The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 3 part 2

Aslan Magic Academy.
An important meeting was being held in a certain conference room with the schoolmaster and faculty gathered.
Numerous documents were arranged atop a luxurious round table.
“As expected, he – Luke of the Gilbert House – stands head and shoulders above the rest. Clearly distinguished from the other students.”
“Fwooh, fwooh, fwooh. What terrifyingly refined magical power, I say. His rare attributes alone are shocking.”
“It’s just incredible. You can tell from his magic that he trains daily. Normally when someone’s born with this much talent, they’d be more arrogant, but…”
“That’s so true. Luke is frickin’ incredible, man.”
“Hey Amelia, for a special lecturer you sure freely participate in important meetings like this huh? And don’t just say you wanna be a teacher based on feeling or something. It pisses me off even more that it actually gets approved.”
“I-I can research anywhere! And, and, and absolutely not! I have no personal motives! Yes! Even as a researcher, time spent at this academy where magical gifts converge is profoundly meaningful!”
“I called Amelia here. We should share information on him in this setting. He got top scores among all examinees. See? These documents. Scary even without Amelia’s input, he’s seriously bad news.”
“But! His conduct! This cannot be praised at all! He told me, the examiner, that I was “in the way”! Just because I bumped into him a little!”
“Bahahahaha! That’s frickin’ perfect! You’re just dense!”
“I am not dense! Lady Amelia! You taught him, didn’t you!? You didn’t teach him manners!? Oh come on!”
“Ahaha…how embarrassing…”
“Ahem, the conversation is going off track. We can’t only focus on him. With a perfect written score and proven ability in the practical, his placement at the top has already been decided. There are still other things we need to discuss.”
“Great crop this year, huh? Not just rare attributes, there’s even dual and triple attributes.”
“You mean Alice of House Lonsdale and Mia of House Lennox?”
“…But it was kind of surprising. How the dual attribute beat the triple.”
“Right? It was…overwhelming.”
“Fufufu! Alice was my student too!”
“God, shut up. Anyway, that true? Hard to believe when a classmate like me says it.”
“It’s true, Brad!”
“Please restrain yourself there.”
“So these thirty-nine are set… The one left to discuss is…this child, right?”
At those words, the air stirred slightly.
Everyone turned their eyes to the documents before them.

What was written there―was [Abel].

Silence continued for a while.
“I oppose it.”
Finally a voice spoke up.
A man whose face was etched with age but eyes burning with fighting spirit was the first to speak up.
“I’m not saying this to be petty. I don’t think anyone here fails to comprehend his uniqueness. However, being unable to use attribute magic is fatal. It’s fine for now. In fact, he achieved total victory in the practical exam. But what about long term? It’s easy to imagine him being crushed by true talent eventually. For his sake as well, I don’t think he should pass.”
“Indeed, there’s some merit to what you’re saying.”
“Well, it would set a precedent for passing someone who can’t use attribute magic…”
About half of those present voiced their agreement.
The atmosphere tipped towards failing Abel. However–
“Geez, old men have such rigid thinking!”
A young man with a brash smile and an aggressive buzzcut rebutted as if the word ‘punk’ fit him perfectly.
“Hey! Show some respect, Blood!”
“The old man has a point too. If you’re going to argue, be specific.”
“Heh heh… That’s right.”
Blood laughed.
“You guys unconsciously decided that only attribute magic users can beat attribute magic users.”
Someone gasped.
That was indeed an assumption for most of those present.
“Are you saying…that’s wrong?”
“Well, it’s mostly correct. The difference between those who can and can’t use attribute magic is fucking massive. But that’s only ‘usually’, got it? There are exceptions.”
Blood paused for a moment before continuing.
“I saw potential in this kid Abel. I ain’t gonna crush that potential over some bullshit reason like not being able to use attribute magic. It’s no skin off our back if the kid washes out anyway. Ain’t that right? Or are you that desperate to protect the sanctity of an ‘Aslan’ ranking?”
Another silence descended.
This man named Blood had a foul mouth. Even so, his words rang true.
Their silence was an admission.
“Fwah hah hah! Well said, young man!”
An old man whose white beard was half his height spoke up.
“Am I wrong? Headmaster.”
“No no, you’re not wrong at all!”
That was his answer.
“This year is really interesting. Rare attributes, dual attributes, triple attributes, and even an attribute-less boy. The numbers are a bit low but the quality is excellent. Fwah hah hah, I’m looking forward to it!”
The old man called Headmaster laughed innocently like a child.

This year’s passing candidates… [40 students]

“Ah hah hah hah hah!! I figured it out!! I finally figured it out!”

A few days after the Aslan Magic Academy exam.
I still couldn’t accept his power.
So I thought about it. I racked my brain day and night. I explored every possibility.

