Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 – The Engagement Was Cancelled After the Demon Lord Was Defeated

“Romey, no, Romelia of Graeme, daughter of Count Graeme. I can no longer go on with you. I am calling off our engagement, let us part when we return home.”

Just as Prince Henry’s long-cherished wish to defeat the demon lord Zelgius was fulfilled, before the joy had even subsided, he suddenly said this to me.

Should I say it was at this very moment, or rather because it was at this very moment, that Prince Henry stood with the Saintess Elizabeth of the Church of Salvation, the Wise Woman Ekaterina of the Forest of No Return, and the swordswoman Princess Lu of the East standing beside him, shooting me icy glances as he made this declaration to me.

The unilateral dissolution of my engagement left me a bit stunned. Even though the Demon Lord has been defeated, we’re still deep in enemy territory. Now is not the time for a leisurely chat.

“But Prince, now that the Demon Lord has been defeated, shouldn’t such conversations wait until we return home?”

Ten years ago, Zelgius, who called himself the Demon Lord, brought the demon army that suddenly appeared in the Axis Continent where we lived. Calling themselves the descendants of dragons, they declared that only they deserved to rule the continent and declared war on the human nations and began their invasion.

The nations of the continent were all slow to react to the sudden attack of the demon army. In the seven years since the invasion began, many countries were destroyed, and people were captured and enslaved.

The attack of the Demon Lord’s army was like a sharp blade, and in the blink of an eye, the flames of war closed in on our Kingdom of Lionel. With the country’s ruin at stake, Prince Henry, who had completed his coming-of-age ceremony at the age of fifteen, set out alone on a journey to subjugate the Demon Lord. And I, as the prince’s betrothed, accompanied him against my parents’ objections.

We crossed high mountains and vast seas, and after a three-year journey, we finally arrived at the demon-ruled demon continent of Gordia. And now we’ve finally defeated the Demon Lord.

With Demon Lord Zelgius gone, the Demon Lord’s army should collapse as well. Our goal has been accomplished.

“Now that the mission has been fulfilled, we can slowly discuss the dissolution of the alliance after we triumphantly return home, right?”

As far as I am concerned, we can talk about dissolving the betrothal after we return home.

“No, I don’t intend to let you participate in the triumphal return. When we get back, we’ll probably be welcomed and celebrated as heroes. That’s not what we fought for, but we overcame great odds. But Romey, you didn’t do anything, did you?”

Prince Henry, wearing ornate silver armor inlaid with beryl gems, pointed an accusing finger at me.

“That’s right, you just followed the prince around without putting up a fight.”

Saint Elizabeth, dressed in pure white silk embroidered with gold thread, looked at me scornfully.

“Always a hindrance, tagging along, nagging away, it’s really annoying.”

Ekaterina , wearing a wide triangular hat and deep blue robes, pointed her winding, serpentine wooden staff at me.

“Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused the prince all this time?”

Princess Lu, wearing an eastern-style blade on her back and a deep green martial arts robe, glared at me with knitted brows.

Her accusations were half true. I couldn’t wield a sword and fight like Prince Henry or Princess Lu, I couldn’t use magic like Ekaterina, and I didn’t have healing powers like the Saintess Elizabeth.

This was also evident in our clothing. The prince and the three women all wore beautiful equipment, while I wore a dirty shirt and dress fused together with a brown coat. Easily dressed, but no different than a common village girl. Although I had a short sword at my waist, I never used it in battle. Apart from that, I only carried the huge backpack.

You could tell from what I was wearing that my job wasn’t fighting. Mainly carrying the necessary luggage for travel, negotiating with people and resupplying them, gathering intelligence on the routes ahead, and supporting the enemy backline.

I don’t want to overestimate myself. Even without me, some clever people could surely take over. In Prince Henry’s eyes, he said that the one who fought was the hero, while I was just an assistant.

But I don’t want to underestimate my work either. Their journey was not a smooth one. Both the prince and I were ignorant and naive at the beginning, not even knowing how to start a fire. If that had continued, we’d have died before we ever fought the demon lord, so I desperately learned the necessary knowledge and skills for the journey and led the prince and the others this far.

Without the heroes and the others, they wouldn’t have been able to defeat the demon lord, but without me, the heroes wouldn’t have been able to stand in front of the demon lord. Even if that’s true, it’s useless to say that if they don’t recognize my achievements.

“But Prince, can we really dissolve the betrothal with your words alone?”

