The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 2 part 3

He thought for a bit but nothing came to mind. While Zack was puzzled, the door opened elsewhere.
The ones who entered appeared to be a mother and child.
“Um, you’re Zack of [Ash Wolf’s Claws], right?”
“Eh…yes, I’m that Zack but…”
Hearing Zack say that, the woman and child’s faces instantly lit up like flowers blooming.
“Thank you so much for defeating the [Basilisk]! Not just us but the whole village is grateful!”
“Thank you uncle!!”
It was sincere gratitude without pretense.
“…N-No, I just completed a request…”
“Even so, thank you very much.”
After conveying their gratitude for some time, the parent and child left, bowing repeatedly. The only ones left were the dumbfounded Zack and Alfred, who had silently watched the proceedings.
“Al-san, what was…”
“Who knows, I just did as asked. I’ve got no time to worry about a washed-up guy like you. See ya.”
Saying only that, Alfred left too.
Left behind feeling a bit foolish, Zack quickly downed the remaining alcohol in his glass.
“…Thanks, huh.”
It had been quite some time since he was thanked to his face like that.
He had simply taken requests, earned money, gained fame.
That’s how his days had been. So at some point, he had forgotten.
Why he became an adventurer, why he aspired to be a hero. –The real reason.

“Well…looks like I was useful to someone after all.”

The heights exist.
Heights he can’t reach no matter how much he stretches his hand out.
Even so, the things he desperately clawed his way up to accumulate were never meaningless.
Because surely someone needed that power.
Because no matter how great of a hero, one person couldn’t possibly protect all of mankind.
“…Hehe, I’m just a brat huh.”
This day, Zack’s glass was not refilled with alcohol again.
Several days later, the A-rank adventurer party [Ash Wolf’s Claws] would resume activities.

And a few more days after that–Zack would learn this was Alfred’s doing after hearing about the adventurer guild’s circumstances.


An intricately decorated carriage bearing the Mirestia Kingdom’s flag runs.
Outfitted with all sorts of magic items, those riding inside probably wouldn’t feel any large shaking no matter how rough the terrain it traversed.
Ten people clad in pure white armor rode horses alongside the carriage. Kingdom knights.
Though their duty as escorts for the carriage’s passenger was their role, this was purely for appearance.
Because–one of the carriage’s passengers was an [Attribute Magic User].
“The Gilbart family. A lineage with extremely high magic aptitude, though there has been no ‘attribute’ manifestation these past years it seems.”
“Ugghhh I wanna go home alreadyyyy. …Why meee. Outside is awful. I wanna be home. I hate the sunlight.”
“…The Gilbarts are powerful nobles. Please be very careful not to be impolite. I’ll do my best to smooth things over but…”
“I know, assistant-kun. Just who do you take me for?”

–[Amelia Von Elefseria]

She holds various titles but the foremost would surely be [Head of Attribute Magic Research].
Within the magic ministry that conducts various magic research, the division focused mainly on attribute magic is attribute magic research.
She attained the seat of head of attribute magic research at the unusually young age of 22. She was undoubtedly a prodigy. And one of the most learned about attribute magic in this country.
However, Amelia currently held a different title.
She was in this carriage as a [Mage Appraiser], an official who judges magic aptitude and attributes.
“Uggghhh why’d I get this qualification…”
For the simple reason it seemed useful for attribute magic research, she had acquired this qualification but that came back to bite her now. The Gilbart family’s request was to [send the most excellent mage appraiser] and Amelia was far too convenient a match for that.

Viscount Gilbart is one of the great nobles second only to the king in territory held, and his military and financial power could not be easily dismissed.
Therefore, the royal palace also could not ignore this request.
Despite it only being appraisal of magic aptitude, much discussion was held about why they requested the “most excellent” appraiser. About what their aim and hidden motives could be.
Various conjectures flew about but they had no way of knowing it was simply the result of Luke being doted on excessively.
“So don’t let your guard down. They may have manifested some [rare attribute], for instance–“
“–[Light] or something?”
As if cutting off the words of the man dispatched as her assistant, Amelia interjected.
“Well, that’d be nice but…probably shouldn’t expect it huh. I mean when was the last time a rare attribute was confirmed? Let’s see…it was the former headmaster of Aslan Magic Academy right, their master had [Light] if I remember right?”
“Yes, that’s what the records indicate.”
“Ughhh wanna see…I heard the former headmaster mastered three attributes and was a super seriously crazy powerful magician, but rumor says even they were no match for their master…”
“Hard to believe.”
“Wanna seee, super wanna seee. Ahh, gonna sleep. Wake me when we arrive ‘kay?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Saying that, Amelia quietly closed her perpetually sleepy-looking eyes.