And I arrived at it. This is the only explanation that makes sense.
While the circumstances are extremely specialized, nothing else adds up so this has to be the answer.
First, I should consider if there are ways to expand one’s [magic tolerance].
The answer to this has already emerged. There are ways.
Abel’s existence is proof of that. So what are these methods?
This was the real challenge. There’s just so little information to go on.
I should think about why adventurers who can take two reinforcement magics are more common among heroes.
Among those called [Heroes], that is.
At first, I thought one’s magic tolerance depends on magical ability…but I was wrong.
Magic tolerance relies on some aspect of physical ability. That’s the conclusion I arrived at after exhausting all possibilities.
Far more adventurers are pure warriors compared to magic users. I should have realized then.
Battlefields where you stare death in the face, situations that push you beyond your limits.
Experiencing those kinds of things over and over.

Is…this is the condition for expanding [magic tolerance]!



However, questions still remains.
Assuming this condition is correct…just how many harrowing experiences are needed?
How many brushes with death does it take to expand your [magic tolerance]?
The feats needed to be called a ‘Hero’ don’t happen easily. It takes time.
The greater the hero, the more deaths they must have faced.
Even so, the limit for reinforcement magic is [two times].

This is where Abel is especially anomalous.
This time gap. It’s off.
He should be around the same age as me. No matter how much flirting with death he did daily, the math doesn’t work…there’s no way it adds up.
There must be a limit to how often you can nearly die.
Yet he managed five reinforcement magics? Compared to heroes who can only stack two at most?
“Kukuku…… “
Here, I hypothesized that Abel has what you might call a [frail constitution].
A feeble body that hits its physical limits easily.
Under these highly specialized circumstances, he could theoretically easily push his body to the brink of death over and over.
He could near death many times more than even a [Hero] who is physically superior.
Though he’d need an [unhinged mental fortitude] to face death so readily without flinching.
“Ah hah hah hah hah!”
I see, it makes sense now. It’s not some unexplainable power.
While the circumstances are highly unusual, it’s still believable. A feeble body, no talent for magic despite being able to use it.
A [protagonist] with nothing going for him obtains this [unnatural magic tolerance] through incredible mental strength and effort.

It’s precisely the power of the “weak”!! …Huh?

“Heh, don’t laugh too much.”
Luke probably only looked at the surface because of his arrogance.
Abel can’t use attribute magic. That alone made him disappear from Luke’s eyes.
And Luke was caught off guard.
“You fool.”
I should have just faced him properly. Then I would have noticed.
In truth, I didn’t lose sight of what I needed to do.
The straightforward mighty fall to the straightforward weak. It’s a truly cliché story.
“How boring is that.”

Who would accept it?

There’s no way such a shitty story would be accepted.
Whatever happens, I act only for myself.
…Though I say that. Haa…this is tiring.
He did seem to be trying pretty hard. Honestly, part of me thought there was no way he’d lose. And yet…Abel just looks strong normally.
Well yeah, he’s the protagonist after all, no way he’d be weak.
I can theorize all I want but this is just speculation.
Even if I line up reasons, I could still be told it’s all thanks to Abel’s special abilities. Nothing strange about that.
Plus, my physically blessed self wouldn’t gain anything mimicking Abel.
No, it would just be an inferior copy. This is Abel’s path, I have my own.
There’s no need to force anything unnatural. Just steadily do what I should do.
That’s enough.
Even if I unravel the principles behind his abilities, it doesn’t change that Abel has exceptionally rare skills. I’ll probably end up facing him directly anyway. What a pain.

Still…I can’t envision myself losing no matter how negatively I think about it.

It’s been about a month since I received the acceptance letter from Aslan Magic Academy and my parents danced for joy.
After somehow persuading my father who was trying to change the boarding system, today is finally the first day of enrollment.
“So why are you on the same carriage as me?”
“Strange question. Is there really a need for reason when two promised futures are together?”
“I feel like I’ve seen this before…”
Of course, Alice is with me.
While I did ask why, I’m starting to accept Alice being part of my daily life.
Even though I hated it so much before, now I don’t feel anything in particular. Habit is frightening.
“Why were you in a bad mood after the entrance exam?”
That question came out of nowhere.
“Oh, there was a guy I didn’t like. That’s all.”
“I see. Then why didn’t you vent to me? Rather than the carriage, I wanted you to vent to me.”
That’s right, this girl is like this.
But…I don’t feel as bothered anymore.
Habit really is frightening.
“You’re right. Next time, I’ll vent to you. Be prepared.”
So easily, I end up saying things like this.
“Ye…yes…I look forward to that…haa haa…”
Her cheeks flush red, her breathing turns ragged. She squirms as if in agony.
As twisted as ever. But well, occasionally is fine.
While we were talking, the carriage stopped. Outside the window is Aslan Magic Academy.
This is it. This is where it all begins.
“Watch your step please.”
I get off the carriage, followed by Alice.
And once again, I’m face to face with the grand, majestic gate.
“Master Luke.”
A familiar voice calls my name.
“What is it, Alfred?”
“I’ve spoken with the kingdom knights on your behalf. If you need a sparring partner, please make use of them.”
“Heh, thoughtful as always. Next time we cross swords, I’ll be stronger than now. Look forward to it.”
“I’m excited for it. Also, please take this.”
“Hm? What is it?”

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