The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3: Aslan Magic Academy

Aslan Academy of Magic

Aslan Magic Academy is the undisputed premier magic educational institution in the Kingdom of Mirestia, established for the purpose of training [Magician Knights] – the highest military power of the nation.
For those aspiring to hold the title of [Magician Knight] – a position permitted only by the ten heroes in the country – graduating from this academy is truly a rite of passage.
Many humans gifted with magic talent must have aimed for this academy at least once. However, most will naturally give up at some point.
Simply being decent at magic isn’t even enough to make it to the starting line here. That’s Aslan Magic Academy for you.
Furthermore, not even the King himself can ignore the words of a Magician Knight.
Overwhelming power and prestige. An existence set apart from other magician groups.
The righteous ten who were chosen. Worthy of admiration and aspiration.
And this academy is also well known for its excessive adherence to meritocracy.
That’s why there’s no such thing as [recommendations] here. In the aristocratic society, that would become a hotbed for the decline of magical power – so they believe. By the way, it’s fully residential. They’re very thorough about that.
To properly bear the names of mythical heroes – that’s the kind of pretentious credentials this academy, with its many other bombastic titles, holds. To take their entrance exam, I’m currently riding in a carriage…
“Why the hell are you riding in the same carriage as me?”
“Strange question to ask. Is there really a need for reason when two promised futures are together like this?”
The one rambling on emotionlessly is Alice Runes Lonsdale. Regrettably, she’s my fiancée.
But I’ve already accepted this fact. Lamenting something you can’t change is foolish. What I should think about next is –
Given that my fiancée is this girl who defies common sense, what should I do to grasp happiness? What is the optimal solution?
That’s what I should be thinking about… Well, I still haven’t found the answer though.
Hmm, I shouldn’t think about this now. For now, I need to focus on what’s right in front of me.
Anyway, this academy I’m about to take the exam for is said to be the most difficult in the kingdom.
“I’m starting to feel a little nervous.”
Alice muttered unexpectedly.
She says she’s nervous, yet her expression doesn’t change one bit.
“As composed as ever, I see.”
“Of course.”
“Not worried at all?”
“Do you seriously think I’d feel anxious to this extent?”
“Just asking…”
To be blunt, I don’t understand her feelings.
What is there to be worried about?
Gifted with the rare talent of dual attributes. And on top of that, she never slacked in pursuing magic.
At least not since I’ve met her.

“You should be thinking about how to take second place.”


Alice showed a barely detectable hint of surprise on her face.
“Don’t agonize over whether or not you can pass. That’s setting the bar too low.”
I’m dead serious. Alice will pass.
With talent that even Lady Amelia praises highly, plus her hard work – there’s no doubt about it.
“Fufu…You really can be quite unfair at times.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, don’t mind me.”
Alice smiled. Well, if it eased her anxiety even a little, that’s good I suppose.
Humans are emotional creatures. Often, their hearts being weak prevents them from performing to their full potential.
As I was saying that, the carriage I was in came to a sudden stop with a rattle.
Alfred, who had been completely erasing his presence up until now, swiftly stood up and opened the door.
“Watch your step, please.”
I got off the carriage, followed by Alice.
And there, towering before my eyes, were the grand and majestic gates.
It’s not my first time seeing them, yet I still caught my breath.
Beyond, I could see the academy exuding a sense of history. It had an air of dignity like a royal palace.
“I’ll be back to pick you up when the exams end.”
That was all Alfred said.
He signaled the coachman and promptly left, just like that.
Not a word of encouragement at all. A completely mundane, everyday scene.
“Your butler is quite cold, isn’t he?”
I suppose that’s how it looks to you.

But – I received his absolute trust.



Alfred is my mentor, after all. I understand that much.
A smile pulled at the corners of my mouth.
“It’s Luke Wizellia Gilbert…”
“So you really are taking it… “
“And Alice Runes Lonsdale is with you… So the engagement is true after all…haa…”
Ugh, I was just feeling good too.
The unpleasant stares clinging to me.
Ever since that party, rumors seem to have spread among the nobility.
So I know guys like this exist. Even so, unpleasant things are unpleasant.
These people who can only see the surface of things, endlessly stupid whether they have status or not. Looking down on me when I only did swordsmanship, then turning around when my dark attribute manifested. It’s nauseating how incompetent they are.
“Luke, are you okay? You look a little scary.”
“Yeah…let’s get going.”
I shook off my irritation and passed through the gates.
Well, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll keep getting stared at.
Then again, half of it is probably because of the girl leisurely walking beside me.
She looks good on the outside…just the outside.
Among everyone here, I’m undoubtedly the only one who knows her true nature. If there’s someone out there who knows her true nature yet still loves her, I’d happily hand her over, but…

[I get excited being looked down on by Luke, who changed everything about me. I’m not so warped that it could be anyone.]