The one welcoming Amelia’s group when they disembarked from the carriage was the current Gilbart family head [Claude Gray Gilbart], along with the butler Alfred and several attendants.
Claude had very sharp features, and his neatly groomed mustache further accentuated his dignity. However his gaze was as sharp as a bird of prey, causing those who met his eyes to feel awe.
It would be extremely difficult to discern at first glance that Claude doted on his son to an excessive degree.
“I’m honored to meet you, Lord Gilbart. I’ll be in charge of appraising magic today, Amelia Von Elefseria.”
“Ah, good of you to come Amelia. I’ve heard of you. I can leave my son’s appraisal to you with peace of mind.”
“You flatter me.”
The languid atmosphere Amelia had shown in the carriage was already gone.
“Let’s get right to it then. Alfred, show them to the room. I’ll go fetch my son.”
“Yes m’lord. This way, please.”
After waiting in the room guided by Alfred for a few minutes, the door opened with a clack.
There were three people there–Luke and his parents.
“Why…do you have to come too?”
“It’s our son getting his magic appraised! No way I’d miss this!”
“Ugghh…My apologies Amelia, but do you mind if we sit in as well?”
“Not at all.”
Without paying their exchange any mind, Luke sat across from Amelia.
“So you’re the skilled one huh.”
“…You flatter me.”
Luke’s natural condescension. Amelia was irritated by it just a little but of course never let that show externally.
“Well whatever. Hurry up and start.”
“Before that, allow me to confirm one thing. If the appraisal results show you have any [attributes], the obligation to acquire [Qualification to Use Attribute Magic] will arise.”
“…In other words I’ll have to enroll in and graduate from some magic school, right?”
Luke pondered for a moment.
(Well this is a “chain”. So those with attribute magic don’t leak out of the country I guess.)
He turned various thoughts over but either way, refusing the magic appraisal here wasn’t an option.
“That’s fine.”
“Understood. Then I will use [Appraisal] information magic.”
Saying that, Amelia held out a hand toward Luke.
A magic circle with geometric patterns appeared then disappeared.
“What is it, did something happen?”
The sensation of magic power being sucked away.
Amelia’s clear intellect immediately deduced the answer but she herself couldn’t believe it.
Thus she froze for several seconds.
“…One more time.”
Cold sweat dripped down.

–It can’t be, she thought.

She activated [Appraisal] once more. She felt the sensation of magic power being sucked away again.
So she had to pour even more power in.
And her suspicion transformed into conviction.

“Nexus… Yami…”

Amelia muttered as she checked the appraisal result.
“What did you say, what happened? Does my son have attribute magic aptitude?”

Claude’s voice, far tenser and awaiting the results than Luke, resounded.
However, the reply was far more unexpected than he imagined.

“Nexus attri–!? It’s Dark!? Crapcrapcrap oh crap this is bad!!”

The sudden bizarre yell echoed.

scene transition


Amelia’s transformation.
Amidst everyone struck speechless, Luke was quietly disappointed.

(Darkness is…the villain one huh…)

–Butterfly effect.

Luke begins swordsmanship.
Seeing Luke dedicate himself to training without missing a single day, Claude is struck at heart, greatly exacerbating his doting.
As a result, the phrase [send the most excellent] is added when summoning the mage appraiser.
The royal palace could not lightly refuse the Gilbart family’s request, so the skilled but somewhat magic-obsessed Amelia is dispatched.
She directly confirms Luke’s [Darkness Attribute] that she should have been informed of afterwards.

And–Amelia’s soul-shattering scream.


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