I asked Prince Henry in return.

Royal marriages were built on a foundation of political and military balance. My House of Graeme also held an important position in the Kingdom of Lionel, with my father as one of its most important ministers. My betrothal to Prince Henry represented the unity of the royal family and House Graeme; it wasn’t something we could just dissolve ourselves.

Just as I was about to point this out, the Saintess Elizabeth let out a most unmaidenly voice.


“Ha, your parents just decided that, right? Besides, the prince is no longer the prince of those days, he’s now the hero who defeated the Demon Lord, right? Can’t you see that you’re unworthy of the daughter of the insignificant count from the backwoods?”

I didn’t react to the Saintess ‘s words, only staring at Prince Henry as I asked:

“Will the Prince inform His Majesty the King of this?”

“Ah, of course. I’ll tell my father, the king, and the others in the country right away.”

Hearing Prince Henry’s answer, I nodded obediently.

To be honest, the prince and I had grown apart during our travels.

Less than half a year into our journey, we ran into trouble. All due to lack of preparation and knowledge. I steeled myself, thinking it wouldn’t be enough, but even then I had little energy to spare and accidentally shouted harsh words at the prince, souring relations.

About that time he met the Saintess Elizabeth. Beautiful, she possessed the “Divine Healing Arts” to heal wounds and injuries. Prince Henry took an immediate liking to her, and one look into Elizabeth’s eyes revealed that she had love for the prince.

People naturally develop an affinity for someone who has healed their wounds. The relationship between the prince and Elizabeth quickly grew closer. As a result, the distance between me and Prince Henry grew, exacerbated by our encounters with Ekaterina on our journey, and the arrival of Princess Lu, which cemented the estrangement between the prince and me.

Ekaterina wielded the magical power known as the “Wise Woman of the Forest of No Return,” while Princess Lu possessed sword skills brought from the East. The three possessed fighting skills that I lacked. The prince favored them, and they worshipped him as well.

My relationship with the prince grew colder and colder, and I no longer had the passion I had when I ran away from home, but I still followed the prince and the others, and I had my reasons for doing so.

“But Prince. Even though the Demon Lord army led by Demon Lord Zelgius for the invasion has lost its head, there are still many animals and magical beasts in the kingdom that have become violent due to the Demon Lord’s magic. And many people have been captured by the demons and turned into slaves. To save them, we must continue to subjugate the demons even after we return home. Can I not join in those battles as well?

The reason why I persisted in this journey was only to save the people whose villages had been burned, people who had been killed, and people who had been taken as slaves.

“Huh? You’re useless, what can you do?”

“We don’t need to carry luggage anymore, get that through your head!”

“And what can you even do?”

The three women continued to chatter, but I just looked at the prince, waiting for his answer.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, the four of us can handle it. Now that we’ve even defeated the demon lord, there’s no need to fear lowly demons and beasts.”

The prince was proud of the feat of defeating the Demon Lord, but in my heart, I wondered if things would really go so smoothly.

It wasn’t love for the prince that brought me on this journey. Being powerless, following him would only be a burden, that was obvious. I had thought that it was a fiancée’s duty to wait patiently, even if it meant being tormented by heart-wrenching anxiety.

But on the night I learned that Prince Henry was leaving, while I was praying for the prince in church, I was granted a miracle and decided to accompany the prince on his travels.

The name of the miracle was “Grace”. It would bring good fortune and strength to allied companions nearby, while bringing misfortune and poor health to enemies.

It had no effect on me, but the prince and the others always benefited from this “grace” during their travels. The prince was also surprised at first by his own great physical condition, but after a few days he took it for granted and paid no attention to it.

However, the effects of Grace were not trivial.

Sometimes the tides of battle turned on its momentum. Henry and the others had grown accustomed to being in top condition, but when faced with hostile enemies, sudden discomfort threw off their sense of self, small mistakes kept happening, and they couldn’t bring their full strength to bear. On the other hand, the ever-successful prince and his allies were able to gain the upper hand and turn the battle in their favor.

The Demon army’s experienced officers and commanders were consumed by the momentum. Even the demon lord Zelgius could not resist.

However, I didn’t tell anyone that I possessed this Grace. Considering the rarity of the Grace ability, I shouldn’t tell anyone. If I were in the position of the opposition and knew this, I would imprison the Grace user and monopolize his wealth.

That’s why the prince and the others didn’t know about my grace ability.

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