Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 1 

Chapter 8: Puppeteer

“You’re really going, huh.”

Vim’s eyes had completely changed from before. The hesitation seems to be gone, I think. But he looks a little flustered. Like a chick just leaving the nest, fumbling to find where he should go.


“I see.”

Vim has gotten quite bold. No, he’s always been like this. Despite all his hemming and hawing, when push comes to shove he does these sudden, eccentric things. Well, he was that kind of person to begin with.

“Goodbye, Heidemarie. Probably…hehehe.”

“That won’t happen. You can win this, Vim.”

“Too many copies this time. It won’t go as smoothly as before. I’m just buying time. See, I’m way stronger than last time. And, um, you know, heh heh.”

That creepy laugh is back, which oddly makes me kind of happy.

Even though [Night Dragonflies] is a laidback group, laughing like that in front of everyone is still odd. So he’s probably kept it suppressed around others.

“Might seem a little weird. Tension’s up. Even my knees are laughing. Maybe I’m scared. Damn, after saying I wanted to die and all.”

“That’s not fear you’re feeling, Vim.”

“Well, I’m off. No time. Hehe.”

“Yeah. Take care.”

I wave goodbye. He lightly raises his hand in return. Then he’s gone.

My Vim. You still don’t really know yourself, I bet. I’d say I know you better than you do. You’re very odd, twisted – well, to put it bluntly, too damn sincere.

But someday, you’ll come to understand yourself better than anyone in the world.

When that happens, I want you to tell me all about it – about you. I said I know everything already, but the truth is, there are things I don’t know. No one does, not even you. Like right now, for instance.

Hey Vim, why are you laughing at a time like this?

Scene transition

The stupid rain shows no signs of stopping. The water keeps rising, now up to my knees. I can hardly move properly.

The Hierarch continues writhing around tauntingly as before, and his round underlings do the same. That alone is irritating, but those guys – they’re slowly swimming around, moving through the water. They must have a composition that lets them float, because the more waterlogged they get, the faster they seem to move.

No way I could escape if they came after me.

On close inspection, I feel certain of it. That black smoke the Hierarch occasionally puffs out from his back is making it rain. So it won’t stop until I take him down.

But could a torrential downpour like this really happen naturally? It’s a type of sorcery, for sure, but the mass balance seems way off.

Come to think of it, I remember this Hierarch descended from above.

I see, so he had been clinging high up on the wall, in that dark “sky”, sneakily scattering smoke to gather clouds unnoticed. Or maybe that smoke condensed the water vapor already accumulated in the air – something like that.

I have time to ponder things like this – it’s pretty careless of me. Maybe the enemy is confused too. With someone weak like me showing up instead of a powerhouse like Camilla, it’s so unnatural he might be taking precautions.

“Alright, time to give it my best shot.”

Suppressing my laughing knees, I steady my breathing. My body is chilled to the bone, but I’ll be okay. It’ll get unbearably hot soon.

The range of things that can be enhanced through bestowal arts is wide, but the human body in particular shows clear differences in difficulty depending on which parts and attributes you want to strengthen.

The easiest are bones, followed by muscles. Most enhancements can be completed with just those two. But if you want to go further, you’d need to manipulate blood circulation to supply oxygen – which of course means strengthening the heart. Enhancing that invisible core region at the center of the body greatly increases the difficulty. For now, the number of bestowers who can regulate blood flow is limited.


However, there is one part of the human body that is taboo to enhance, surpassing even that vital heart.

The brain.

The seat of consciousness itself. It was anticipated that increasing its processing speed could greatly boost combat ability. But no bestower has succeeded in enhancing the brain due to the risks and difficulty involved.

There are many problems.

First is the resilience of the realm of consciousness itself. As an organ that has carried out thought and response independently since birth, it fundamentally resists external interference. Enhancing someone else’s brain is virtually impossible to begin with. And even if you succeeded, the benefits are small since the low-level bestower doing it can’t power themselves up.

And even enhancing your own brain, the next moment you’d be overloaded and lose consciousness. To enhance the brain means accelerating the exchanges within it. But the brain’s processing speed is already so high you can’t even perceive it. Increasing that speed further would instantly trigger a cycle where the enhanced brain speeds up the brain even more, which enhances an even faster brain, and so on.

So no one even tries to enhance their brain. Bestowers are rare, and even attempts are few.

But I gave it a try. I thought that was the only path for me to gain the strength to fight alone.

Whether you could call it a talent, I did something simple. I repeatedly contemplated and questioned my own consciousness. I honed my senses. And I discovered an extremely subtle, minimal level of enhancement that didn’t cause overload – a barely noticeable increase.

That rate was one ten-thousandth of one percent.

Even that instantly became exponential, overloading my brain. For my constitution, this was the limit for now. There would probably be some kind of brain damage manifesting as side effects.

But it was possible. Self-manipulation to realize all those theoretical gains, through an accelerated brain. That was–

“–Transition: [Puppeteer]”

My consciousness flowed backward.

The scenery I’d seen, the sounds I’d heard, the things I remembered – they were all churned up chaotically, and an indescribable sense of discomfort came over me.


For an instant, all my muscles tensed.

My entire digestive tract clenched, forcing air out of my throat.

The signals couldn’t reach my muscles.

I couldn’t even brace myself to resist. I endured the agony of being unable to move.

A few seconds passed, or maybe not even one. My vision abruptly calmed like the surface of a tranquil pond.

“Fuh fuh fuh.”

As my throat relaxed and I inhaled, an odd snickering leaked out.

Looks like I succeeded.

How to describe this feeling? My sense of time grew warped, and the scenery slowed down.

Let’s see, it felt like both hands and feet had become dominant. Maybe I could even write with both hands now. I felt like I could move everything from my hair to my body hair. My nerves weren’t connected, so that was impossible.

An attack came. A rain of tentacles that had half-destroyed [Night Dragonflies] closed in on me from all sides.

“This’ll definitely kill me.”

No way I could escape something like this unharmed. Dodging was out of the question. My only option was to evade. But evading this was impossible.

–Escaping unscathed would take a one-in-a-hundred-thousand miracle.

Because I was weak, my mindset when fighting was fundamentally different from powerful warriors like Ms. Camilla.

Strong warriors basically powered up their output and increased their number of attacks to ensure they didn’t lose. They trained until they won ten times out of ten.

I was different. I devoted all my effort to creating that one-in-a-hundred-thousand fluke in the moment. That was how the weak fought.

Realizing this was a turning point, I think – the foundation of my bestowal arts. Using my limited magic power, I bestowed limited enhancements on the bare minimum areas, for the shortest time, with the best timing I could, as much as possible. Don’t succeed – make success happen.

Keep seizing those one-in-a-hundred-thousand miracles. Or you’ll die.

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