The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 2 part 5


No wait, hold on a minute.
Ms. Amelia is seriously way too much. What the, [Sound Magic] is…too powerful.
Seeing that restrained might. And the invisibility bonus on top of it.
Frankly, if I was told Amelia is the world’s strongest magician I would readily believe it.

–[Sound Arrow]

I trembled the first time I saw it.
I thought if that magic was used to attack me, I’d be finished. I was deeply terrified that magic this sinister existed in this world.
And at the same time, a blazing anger like wildfire rose within me. Another human surpassing me.
I’m truly fed up with it.
I had to devise countermeasures. I thought I had to desperately devise countermeasures or die.
Luckily Ms. Amelia taught me magic theory very thoroughly.
To be honest, that person is a little…no, quite abnormal.
…Her face when instructing me. Rough breathing, drool dripping from the corner of her mouth, eyes completely deranged.
Clearly the face of someone who’s lost some crucial screws in their head.
But the content she teaches I can trust. Our time together was that worthwhile.

Well, I was a little concerned she made too many sound effects like [Whoosh with that feeling♪] during lessons but…I understand.

And what I devised to counter Ms. Amelia’s magic was–[Dark Blessing].

There’s the considerable demerit of lowered squeezed out magic power output when unconscious but even so I think it turned out well.
Seriously, it’s disgusting talent. Results come out immediately with just a little effort.
No, most people probably can’t compare to me even without any effort on my part.
Everything that happens proves I’m on the “chosen” side. Each time, my pride swells.

Yet–I’ve already encountered two humans surpassing me.

Ah…truly fortunate.
There’s an insurmountable wall unless I strive. Is there any greater blessing for [me]?
I’m glad, really glad.
This brings me one step closer.

To the heights I can’t even gaze up at–the true summit.

My tranquility lies only there. I’ll crush everything standing in my way.
It’s pretty bothersome but I’ve got no choice.
My father’s calling voice.
Oh right, I was in the midst of a party of deceitful nobles I couldn’t care less about right now.
It’s not good to indulge in thoughts for too long.
“Did you need something, Father?”
“Is there a girl you’re interested in?”
“…Excuse me?”
I truly didn’t understand what he just asked me.
“I asked if there’s a girl you’re interested in.”
I didn’t mishear! What’s with the total non-sequitur!?
Why’s he asking something like this with a serious face all of a sudden!?
“…None in particular.”
I quietly replied as such.
In truth, though I conversed with many male and female humans none stood out to me.
“I see…is that so.”
…He’s really something, my father! Though you’re my real dad I just can’t comprehend you at all!
“I turned down every proposal for your marriage. Do you know why?”
“Luke, it’s so you can choose for yourself.”
So that’s how it is. I knew I didn’t have anything like a fiancee. But I didn’t know the reason.
I thought nobles valued ties to those with power but it seems my father is different.

“If there is a girl you’re interested in, tell me. –I swear to make her your bride no matter what. Even if she were royalty.”
Yup, he’s totally [Luke’s parent].
Arrogance completely believing he can do that since it’s himself, without a shred of malice in his eyes which somehow makes it even worse.
“Thank you, Father.”
I just went with that for now.
“Good, that’s all. Enjoy the party.”
I can’t help but sigh. I was already exhausted dealing with these nobles I couldn’t care less about, then I get called out like this just for that?
Should I have honestly said [Father, you’re meddling too much]?
No, that would just make the situation more complicated…Or rather, I get it now.
In the original work, after [Luke] shuts himself in at home, the next enemy for the protagonist is probably my father.
He’ll resent the protagonist and try crushing them with all the power he wields.
You could call it the [Chapter 2 Noble Conspiracy Arc] I guess?
Well, that won’t happen but…

“–Despite manifesting a rare attribute, you have quite a glum face.”

A woman’s voice.
I almost blurted “Now what?” without thinking. I turned to look her way with my exhausted mindset still intact.
There stood an unnaturally beautiful woman. Lustrous long silver hair, sharp emerald eyes, and fair skin fine as silk.
If she walked the streets, all eyes would be stolen man or woman.
But I strongly sensed a coldness unique to beautiful women. Frankly, she’s not my type.
I like energetic, emotional girls who rejoice and grieve over even trivial daily happenings. The woman before me was the polar opposite. …Thinking things like this is undoubtedly my father’s fault.


“–You’re Alice Rune Rondsdale, right?”
“Oh my, you knew of me? Luke Wizaria Gilbart.”
The eldest daughter of Count Rondsdale’s family. This should be our first time meeting directly.
The fact I remembered her name means she’s a fairly skilled influential noble.
“May I call you Luke?”
“Do as you like.”

