Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 4

A surge of heat ran through my body. The lingering weight that had been hindering me was dissipating.

There’s still more to climb. I can still climb higher.

The number of tentacles increases. That means there are fewer attacks directed at everyone. The plan is going as expected.

What more can I do by climbing higher? It’s simple. Increase the number of strikes. Increase them, create openings, and strike back. If even one blow connects, it will open a way.

So climb. Move your entire body quickly, swiftly, until that moment arrives. There’s still a slight discrepancy between movement and sensation. But I’m getting closer little by little. Ascend. Swing your sword. Ascend, ascend, ascend.

It began to appear. I could see everything wriggling within my field of vision. I swung my arm accordingly, making fine adjustments together with my partner. I aimed to cut down as many tentacles as possible with a single swing, to burst them.

I had a specific image in mind.

Yes, it was the silver flower that young Vim displayed against the golem. The art of afterimages created by the speed of his sword. If I could do that, I could get as close as I wanted, couldn’t I?

With that thought, I felt like I grasped something.

Just a bit more. I was steadily getting closer. Now, I needed to put it into practice. I moved my arm to confirm.

Jumping, spinning, swinging. I repeated these actions. Occasionally, I made mistakes and was thrown off, but I quickly readied myself again and swung.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. It felt both long and like an instant. But then it happened.

No attacks were coming.

That was an opening. I sensed it and kicked off the ground. My partner expanded the blade like flowing water, and before I knew it, my body was in the air.

“[Giant Slayer]”

A hit to the vital spot.

It was undoubtedly the greatest strike of my life. It wasn’t just about power. It concluded within a series of movements with minimal preparatory action. It was flawless. I could proudly say that nothing in this world could withstand being cut by it.

But that was only when it hit.

The Floor Master, in a ridiculous move, skillfully rippled its massive body and leaped sideways.

I thought I had it, but the Floor Master evaded Camilla’s decisive blow.

I never thought such a massive body could move like that. But I was wrong. It somehow squeezed its body and shot out something like water, jumping to the side due to the recoil.

Its behavior was completely unexpected. Camilla, who delivered a powerful strike, was left wide open.

This wasn’t a Floor Master to overlook such an opportunity. It slightly swayed and launched an all-out attack. It was clear that it considered Camilla a threat, as it executed a relentless assault.

We were struggling just to defend, and even that was futile. Camilla was hit all over and rolled on the ground. Like a skipping stone on the water, she bounced several times and sank.


My body moved ahead of me. I entrusted the injured to Heidemarie.

“[Momentary Enhancement – Triple Stacking]”

My instincts told me that I couldn’t let Camilla be lost. There was no time to talk about success rates. I enhanced my entire body, ignoring the depletion of magical power, and rescued her just as the pursuit was closing in.

I lifted her massive body onto my shoulder. It would have been nice if, being a woman, I could carry her like a princess, but I didn’t have that kind of strength.

“Abel! Defend!”

I shouted to Abel, who appeared in my line of sight. Our eyes met. My intentions got across.

“Permission granted for Mage Vim’s enchantment!”

“Enchantment granted!”

I jumped behind Abel. Even after a second, no attacks came. He had deflected them all.

“Vim! I’ll cover you!”

I gently set Camilla down.

“Are you alright? Can you hear me?”

“…Vim, a young boy. Run. Don’t worry about the casualties, just run.”

She was conscious, but I could tell her entire body was broken. It was only because she was Camilla that she could keep her eyes open. An ordinary person would have died a long time ago.

“Who… is left?”

A weak voice filled me with guilt.

No one, no one could escape. No one had that kind of power. We were fully occupied with fending off the approaching tentacles and rescuing the wounded. There was no way we could contribute enough to match the time Camilla sacrificed.


“Everyone… is here. We couldn’t escape.”

“I see…”

“No one has died yet. We’ll all go back together.”

“Haha… You’re young. Listen, young Vim, leave injured people like me behind. Only the young and healthy ones, scatter… and run.”


“Look around, you fool.”

Everyone was still desperately enduring.

There was no chance of victory. No plan to survive. But everyone was desperately repelling the tentacles, fighting to stay alive.

“With your enhancements, I can become a meat shield too. Please, just stabilize my big bones. I, Camilla, approve Mage Vim’s enchantment.”

Camilla stood up. Her robust body brimmed with life even at the brink of death.

What am I hesitating for?

The people who have been with Camilla for much longer than me are enduring with gritted teeth. It’s just ridiculous for a newcomer like me to cry and wail. It’s disrespectful, even. It stains the pride of adventurers.

Look, everyone is wearing a strong face. They have made up their minds. This is pride.

I tell myself. Merely hesitating would be a waste of precious time. I would be squandering Camilla’s life. I berate myself for being such an indecisive fool.

But I can’t stop. Is it because of what Heidemarie said? No, it’s not. It’s me. I believe that. I can’t stop the voice in my heart from screaming. Even though I used to suppress it, now it won’t stop.

I don’t want that. I absolutely don’t want it. I don’t want to accept it. I don’t want to acknowledge it.

No, my heart screams.

This is despair.

Everyone vaguely understands. The Floor Master has exceeded our expectations even at this point. Now, even if we sacrifice many more companions, most of us will surely die.

【Night Dragonflies】 is not a party that can be crushed.

I took a deep breath.

I am what they call “normal.”

I can’t talk to people.

I can’t fit in.

I’m overly self-deprecating.

I always hunch over.

My eyes are lifeless.

My way of laughing is unsettling.

I have many likes and dislikes.

Certainly, my personality is the worst.

I didn’t just vaguely understand, I clearly realized it. I’m a person who deserves to be exiled.

Camilla is not someone who should die. I have to protect her. No matter how many times I die, I can’t redeem myself. They are all wonderful people.

These respectable people accepted me, someone like me.

Camilla said that we would all go back together as Night Dragonflies. And then she overturned that statement, saying it was impossible. But that’s wrong.

Because I’m still not a member of Night Dragonflies.


There’s still one path left.

“This is Vim speaking. Um, I’m sorry. I’m going against orders.”

I call out to everyone through the communication system.

This may not be the best choice. But it’s the best choice I can make.

In other words, there’s no other option.

So, it’s okay, right? Because there’s no other choice.

“I will hold back the Floor Master. Everyone, please focus on defense as much as possible. And take the opportunity to retreat.”

“Vim, what are you doing?”


I canceled Camilla’s enhancement and applied a reverse enhancement. Declarations of approval can be misused like this.

With a face that showed she didn’t understand what had happened, Camilla stumbled on the spot.

“I will defeat that creature.”

Everyone was bewildered. Camilla was immobilized by the effects of the reverse enhancement, and it seemed like she was beyond surprise, anger, or any such emotions.

I’m really doing something bold. It’s irreparable. Well, it should not be too detrimental to Night Dragonflies. Even if I fail, I should be able to buy some time.

Did a screw come loose in my head? I usually dislike such irregular actions.

Ah, I see.

Is it because she told me I could live as I pleased?

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