Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter Extra + afterword

Extra Story
“Special Edition” My Lady
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[Side: Sherry]

I was created by the hands of my manufacturer, underwent function checks, then was immediately put into a storage capsule and had my functions stopped.
And when I was started up again, the two people before my eyes were a young man and woman.
Those two were the master and mistress of the Tiursad Viscount House, the parents of Miss Fialka whom I currently serve.
When those two discovered me, I had been left in a warehouse in some ruins, I was told.
And from their conversation at that time, I also understood that the people from the era when I was manufactured had already reached the end of their lifespans, as a very long time had passed.
The Tiursad Viscount House ruled by those two who found me, while running a large company, lived modest lives as nobles, only had a small number of live-in servants because the mansion was small, and I had household task execution programs, childcare programs, and VIP protection programs in my memory capacity, so I ended up being able to serve at the Tiursad Viscount House.

And after about a year had passed, I had become loved by the Tiursad Viscount House and all the servants.
And when the mistress became pregnant and with child, I received instructions to become the exclusive maid to the child to be born.
It was because the butler Mr. Soidi and maids Ms. Karona and Ms. Martha who currently serve at House Tiursad are elderly and would eventually become unable to keep up with the energy of the growing child.
And the younger maids Ms. Efil and Ms. Liline. And apprentice butler Mr. Zack can’t handle infants.
And so when mistress Alicia’s expected date of delivery came, she safely gave birth to a baby girl.
At that time, master Ovarlt was so overjoyed he caused a ruckus, and got fiercely scolded by the hospital nurses, which the mistress still jokes about sometimes.
And when I was allowed to hold the newborn young lady and saw her face, I somehow recognized that the young lady herself was who I should serve, for some reason.
I don’t know why.
But from that point, I became a maid for the young lady.

And as I was put in charge of caring for the young lady and she learned to crawl and talk, the master and mistress gathered the servants and had this talk.
“If in the future my daughter does something bad or makes unreasonable selfish demands, please scold her without reserve. If needed, you may even strike her fists or slap her. Of course, I want you to wait until her body has grown more before doing fists or the like.”
All of us servants including me were surprised at the master’s words.
Thanks to the [Imperial Reform Act] enacted by Galactic Empire’s 37th empress Lubarneus Eadol Ouvarth, the nobility’s authorities were reduced, and they would now be properly penalized if they committed crimes.
However, the nobility’s mindset wouldn’t change immediately, and reprimanding or striking even a noble child wouldn’t be easily forgiven.
“It’s natural you’d hesitate. But it’s necessary to make my daughter into a decent human being. If she does bad things without getting scolded. If all her selfishness is catered to. Letting her live like that, she won’t become a decent person. If you all love my daughter, I very much want to ask this of you.”
But after hearing the mistress’s words, we servants all consented to honor their request.

And the young lady raised with love and discipline from everyone in House Tiursad, while she was a little strong willed,
“Sherry. I want pancakes, so make them please.”
when she wanted us to do something, like me, her parents, or the servants, she would properly say please,
“They look delicious! Thank you Sherry!”
After doing her a favor, she would happily thank me, and she really grew up to be a good girl.

However, there was one time when this young lady, who was usually so well-behaved, made the most selfish request to me.
It was when the young lady was in 1st grade elementary school.
The daughter of a Count house who was supposedly a classmate noticed me dropping off and picking up the young lady and
— She said that if I didn’t become hers, she’d use her father’s power to crush the household I served–
tried to take me by threatening to use her father’s power.
[The Imperial Reform Act] still wasn’t widely adopted, and there were many such cases.
I didn’t want to leave the young lady’s side either.
But when I was consulting with the master and mistress about going to the Count house so as not to cause trouble for House Tiursad, the young lady ran to me and wrote [Fialka] on the back of my left hand in pen.
“Sherry is mine! I properly wrote my name see! I don’t want you to disappear! It’s fine even if the household is gone!”
Crying, she made her selfish demand and clung to me.
If I had a function to shed tears, I surely would have sobbed.
Seeing that, when the master contacted the Count house to decline, it seems the Count on the other end was also hearing about this for the first time, called out his daughter, heard the circumstances, and scolded her.
Apparently, thinking her tutoring and study teachers were harsh and I looked kind so would protect her, she threatened me to try and obtain me.
The Count apologized, and the daughter also came to apologize.
However. The next day, when I went to pick her up from school, the young lady was there with a swollen cheek.
Apparently, she had another fight with the Count’s daughter and did an unthinkable slapped match unbecoming of noble daughters, getting scolded together by the teacher.
Incidentally, that Count’s daughter, Lady Mika Feenidas, still meets with the young lady occasionally.
By the way, the name on the back of my left hand remained until right before the young lady became a middle schooler, but I removed it at her earnest request.
It was most regrettable.


Thank you for choosing this work from among countless others.
I’m Tsuchiryu, pleased to meet you.
When I received the offer for this work [The Cowardly Otaku Mercenary Knows His Place] to win an award and publish it as a book, to be honest I thought it must be some kind of prank.
Originally, this work was the title of a light novel read by the protagonist in one of my fantasy works I was writing first, my sci-fi work I was writing as a break from that, which I wrote so the protagonist could discuss the contents with his coworkers in the story.
Unexpectedly, it received a reaction, so I started serializing it accordingly, got ranked, received an award, and that led to it being published as a book.
This is wholly thanks to the readers who have been reading it since I first posted it on the web, and the Overlap editorial department who chose it for the award and decided to publish it. I express my deepest gratitude.

The protagonist of this work was conceived as the opposite of the friendly harem protagonists with a cool appearance, abilities worlds apart from those around him, and social standing rapidly rising, unconsciously making girls fall for him.
Therefore, in works where the aforementioned protagonist is active, he’d only be an extra in the crowd or a comparison to highlight the protagonist’s awesomeness.
I’m extremely happy that a story about a character in that kind of position was enjoyable.
In this book version, there is a character who didn’t exist in the web version.
Adding her has made the protagonist’s surroundings a little more gorgeous.
Well, the protagonist’s conduct doesn’t change though.
I’m very interested in the reaction of readers regarding that.
Additionally, my SF knowledge has a lot of secondhand information and convenience from various past SF works, [Professor Search Party], etc., so I’d appreciate your leniency regarding that.

For the book publication, illustrator Ham drew the characters as per the images in my mind, for which I can’t express enough gratitude for the wonderful illustrations.
The designer also produced something unimaginable to me that is outstanding, leaving me in admiration.
And I’m most grateful to the proofreader.
Since I basically write on momentum, there were many mistakes, causing much trouble, so I have only words of thanks.
I intend to at least not make typos from now on.

What kind of work will the protagonist accept next, and how will he deal with various situations?
I look forward to your support along best regards and cooperation..

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