The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 2 part 4

Act 2-5 Amelia’s Diary

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Month x Day x
I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day.
How many centuries has it been since a [Darkness Attribute]? There shouldn’t be any records of it for at least the past century.
I did act a little improper from the shock but I regret it, reflecting.
But I just can’t restrain this intellectual curiosity. Impossible, absolutely impossible.
Because it’s [Darkness Attribute]!
I’ll contact the magic ministry tomorrow saying I’m staying in Gilbattia for a while. And ask Lord Gilbart to let me research Luke’s [Darkness Attribute].
Hmm, negotiations aren’t my forte but…
I hope it goes well.


Month x Day x
The negotiation went well, looking at the result.
But Lord Gilbart asked me to teach Luke magic.
…I’m not good at teaching you know. Someone has to teach the basics before you can use attribute magic but…
I did get instructor qualification at Aslan Magic Academy just in case but…it was only so I could freely go in and out of the school you know?
I love their huge library and research facilities, and with the qualification there’s no tedious procedures needed so it’s super convenient.
But to be honest, I have no interest in training the next generation.
Ughh…makes me uneasy, no one understood me when I taught even as a student.


Month x Day x
…First day of magic instruction for Luke.
One thing became clear today.
Luke doesn’t need a teacher at all!
What is with that kid!? Seriously crazy! Just hand him magic books, that’s all he needs!
Many have called me a [genius] before. Honestly, looking at it objectively I think I do have talent for magic. I could do most things without struggling.
…But Luke is on a different plane.
Where does someone exist who can control magic that precisely on their very first try!?
A human who can use many non-attribute magics after just one day learning magic!?
The answer is–no.
I didn’t think something like that was possible…but Luke showed it right in front of me.
This is bad, too bad…just what is that kid really!?


Month x Day x
Stored magic power is talent, squeezed out magic power is effort.
You hear that said often but I think differently. Both require talent.
Though with stored magic power, effort genuinely can’t make up for it no matter what.
I was surprised today after using the information magic [Magic Perception].
This magic lets you visually grasp magic power.
I literally saw Luke’s massive magic power.
It’s around the level of the headmaster or battle mages right? No, maybe even more.
Well, I could tell he had crazy magic power since I got here but…
Lord Gilbart has a ton too so this must be bloodline huh.
Another normal day, he keeps exceeding my imagination as usual.
At this point teaching has gotten a little fun maybe.


Month x Day x
…Crap. Seriously crap.
Just eighteen days.
Luke mastered all the magic fundamentals that should take years in a mere eighteen days. He can use almost all non-attribute magics now…too bad, way too bad!
I’d heard rumors of the Gilbart family heir. A weirdo noble who practices swordsmanship.
Even I, absorbed in research, knew it had been whispered about for around two years among nobles. But because of that, when I first heard this talk I thought there’s no way he’d make it in time for the magic academy entrance exams at fifteen.
Since there’s less than two years left. But in reality it was the opposite.
He was a [monster] with absurdly extraordinary magic talent.
And he doesn’t neglect efforts either so he really is frightening.
And finally…finally tomorrow I can move on to attribute magic instruction!
Yessss! Ahhh I can’t wait anymore!
I’m too excited to sleep tonight!



Month x Day x
As the lore hinting “Light lets no one near and Darkness swallows all” shows, Light has the trait [Reflect] and Darkness has the trait [Absorb].
This was right! Well, records about this much remain but seeing it actually still moves me!
The trait [Absorbing Magic]! It’s seriously amazing! Too bad!
But now I’m worrying about how to teach him.
Rare attributes have little precedent so teaching is difficult too.
Or rather, the portion he’ll have to break ground on himself is far too huge.
So for now I decided to show him my attribute magic.
My attribute is–[Sound].
To be blunt, my sound magic is powerful. Extremely powerful.
All of my attribute magic is “invisible” and “speed of sound”.
If an average human opposed me, they’d die without even understanding what happened to them I think.
I showed him [Sound Arrow], a very basic spell but with the sound attribute added it becomes an invisible, speed of sound strike.
Yeah, it’s powerful magic even if I do say so myself.
Luke, who’s always condescending, looked a little surprised when he saw it which was kinda cute.
There’s probably an acceptable limit but in theory the absorb trait of darkness can make it the ultimate spear and shield. …Though whether he can defend against my magic is another story.
Once you’ve seen my magic activating it’s impossible to defend in time.
I think Luke immediately grasped that.
He started seriously pondering right there. In the end, that’s it for today.
Hmm, maybe showing my magic suddenly wasn’t good.
Teaching really is difficult.


Month x Day x
Baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd baddd…seriously baddd!


Luke called it–[Dark Blessing].

[Magic Perception] that all magic users possess.
The exceedingly simple ability to sense magic power, not even magic itself.
And [Magic Barrier], a basic defensive spell.
Luke said he “linked” these two.
Even I as head of attribute magic research can’t comprehend the theory.
[Dark Blessing] activates a darkness attribute [Magic Barrier] the instant magic power is perceived. In other words, this magic allows Luke to automatically defend against others’ magic.
He doesn’t even need to be conscious of it, things like invisibility or speed of sound no longer matter.
When he said try it on him, at first I couldn’t believe it…but I couldn’t resist the temptation.
Even greatly weakened, a direct hit from my magic would still certainly cause grave injury.
But even so, it was impossible no matter what. The irresistible desire to try it.
In retrospect I think I really lost my mind.
But…Luke’s words were truee!
My magic was completely defended against! This is badd! Seriously baddd!
According to Luke, [Dark Blessing] can only defend against magic below a certain level of power since it’s unconscious.
Even so, he absolutely doesn’t grasp how amazing this is!
He’s wayyyy too oblivious!
And that’s not the end of it.
Luke could also pseudo-reproduce the magic “absorbed” by [Dark Blessing]!
He actually showed me reproducing my [Sound Arrow]!


Ahhhhh, it’s just wayyyyy too badd now–(text is illegible)

Month x Day x
Luke can use basic [Dark Arrow] now. No, this has to come way before [Dark Blessing]. Luke is weird in many ways.
I’m used to it by now though.
My [Sound Arrow] has the properties of being “invisible” and “speed of sound”, while Luke’s [Dark Arrow] has the [Absorb] property.
In other words, unless it’s blocked by a [Magic Barrier] above the magic power he imbued, it will be absorbed and unable to be defended against.
What’s more, it increases in power by the amount of magic power absorbed.
Ahhhhh, [Darkness Attribute] is just the beeest!! It’s full of possibilities!
Staying here really was the right call. Ideas for research come nonstop.
I want to know more and more about [Darkness Attribute].
Oh right, the party is coming up soon isn’t it.
The party celebrating Luke manifesting [Darkness Attribute].
I was told to attend too ugghh don’t wanna.
I wanna quietly watch Luke’s magic from the shadows.
There’ll be tons of nobles and I’ve got to behave right.


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