Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 6

“When Ms. Sakaki told you to reveal your real or fake power, you were hesitating if I remember right. No honor student should hesitate at a scene like that.”
“You’re… really observant, huh.”
Somehow Kurashiki managed a reply.
Her shoulders trembled slightly, but it probably wasn’t from fear of me.
“You pondered it. The lie you were considering revealing. The ‘lie’ you were threatened by the teacher it’d be found out and you’d lose credibility if you revealed. Yet you went and blatantly revealed that right from the start.”
A fool would laugh. Look down on it with scorn.
But the wise would doubt, doubt first that it was a lie.
Well, our Asahina went with justice in her heart or whatever before doubting, and I can’t judge if the three expressionless ones are fools or wise, but—this one was extremely clear.
“—You doubted, didn’t you?”
That’s right, she doubted.
The ‘lie’ I had been considering.
The ‘lie’ that I was threatened not to use by the teacher, warning me that it was not a wise move and that it would cost me trust if I got caught.
Without hesitation, I decided to reveal it from the very beginning.
Well, whether my ability is real or fake, she probably questioned my sanity, along with my ability. That’s why she didn’t have time to laugh. She couldn’t afford to in the atmosphere that surrounded us.
“The climax was when you lingered in the infirmary. No matter how perfect a class president you are, you wouldn’t risk staying there until the end, not even with the risk of a fine. Kurashiki Hotaru, you really went overboard with that.”
It might become a fine. Given that choice after being told that, it would only apply to someone who has something more important than the risk of a fine on their mind. In your case, it’s determining who I am, right?
In the battle with Kirido, I lost without even having the chance to activate my ability. Or rather, I had no intention of showing it. That’s why this woman couldn’t be sure. She couldn’t confirm if my ability was real or not.
That’s why she tried to make sure.
Whether I’m a thoughtless idiot or something else entirely.
…So, Kurashiki, have you decided to have a serious conversation with me yet?
I look at Kurashiki.
Under my stern gaze.
Kurashiki, who had been taken aback.
Right after that.
She suddenly broke into laughter.
It was as if she had gone mad.
High-pitched, eerie, and unsettling.
Her voice had the opposite qualities of being likable.
She was laughing.
Holding her stomach.
Wiping the tears that had gathered at the edges of her eyes.
But immediately after that.
Her smile disappeared completely, and an expressionless Kurashiki Hotaru stood there.

“You really are something else, Amamori-Kkn.”

Her appearance looked like a ghost to me.
As if something precious had completely slipped away from her soul…
Because I had seen the usual Kurashiki Hotaru. What I saw now was surreal and dreamlike.
But her footsteps reminded me, “This is reality.”
She turned around and began walking towards the door.
There was no usual energy in her back.
I gazed at her back like that, and in the next moment, I was awakened by the sound of the door locking.
“In an empty classroom, just the two of us.”
If you hear just that, doesn’t it sound quite youthful?
But the eyes that looked back at me were icy and clear, completely different from the ‘class president’ from earlier.

“Well, there’s no need to hide anymore, Yuuto Amamori.”

Just to be clear, the one who said this manly line was undoubtedly the girl right in front of me, ‘Kurashiki Hotaru.’
She let down her tied-up hair.
Her orange hair fell down.
And her sparkling eyes, which had been shining, were now clouded like muddy water.
“You passed, Yuuto. I was investigating you. Somehow, you smelled like a big liar, just like me. So, what are you, exactly? How much can you do? What kind of true nature are you hiding, and what is your purpose? I was investigating all of that.”
Her eyes, staring at me, seemed to tremble with delight.
And without any hesitation, she stated,
“Now, your ‘ability,’ it’s a lie, isn’t it?”
My ability – to ‘impair vision.’
Well, I won’t deny it or confirm it. If you want to think it’s a lie, feel free. There doesn’t seem to be any advantage or disadvantage either way.
“…You’re not denying it? Well, I’ll take it the way I want to. After all, during that match, you could perfectly see Kirido’s movements, but you still got beaten up. There’s no way someone with normal nerves would hide their power like that. So, I thought, what if you’re pretending? And what if it’s just an act?”
“Is it a joke? I think I just lost normally.”
“…Stop with the pointless acting. I’ll return your words, you lying scumbag.”
Acting? Well, acting. I think it’s more like what you call a ‘lie’ rather than acting, but there’s no point in dwelling on that.”
“Whatever. I won’t ask about your power for now. No point when I can imagine you won’t say. Just answer me this at least, Amamori.”
Her stern voice echoed.
And then in an instant, her figure vanished as if erased.
A slight single step so fast I thought she’d really disappeared.
I only grasped everything after my body was slammed against the wall.
The shock forced all the oxygen in my lungs to backflow. Amidst voiceless screams leaking out, her eyes peering at me from point-blank range as she grabbed my collar.
“Just what’s your aim?”
My aim… The first time I’ve considered it after being asked.
Ms. Sakaki had asked me something similar too. What were my true intentions.
If I think about it, in the depths of my heart I’m extremely simple, tragically pure.
“To… live freely, I guess you could say?”
“Freedom, you say?”
Anger swelled from her body at my words.
She probably thought I was messing with her.
Whatever, but if you’re going to listen, I want you to hear me out to the end.
“I extremely hate being bound. This academy makes me want to hurl. I want to destroy the condescending teachers and academy binding me.”
Nonstop lies spew from my mouth. Lying as easily as breathing.
Or rather, to be accurate they aren’t lies, but—not my true motives and reasons either.
In response to my words. Looking down at me now. For the first time, her body stiffened.
I only ever speak lies. Continuing to walk the furthest from sincerity.
But even so.
I can’t go wrong with just the place I should aim for.
No matter what happens, no matter what I have to sacrifice,
I will surely accomplish that one goal.