That’s what she told me once.
Most of all, I can’t believe she doesn’t think she’s warped.
Such sigh-inducing thoughts were running through my head when I was walking along, and for some reason, Alice’s brother Crossed my mind – that man named Yorand with his pasted-on smile.
I don’t know why I remembered him now.
No, ever since we first met and shook hands, he’s been stuck in my head.
From Alice’s stories, I was told he was a worthless man. And I did think he lacked drive when I met him.
However, when we shook hands, I sensed it – the frighteningly refined flow of his magical power. An inexplicable discomfort. A man who seemed to embody eeriness and creepiness.
“Oh? There’s a crowd over there.”
Alice’s voice brought my consciousness back to reality. Looking in the direction she mentioned, there was indeed a crowd.
…And it’s in my way too.
“Dahahahaha! Abel! Is that really your full name!? To think there’d be a commoner here, but you’re even lower than a commoner! This is priceless!”
A vulgar, loud laugh echoed from a large man.
“What!? So what if he is!? Birth status doesn’t matter for taking the Aslan exam!”
“It’s okay, Lily. I don’t care.”
A spirited-sounding girl shouted at the top of her voice.
But what drew my attention even more was the feeble-looking black-haired boy in plain clothes.
A boy with eyes as red as blood.
I understood at a glance – it’s him.
I see.
So that’s how it is after all. There you are.
That said, it’s irrelevant. What I need to do doesn’t change.
I uttered the word briefly to the large man blocking my way.
“Whaa!? Who the hell do you thi-!?”
The moment he saw me, the man’s eyes flew open.
“Shall I say it again for you to understand? You’re in the way. Move.”
“Y-y-you’re Lord Luke! Forgive my rudeness! Please, go right ahead!”
I don’t know who he is, but seems he knows me.
A heavy silence descended upon the area, but I paid it no mind and walked right by.
I give a sidelong glance at that dumbfounded simpleton face of the boy called [Abel].
“…Did you know that black-haired boy?”
After walking a bit, Alice quietly asked me.
“Huh? No way, that’s my first time seeing a guy like that.”
“I see. You looked quite amused, so I thought perhaps you knew him.”
“Hehehe…Did I really?”
Looks like I was smiling without realizing it myself.
Well of course. It makes me want to laugh… Finally the time has come.
Oh yes, come forth, [protagonist]. I won’t run or hide.

No matter how loved you are in this world – I’ll crush you head-on.

Objectively speaking, I excel in every regard.
I’m not boasting, this is just self-analysis.
However, until now my only comparison within the same generation has been Alice. That’s been a concern. But after this entrance exam, it’s clear.
Even at the prestigious Aslan Magic Academy where gifted people gather, there is no one above me.
On the contrary, most can’t even compare to Alice.
That’s right, there’s no one. No one to stand in my way…


Before I knew it, I had punched the carriage wall.
“Don’t talk to me now.”
Damn it. What was that just now… What the hell was that?

― [Fortification Magic]

The practical exam after the written test.
A simple one where examinees used magic to battle each other three times.
The only magic that guy “Abel” used was a single, unremarkable non-attribute spell.
One I can use, of course… However,

― [Physical Enhancement ×5]

He repeated that simple spell five times. …Unbelievable. This is unbelievable.
There is a concept called [magic tolerance] in humans. Due to this, one can’t endlessly receive magic that enhances abilities, hardens skin, boosts senses, and so on.
You shouldn’t be able to… Or so it should be.
In general, it’s said that those who have reached the “realm of heroes” can rarely receive it twice. Lady Amelia told me those types are statistically more likely to appear among “adventurers.”
For some reason, I could take enhancement magic twice from the start, but I was told it was special. However, that guy…five times.
It’s not just extraordinary. Clearly beyond reason.
I don’t understand… I can’t comprehend it. The fact that I don’t understand frustrates me immensely. That incomprehensible creepiness bothers me to no end.
” ………… “
It was like…a monster salivating for a chance to sink its fangs into my throat―
I didn’t control it, I lightly simulated it thousands of times as something that could be controlled.
What would happen if I were to fight him?

The result—always my victory.

I considered every scenario, condition, and possible unforeseen circumstance.
Yet the result was always the same. No matter how hard Abel tried, they couldn’t defeat me.
My victory was unshakable… So why does my heart feel so unsettled? What is this dark emotion spreading like a storm cloud?
It’s as if a monster is patiently waiting for the opportunity to sink its fangs into my throat…
“We’ll have fewer chances to cross swords from now on. So let’s go all out today.”
I prefer the sword.
That’s all I need to do in times like these… Damn, how pathetic.
Why am I so impatient? It just exceeded my expectations, that’s all.
Because I don’t understand. Then I should aim even higher.

That’s all it is―

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