The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 2 part 2

–This is a common tragic tale.

In Mirestia Kingdom, commoners have two names while nobles and royalty have three.
But that boy only had the name [Abel].
Yes, he was an orphan.
Abel was raised in a small church in a small village. Life there was by no means easy. He worked the fields daily, gathered herbs, and barely scraped together a living.
With that, he could just barely fill his stomach with meals. A life far from wealthy.
But Abel never once thought of himself as unfortunate.
The sisters of the church and the other orphans were like a real family, and as the oldest Abel was doted on greatly. No one in the village discriminated against him for being an orphan. Though poor, their hearts were kind, and everyone lived by helping each other.
Abel loved the villagers who never stopped smiling despite the hardships.
He was happy. Truly happy.
He believed this happiness would continue forever.

However–that would come to an abrupt end.

One day, the sound of a flute was heard.
A beautifully sorrowful timbre that made you unconsciously stop in your tracks.
After that, heavy footsteps approached and a monster called a [Forest Giant] suddenly appeared, attacking the village. This monster has overwhelming massive build and, with high intelligence, tends to hunt in packs.
The unarmed villagers had nowhere to escape to of course.

The sister hid the children separately. So that even one could survive.
Following her words, Abel also hid. But he could still hear it even in hiding.
The villagers’ screams.
The sound of something being crushed.
Unpleasant laughter.
It was far more than the Abel of that time could bear.
He plugged his ears. But he could still hear it.
The sounds of someone killing, someone dying.

I don’t want to hear it.
I don’t want to hear it.
I don’t want to hear it.

No, no, no, no, no–!

And so–this is a common tragic tale.

The Ramrie viscount family has no territory so they live in the capital.
But the second daughter [Lily Eicril Ramrie] had absolutely no complaints about that. She loved the lovely streets of this beautiful capital.
“I’m going for a walk, Jeeves.”
“Yes, milady.”
After finishing her preparations, she headed out.
This was a routine she had kept up for many years now, something to add a little color to an unchanging world. The pattern of her walking route was already well established.
“Um…I’ll go see Ms. Elka again today!”
“Yes, milady.”
About a year ago, the pattern that had been unchanging for so long greatly changed. Lately she heads to Elka’s dojo, spends some time there, then returns home.
This was her [walk].
“I wonder if she thinks it a nuisance…”
“Certainly not, I believe she would consider it an honor for you to visit personally, milady.”
“Th-That’s right! That must be it! Let’s go, Jeeves!”
“Yes, milady.”
The butler called Jeeves had served the Ramrie family for generations, and had watched over Lily’s growth from before she gained awareness. It’s understandable he dotes on her a little.
With several guards accompanying her, Lily walked through the city.
The scenery was lovely but familiar sights, it didn’t elicit any major emotional response.
Even so, Lily’s steps were very light.
After walking a while, the destination came into view.


A spirited battle cry splitting the air.
Initially Lily thought it barbarous but now it was familiar to her.
And it’s not like she came here without any thought. Since she already knew their break times, this timing should be good.
“That’s far enough, we’ll take a break here.”
“Hah…hah…thank you…for today…”
Voices could be heard from inside. As expected, it seems the timing is right.
“Yes, milady.”
As Jeeves stepped forth to knock on the dignified four-legged gate, there was no need. It opened with a creaking sound on its own.
“Good of you to come. Go on in.”
The one welcoming her was none other than the former captain of the kingdom’s knights, Elka Ey Sutherland, herself.
Lily was a little weak to Elka. Like right now, there’s an eerie feeling of having everything seen through.
She’s even asked how Elka always knows the timing she’ll arrive but only got an ominous laugh and [Just a hunch, you know].
Still, while she’s weak to her that doesn’t mean Lily dislikes her. Urged on, Lily entered the dojo.
The first thing she saw upon entering was a black-haired boy lying sprawled out spread eagle on the floor. Seeing that form, the corners of Lily’s mouth turned up ever so slightly.
“Looks like you got it pretty bad today too, Abel.”

The boy–Abel looked at Lily while catching his breath with his shoulders.

“What? Is it bad if I come?”
“N-No, nothing like that, I’m happy.”
When she uses a somewhat forceful tone, Abel always gets fidgety.
She finds that cute. So Lily ends up teasing him a little.
“You’re continuing your training as usual I see…”
Abel sat on the porch and loudly emptied a cup of water.

He has no etiquette or manners but Lily doesn’t seem bothered by it.
“You’re still not giving up on going to Aslan Magic Academy, are you?”
Yes, I am.
Abel’s reply was quick.
Aslan, the magic academy named after the legendary hero Aslan, a swordsman rivaling the Sword Saint who was also a mythic magician wielding legendary magic. It was the undisputed top magic school in the kingdom.
The entrance exam qualification is simply [having magical aptitude]. But that is far too vague.
It would be more accurate to say [having attribute magic aptitude].
That is the unwritten rule.