“I want to destroy this academy, you see.”

Yes, I smiled.
My face showed not a shred of emotion. Yet even so, it alone reflected a single one—delight.
A wide smile twisted by cold madness.
I wonder what kind of eyes I looked up at her with.
Looking down on me were the trembling eyes of Kurashiki, filled with fear of me.
“Didn’t I tell you I was dangerous? Just as I said, Asahina Kasumi has realized that at this academy, ‘teachers’ hold more power than ‘rules.’ And now, through her words and actions, the entire class – no, potentially the entire grade – will come to understand this fact. As a result, her sense of justice will ignite the class, shaking the entire academy in a coup.”
She has just that much charisma and latent ability.
Even after spitting out abusive language to incite her classmates, they still one-sidedly adore her. That alone makes it clear to even amateurs how overflowing with charisma she is.
And one day, she will unite the class and raise the flag of rebellion against the academy.
That’s no longer a future prediction that can be averted.
It will happen soon, although that ‘soon’ is still more than half a year away… When it happens, those who disturb the class harmony are, honestly, unnecessary in the extreme.
“So we prune the unnecessary. We eliminate them preemptively from behind.”
Furthermore, to put it bluntly—
“We become the [darkness] behind the [light]. We bury in darkness the unnecessary that Asahina Kasumi cannot judge.”
At those words, Kurashiki releases her grip on my collar.
Her eyes overflow with astonishment, fear, and a hint of delight.
The corners of her mouth naturally turn up.
“You’re totally warped. No doubt about it.”
“Oh, I know,” I replied.
I feel nothing at kicking others down.
For example, even if I ripped someone’s mind to shreds for my own purposes, leaving only their face and name, and discarded them like a filthy rag, I probably wouldn’t feel anything. No, I couldn’t feel anything.
It’s possible I’d even forget about it a few days later.
What sane person could call someone who could trample over others’ lives and then live on innocently a ‘normal’ human being?
“Basically, we’ll leave bringing down the academy entirely up to Asahina Kasumi. Well, if she turns out to be too useless, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, we’ll secretly get rid of that guy without involving Asahina Kasumi.”
What’s needed for this is a talented individual relatively close to Asahina and who has the full trust of the class. And, the one behind Asahina Kasumi… the role of ‘Yuuto Amamori’s decoy.’
Well, the latter will be selected from within the class later on.
“I get it from what you’ve said. No matter how much we try to manipulate things, Asahina Kasumi doesn’t want Kirido removed. So, she won’t get involved in this case. We’ll secretly take care of him ourselves.”
All the necessary conditions are in place. We understand his thinking thoroughly, and the thought manipulation has already been done.
So, all that’s left is to… crush him.
“If it’s just taking down Kirido alone, I’m more than enough on my own. However, considering what lies ahead, someone as useful as you will be necessary.”
Having disclosed her underlying intentions like this, the woman is determined to pull her onto our side no matter what. We can’t have her simply ankle-deep in the mud; she needs to be immersed headfirst.
I grip her hand and pull her closer.
Kurashiki, who can’t react in time. Ignoring her anxiousness, I peer into her eyes from an extremely close distance.

“Kurashiki Hotaru, I need you. Lend me your strength.”

Just where will this madness end up?
I don’t know, but for now,
I’ll start here and charge ahead as far as I can go.
—That is my mindset.

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