The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: The Influence of Effort


— [Adventurer’s Guild]

It’s an organization independent of the country, whose main occupation is subjugating monsters.
Therefore, adventurers who join are not used in national conflicts like wars or political strife. While Mirestia Kingdom is an exception, naturally there are countries that conscript civilians during wartime.
For that reason as well, adventurer is a popular job among the common people.
However, not just anyone can become an adventurer if they wish.

Only one thing is demanded of adventurers — [Power].

No matter how high your status, or how noble a spirit you possess, you cannot become an adventurer if you lack the power to subdue monsters.
Conversely, as long as you have power, you can become an adventurer regardless of who you are.
So there is also the danger they could become a military force threatening the nation, but the history of hardly any such cases occurring under their strict discipline is the reason adventurer guilds are trusted to exist.
Additionally, once someone becomes an adventurer they can freely take action across national borders.
In Mirestia, this means that people holding various ideologies and values gather in the same place, so conflicts between fellow adventurers are not exactly rare occurrences.
Well, since Mirestia Kingdom is widely known to be a magic supremacist nation, adventurers from other countries rarely visit here.
For these reasons, most citizens have the impression of adventurer guilds being a “gang of roughnecks” but in truth that likely can’t be denied.
There are problematic aspects but the demand for adventurers is greater still. Monster damage is ceaseless to that extent after all.

And so, on this day too the adventurer’s guild was very lively–or rather, it wasn’t lively at all.

“I was told the 5th A-rank adventurer party [Ash Wolf’s Claws] came to report suspending activities indefinitely earlier.”
“The situation is serious, you know. This is no time to be sighing.”
“Oh Elka, you were a real beauty…I should’ve invited you for tea before you went back to the capital…”
“Please stop talking about things from 3 months ago already. Stop escaping reality and make a decision, or the guild will go under!”
“You know very well. Please turn down this request.”
“No wayyy! You know how scary Al is too right!?”
“But! If you don’t refuse, the guild will go under!”

This is the adventurer’s guild located in Gilbattia, a city within Viscount Gilbart’s territory.
The one groaning in anguish is the man working as guild master, Dulce Pannacotta.

“Haa…But still, can’t exactly turn it down. Even though he could use his own knights, making such a request to adventurers instead, I figured there was something more to it but…please show some mercy Al…”

Dulce looks over the request in hand once more.
This was written there:

[Please engage in close quarters combat via mock battle with “Luke Wizalia Gilbart” heir of the Gilbart family. You may use any weapon. In this mock battle, no matter what injuries “Luke Wizalia Gilbart” sustains, you will bear no responsibility whatsoever. However, should you be injured, the Gilbart family promises appropriate compensation. The reward is as follows. And if you achieve victory, the reward will be doubled. Reward: 1 Gold Coin]

One gold coin.
For an average adventurer it’s a lot of money.
With just this, one could live in luxury for a week even if they splurged.
To earn such an amount from a single mock battle, of course they’d take the job despite sensing something suspicious about it.
Moreover, there’s absolutely no danger to their life, and with no specified rank required the guild has no choice but to make it available for any rank adventurer to undertake.

However–this was truly a [devil’s request].

In just three months.
Five A-rank adventurer parties who accepted this request announced suspending activities indefinitely.
Let me talk a little about adventurers here.
For an adventurer, becoming A-rank is a watershed moment. Because the common understanding among adventurers is that no matter how much effort you put in, if you lack talent you can only reach B-rank at most.
Therefore A-rank adventurers have strong pride. Pride in their [power] that can’t compare to B-rank and lower adventurers.
Of course, higher ranks exist.
S-rank, and the the highest rank X-rank, called upon only by the select few known as [true heroes] and [deviants].
And so few even aim for it that A-rank is what most adventurers aspire to reach.

Now, back to the talk.
Why did five A-rank parties suspend activities indefinitely?
It was because the [pride] they finally attained after tremendous struggle was made out to be so utterly worthless and meaningless. –Due to an encounter with a real [monster].

[Pointless, a waste of time. Why does the guild keep sending such weak adventurers?]

[The one who came before was C-rank, right? Are you that rank too?]

[A-rank? What’s that? Aren’t you C-rank? Why separate those with the same ability? Your guild’s ranking system is worthless.]


To the truly chosen, the unchosen are all equally negligible.
No matter how much effort you accumulate, you’ll never reach the true heights.
You were just comparing acorns.
Isn’t that far too ridiculous?

Yes, they had the [pride] they finally gained after overcoming many hardships utterly denied. While their everything until now was mocked and denied.
It’s far too cruel and–cliché.
But looked at differently, they’re being tested right now.
Whether they stand back up here, or continue sinking down. Those who can still stand after knowing the heights are strong.
Even if they stand back up, they may be unable to reach [true hero].
But without a doubt, they’ll be able to progress one step further than the past self–.

So, I realized something over these past 2 years.
I can no longer restrain my arrogance. No matter how desperately I resist, it’s pointless. There probably isn’t a way–to break this curse.
Geez…does this mean I’ll keep making enemies from now on? I’ve been quite rude to the adventurers too. They probably resent me…
Nothing I can do about worrying though.
Still…what concerns me most is losing to an equal existence. With Alfred-san the difference in our ages and experience was just too vast.
But what if it was someone my age?
If I lost even to someone like that, could I keep my heart and mind intact?


If I lost, my enormous pride would come crashing down with a loud noise, and my sense of self would collapse.
At that point it’s bad end. “Luke’s” will is just that powerful.
Then as expected…I have no choice but to keep winning. I have to restrain my belly.

–I should…accept it.

Most likely, the powerful [Luke’s will] dwelling in this flesh. If I have to keep winning from here on, rather than reject it, I should accept it.
Instinctively I understand that’s best.
If I don’t become more Luke-like, stronger–there will definitely come a limit someday. In a situation where a slight difference determines victory or defeat, I may be unable to win…
If so, I should accept it.
Since I decided I absolutely will not compromise on the single point of victory–.


The arrogant heart believing I am supreme, that none stand above me.
Now it feels nothing like before…yet clearly, there’s a sense of [growing accustomed]. As if what should have been there originally has finally reclaimed its true form.


I resisted looking down on others.
But…I am [Luke]. Looking down on others feels more natural regardless of who they are.
The moment I thought that, my heart lightened.


Just then, I witnessed a rare sight.
I thought Alfred-san was talking with someone but he was clicking his tongue loudly with no attempt to hide it.
The man he clicked his tongue at repeatedly bowed, then hurriedly took his leave.

“What’s wrong, did something happen?”

I decided to ask the reason.

“I had…the request itself rejected by the guild master himself.”

“I see.”

…Makes sense.
Honestly, those battles with the adventurers were utterly boring.
The mock battles with adventurers began with Alfred-san saying now it’s just a matter of practical experience. But in truth, boring sums it up perfectly.

…Yes, it’s easy.

Until now I resisted consciously thinking about things like this but…the moment I accepted it, it became extraordinarily easy.

Plainly put, those adventurers were too weak to warrant discussion. And on top of that, they’re supposed to be the top rank in this city, so they didn’t meet expectations at all.

“–Perfect timing.”

Hmm, probably good timing.
I’ve been wanting to start this for a while now.

“What do you…mean by that?”
“It’s time. –I want to learn about [magic]. Inform my father. And contact the ministry of magic to summon an official mage appraiser.”

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