At that completely meritocratic institution, it’s a truth no one doubts or questions. The difference between those who can use attribute magic and those who can’t is just that pronounced.
In small skirmish-like wars, attribute magic users aren’t utilized.
Because–the death toll would shoot up.
If a fierce war broke out that required mobilizing many attribute magic users, that battlefield would likely transform into a ghastly world of dead bodies.
Why was Abel so fixated on Aslan Magic Academy? Wouldn’t a job as a kingdom knight or adventurer work?
No matter how much he honed his swordsmanship, and even if he could use some non-attribute magic, trying for a school he couldn’t use attribute magic at was far too reckless.

Why was he so obsessed with–power?

Lily didn’t want to see Abel get hurt.
Lately she thought constantly about how to get him to give up.
“It’s pointless.”
“No matter who says what, I won’t bend my own path. –I decided. A long time ago already.”
(He really is like Ms. Elka…isn’t he…)
It was as if everything was seen through.
“I’ll get stronger. I absolutely won’t compromise on that, even if I die.”
Lily looked at Abel.
At the depths of those eyes, what lay there was anything but light or hope.

Squirming there was–[Darkness].

Endless darkness whose depths couldn’t be seen, darkness that seemed it would swallow everything up.
A chill ran down her spine.
“Ahaha…sorry, that was sudden. Weird stuff coming from me, huh?”
But that dangerous atmosphere instantly disappeared like mist.
The usual somewhat silly, excessively nice Abel was there.
“Honestly, there should be limits even to ignorance of your position.”
“Ahaha…yeah, guess you’re right.”
Abel scratched his cheek looking a bit ashamed.
“–But, I respect you a little for it.”
When they first met, Lily was the very embodiment of an arrogant noble.
That’s what made her surprise so great.
“What! No need to be that surprised!”
“But Lily, you…”
“Oh enough! I’m leaving!”
As if to distract from her embarrassment, Lily briskly stood up.
“I came to report today. I have an aptitude for [Water].”
“Really!? Congratulations Lily!! Amazing!! Really amazing!”
“I-It’s not that big a deal…”
It was unpretentious joy, praise. Lily couldn’t help wondering if she could praise so wholeheartedly if their positions were reversed.
“So–I’m also aiming for Aslan Magic Academy now. Prepare yourself, we’re rivals from here on.”
Abel was happy.
That someone as talented as Lily called him her “rival”.
But he couldn’t be satisfied with just that.
“I won’t lose.”
Wanting to look a little cool, Abel smiled.
Surely, it would be a rugged path. A narrow path where one misstep would send you tumbling straight down into the abyss.
No, there might not even be a path.
Even so, Abel had decided.

Never again–would he let anyone steal it away.


“Ah, Hiccup. …… “
The daily life lately of A-rank adventurer [Zack Carrison] was drowning himself in alcohol from morning to night. Because it let him forget everything while drunk.

Yes–that terrifying fear.

To erase those passing visions in his mind, Zack vigorously poured alcohol down his throat. The innkeeper sighed at the man drowned in liquor since morning but Zack didn’t care.
Nothing mattered anymore.

–He aspired to be a [hero].

He liked the adventure tales sung by wandering bards.
So he became an adventurer. But reality wasn’t so kind. He hit walls countless times.
Even so, he desperately worked hard. His efforts steadily piled up and around age 30, Zack finally became an A-rank adventurer.
Yes, he had struggled. He really struggled. …Yet,

–[Is this all?]

A chill like ice against his spine ran through him.
(I’ll…probably never forget till I die, huh)
Zack’s main weapon was the same [longsword] as Luke.
That’s probably why.
With just exchanging blades several times, he understood.
He was forced to understand.

–No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t win.

And the final blow was those eyes. The eyes looking down on everything.
It felt like being told everything he had done until now was meaningless.
Zack drank more alcohol again. To wash away the unpleasant memories.

scene transition


Just then, the inn door opened with a creaking sound.
For some reason he glanced that way.
The one who entered was the man who, despite being a commoner, rose to the position of vice captain of the kingdom’s knights–Alfred Deg himself.
“Tch, damn brat. Shouldn’t have let you see me like this.”
The words thrown back were harsh and severe.
Truth is, Zack came from the same village as Alfred. So for Zack, [that request] was very convenient. He could show Alfred how he was now.
Show him that he was an A-rank adventurer now.
But the result wasn’t what Zack desired.
Zack looked away. Because he couldn’t talk back at all.
No, what he really wanted to look away from was his own weakness probably.
“The [adventurer] you aspired to be is mighty light huh, Zack?”
“Well, you’ve got a guest.”
“…A guest?”

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