“Then I can be Alice too.”
…Ah geez, why’s she butting in. Really now.
“Can you use attribute magic?”
Not that I’m particularly interested, but I unconsciously asked.
“Quite the arrogant question. But I’ll answer. I can.”
“I see.”
Looking at her, one thing came to mind.
She’s probably [Ice attribute]. She just gives off that ice queen vibe… Especially in this fictional world.
“Who are you asking?”
I was dead on. Her reaction’s so obvious it’s more surprising.
“But that’s not all.”
“─[Ice] and [Poison]. Those are my attributes.”
Dual attributes are really something… But it seems villainous. Not inferior to my [Darkness].
“You don’t seem very surprised.”
Alice seemed unhappy with my reaction. While her expression barely changed, that emotion came through in her voice.
“Looking down on me for my rare attributes?”
“Heh, I’ve no such intention.”
My words made her atmosphere even frostier.
“…Fine. Are you free tomorrow? Let’s have a mock battle.”
“A mock battle?”
“Yes. Normally this wouldn’t be allowed, but it should be possible with her.”
The one Alice glanced at was Ms. Amelia. She was far more “proper” than her usual self, now the model of a noble young lady.
…Quite the gap. Well, in any case─
“Yeah, let’s do it.”
There’s no option for me to flee from an offered challenge.

Alice was gifted in appearance and magical talent.
Therefore, she was surrounded by people who [affirmed] her.
But in contrast, her brother [Yorand] lacked such excellence, and that resulted in a distortion of Alice’s personality.
Yorand was kind. Exceedingly kind.
No matter how scorned, no matter how neglected, he never lost his love for his family. He was that sort of gentle man.
Naturally, Alice and Yorand were compared. Alice was praised, Yorand was ridiculed.
Such scenes were commonplace in House Londsdale.
Children are raised watching their parents. Before she realized it, Alice had come to look down on her brother Yorand, and it escalated from there. Before she knew it, though never with outright violence, it was not rare for Alice to shower Yorand with verbal abuse.
But however kind, no normal human could continue such a life indefinitely.
Yes, Yorand had a secret.

That he had an extreme [sister complex] and was a [M].

Thus, he did not find it painful at all. On the contrary, being looked down on and rebuked by Alice aroused him sexually.
His kindness was no lie. The entirety of this situation that would elicit pity in any normal person was the greatest happiness to him.
That was precisely why he could be kind. Endlessly kind. ──However, Yorand’s [kindness] would distort Alice’s personality.
As she continued berating her older brother day after day, the seeds of [sadism] took root in her heart. That small bud grew over time, slowly transforming her into a [S].

Time passed, and Alice met Luke.

His eyes looking down on everything he saw. The instant she saw them, Alice’s heart was dominated by a single powerful desire─to [dye those arrogant eyes in humiliation], an irresistible urge.
Luke was one who had manifested [Darkness] attributes.
But Alice knew he had only just begun learning magic a month prior. She had already studied magic for over three years, a true prodigy who had manifested two attributes.
There was no way she could lose. Yes, no reason at all she could lose.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Screw yoooooou!”

Alice fired magic in anguish.
But it was meaningless. Merely vanishing into the [Darkness].
Luke’s slow approach couldn’t be stopped.
And a sword was placed at Alice’s neck─once again.
“L-Luke! That’s enough! Any more is too far! Ah, but just a little more… No, that’s still too much!”

“You’re so wishy-washy. Everything about you.”
“Ha… Ha…”
Alice collapsed prone on the ground. Having exhausted nearly all her magical power, she could no longer even stand.
No matter how many times she challenged him, the result was the same each time. Merely approached, and getting a sword held to her neck.
That was the end.
Whether she used [Ice attribute] or [Poison attribute] magic, it was meaningless.
Merely swallowed up by the “Darkness”, and it was over.
She couldn’t comprehend any of it. It could no longer even be called a match.
“Ha… Ha…”
With each defeat, the trampling of her pride by Luke’s words.
Those were precisely the same words she herself had showered upon her brother.
“Unsightly as you are, to think you dared challenge me so many times.”
Her pride meant to be dyed in humiliation was instead stained upon Alice herself.
It collapsed noisily within her. Everything until now vanished without a trace.
Her heart couldn’t bear that burden.
“Ha… Ha… More…”

─At times, the human heart [turns over].

Was it to protect herself, or was it her true nature laid bare from the start?
The answer is unclear, but Alice’s heart had certainly turned over.

“More… Ha… Insult me more… Ha… That’s good…”
In other words─from [S] to [M].

scene transition



I said to tell me if there’s a girl you’re interested in.
The next day after saying that, Luke was meeting with a girl.
This surely means just one thing.
Thanks to Luke’s father Claude greatly misunderstanding, combined with his superb skill, talks of marriage between Alice and him had progressed exceedingly smoothly─though for Luke, that’s still a ways off─.

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