” and called out to the girl. From the empty space, he pulled out a large sword and approached the iron bars.

“We’re going?…”

Ignoring the confused girl, the armored man swung his sword vigorously at the iron bars–

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re going to break this arena.”

–As the iron bars cleanly severed and fell to the ground with a clatter, he answered like that.

If you were to liken it to something, it was like a violent storm.

With a single swing of the armored man’s large sword, the nobles, who were in chaos and fleeing, turned into silent corpses.

The path the armored man took became filled with chunks of flesh and the stench of death, as if a massive magical beast had gone on a rampage.

The clunky and robust armor was dyed crimson with splattered blood… It had become a visage that no one would doubt if they were called a demon.

Since then.

The armored man, who declared that he would destroy the arena, was destroying it as promised.

At first, the nobles, who had mockingly laughed at the sudden intruder, maintained an air of composure.

However… after the muscular warriors and magicians they had hired as escorts lost their lives with a single strike, they fell into chaos and started to flee.

Some even ordered their gladiatorial slaves to sacrifice themselves to create time to escape… However, the armored man killed and incapacitated their masters at an unimaginable speed.

The armored man swung his sword in silence, piling up the masses of flesh.

“What… what are you? This place should only allow chosen ones to enter…!”

Before they knew it, the fleeing nobles had disappeared, leaving only one person behind—fat and bloated, adorned with luxurious decorations and rings.


The girl let out a small sigh as she looked at the figure of the obese man. She recognized that figure.

The man who watched the slaves killing each other from a prime seat with a panoramic view, wearing a twisted smile on his face. He was called the overseer, and the slave traders bowed their heads subserviently before him.

“Oh, in that case, there’s no problem letting you in. …I just played around with a little magic. Well, that doesn’t really matter anymore, does it?”

The armored man looked down at the collapsed man on the ground, raising his large sword high.

“Wha… I am the son of this country’s prime minister! If you kill me, you will–“

The fat man screamed while spitting out his elevated status. However…

“…So what? I really don’t care if you think you’re important or not.”

The armored man replied with an indifferent attitude.

“Wha…! If that’s the case, then name what you want! Money? Women? Or perhaps a position? I will give you anything you desire! So–“

“That’s an intriguing proposal… But I didn’t do this because I wanted something. I’ll decline.”

“Th-then, what is your purpose? Why did you do this?”

“Well, even if you ask me why…”

The armored man lowered his large sword and pondered for a moment.

“–I simply didn’t like the concept of slavery. That’s all.”

He said it like a selfish child.

“S-So you did this for such a selfish reason…?”

“Huh? You people were doing whatever you pleased, weren’t you? Besides, slaves are supposed to be criminals. Why should we listen to anything said by criminals like you?”

“W-While it’s true that slaves are considered criminals… we haven’t done anything wrong! We’re making use of worthless commoners; if anything, we should be appreciated!”

The fat man spat out his defense with an ugly expression.


“Besides, even if you kill me here, the slaves won’t disappear! That’s right! So, let me cooperate in eliminating the slaves! There are plenty of other slave traders in this country alone! With me–“

“No, thanks.”

A swooshing sound, as if something large had cut through the air, could be heard.

“I’ll take care of everything myself, so I don’t need you.”

The next thing the girl saw in her field of vision was a round object like a ball—the man’s severed head soaring high in the air. That was the scene she witnessed.

Afterward, the armored man gathered all the slaves in the arena—about thirty of them—and said, “Wait here for a moment.” Then, he walked away confidently and disappeared somewhere.

Left behind, the slaves had no idea what was happening and simply followed his orders to wait.

“Alright, follow me.”

Several dozen minutes later, the armored man returned, now in a clean suit of armor as if he had wiped away the splattered blood. He started walking as if leading the way.

“Um… did you… save us?”

One of the slaves asked with a faint glimmer of hope in their voice. But…

“…Huh? Everything I’m doing here is for my own sake. Don’t get it twisted.”

The armored man coldly retorted and simply commanded, “Hurry up and come.” Then, he walked away hastily.

“I see.”

Seeing the cold attitude of the armored man, the questioning slave lowered their head and spoke in a dull voice.

The slaves obediently followed the armored man’s orders and walked behind him with vacant expressions. They left the illegal arena and walked along a sparsely populated street…


There, the girl felt a slight sense of unease.

For some reason, not a single person passing by—not a single one—seemed to notice the girls. Even if it was a street with little foot traffic, with such a large group of people moving, someone should have noticed and reacted in some way.

Yet… not a single person seemed to be aware of the girls’ presence.

It was as if… they were under some kind of spell.

Following behind the armored man for a little less than thirty minutes…

“–This is it.”

They stopped in front of a building slightly away from the center of the town, a large mansion with a spacious garden that seemed like it would be inhabited by nobles.

“…Is this… a residence?”

If you had to describe the building in one word, it would be a grand mansion with a large garden that seemed like it belonged to a noble.

“I actually preferred a more low-key place… but in terms of space, location, and the ability to move in immediately… this was the only option that met the conditions. I apologize for making you endure it.”

The armored man ripped off a sign on the front gate that read “Magic Real Estate Agent: 200 million Rien” and rudely opened the gate, heading towards the entrance.

Not knowing if they were allowed to enter, the slaves waited in front of the gate. But when they were commanded, “What are you doing? Hurry up,” they hastily stepped into the mansion.

“Alright, there’s something I want you all to do first.”

After entering the mansion and being led to a luxurious hall… the armored man spoke as soon as they arrived.

The slaves tried to imagine what they would be forced to do, their faces tense.

“This place is incredibly dusty and dirty. We’re going to clean it.”


However, what they were told was completely unexpected, different from what they had imagined.

The slaves stood there in disbelief, and the armored man promptly gave instructions like “You and you, clean the windows; you, use this to clean the floor,” while taking out a large number of cleaning tools from somewhere and handing them out.

And then, for some reason, the cleaning began—a massive cleaning led by the armored man and about thirty slaves…

And so, the slaves somehow found themselves living in this mansion. The first thing the armored man did was teach them how to read and write.

At that moment, the slaves couldn’t comprehend it. After all, the slaves gathered here were the ones who couldn’t be used as labor slaves, household slaves, or even sex slaves for some reason. They were the ones considered useless because of physical disabilities, making them unfit for labor.

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