Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

I had just acquired some valuable information. I had found the perfect place to avoid people and pass the time.

“But still, it’s unusual for someone to choose reading over food like you.”

“That’s a misunderstanding. I prefer food over reading.”

“Come to think of it, that’s true. If you were as eccentric as I am, we would have crossed paths every day.”

(Referring to myself as eccentric, given my bad reputation… This kid is really tough.)

During my commute to school, I was often met with disdainful looks from others, and in the hallways and classrooms, people avoided me. So, having someone treat me casually like this felt quite nice.

Perhaps she, too, upheld the school motto of “equality for all.”

“When you say ‘crossed paths,’ do you use the library every day?”

“I attend school through the library.”

“Huh, you can do that?”

“Yes. I took a test and was granted special permission.”

“Wow, that’s impressive.”

She said it casually, but without scoring high on that test, there was no way I would have been granted special permission.

While it was hard to believe as I watched her continue to read her romance novel, her recommending philosophy books showed her intellect was quite remarkable.

“Well then, Byleth-St. Ford, may I ask you a question as well?”

“Of course, what’s your question?”

“Do you need me to introduce myself? You’ve been calling me ‘you’ this whole time.”

“Oh, right. It would be helpful if you did.”

“It’s no problem. I come from a humble background, and I’ve never attended the noble soirées.”

Honestly, I had wanted her to introduce herself, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to ask.

Gratefully accepting her offer, she closed her book and turned her drowsy gaze towards me, offering a greeting.

“Luna-Peremmer. The third daughter of the Baron’s family. I’m a second-year student.”

“Thank you for introducing yourself, Luna… Got it. Should I introduce myself too?”

“No need, I already know about you.”

“I see.”


With a nod, Luna returned to her book immediately.

I had suspected she was of noble birth based on her demeanor and presence, and it turned out my hunch was correct.



After hearing her introduction, I also went back to reading.

It was a very quiet time, but I didn’t feel awkward at all.

At some point I entered the world of the book, and continued reading for a good number of minutes.

“This is late, but I’ve decided to believe you, Byleth St. Ford.”

“Huh? Was there some aspect that made me believable?”

She declared this suddenly with her usual tone and no expression.

“The rumor about you went like this: Using your noble power, you take a hostile attitude toward those of lower status.”

“Well, you see…”

“But you weren’t as the rumor described. Even when I revealed I’m from the lowest ranking baron family among nobles, you didn’t change your attitude. And when I called you a weirdo, you didn’t make a fuss over it. More than enough reason to believe you.”

Faced with me forcing a wry smile, Luna stated it clearly.

“So you had a scheme from the start, huh?”

“I also don’t like continuing to doubt, so please excuse my rude remarks earlier. I apologize.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just being believed makes me happy. And I’m glad we can interact without reservations.”

“It helps me to hear you say that.”

Although her expression was still the same, I felt we had broken the ice a bit after this talk.

“Hey, Luna—”

Now was the chance to ask.

[Is it okay if I come to the library again tomorrow at this time?]

However, that plan was betrayed by my own stomach.


Maybe because I was relieved to hear her say [I believe you], my stomach growled at an unbelievable time.

In the quiet space of the library, it would definitely reach the other person’s ears.

“Oh, sorry about that…”

“Quite an impressive sound.”

“Y-Yes…? Ahaha…”

I could only feel embarrassed at her calm, matter-of-fact retort with the same blank expression and tone of voice.


“Are you hungry? It’s already quite late, so the dining hall may be closed, but…”

“I was planning to skip lunch anyway, so don’t worry. I didn’t intend to go in the first place.”

“Even though you’re hungry?”

“There are various circumstances…”

“I see there are reasons.”

There was no point trying to evade her here.

As Luna looked me in the eye, I nodded, and she closed the book she had been reading and stood up from her chair.

“Understood. Then I will offer you my meal. I always bring my own, so there’s no problem.”

“That’s going too far. You’ll have no food left, Luna.”

“No need to worry about that. I bring enough lunch and dinner to stay until the final dismissal time. I don’t plan on staying until the end today, so there will be leftovers anyway.”


I couldn’t discern any change in her expression or tone that would expose her lie, but I knew it was a lie that she [didn’t plan on staying until the end].

If she didn’t plan on staying, there’d be no need to bring dinner.

Skipping a meal wouldn’t kill me. I tried to decline out of courtesy, but Luna used clever—no, wise wording.

“Unable to lend a hand to someone in need would tarnish my baron family’s name. Or do you find the meal I bring to be dirty and uneatable for a margrave like you?”

“N-Nothing like that…!”

“Then it’s decided.”

A persuasive argument blocking any escape. Her quick wits.

It was a moment I directly sensed why she had been granted special permission.

“Thank you so much, Luna.”

“Not at all. Now please follow me. We can eat and drink in the librarian’s office.”

“Can I really come into this room? I thought only Luna was given special permission. Isn’t that right?”

“It should be fine if I stay by your side. But please don’t touch anything inside. There are a lot of organized documents too,” she said.

“O-Okay, got it.”

I understood her rationale. If anything happens inside, it would be Luna’s responsibility for letting me in.

Despite all the bad rumors about me, the fact that she’s inviting me into such a restricted place shows that she really did “believe me” when I said that earlier.

(I’ll have to properly thank her later…)

What Luna is doing isn’t normal. If it were me, I’d be hesitant. If any problems arise in the library office, her special permission could be revoked. That’s a real possibility.

“Watch your step, Byleth St. Ford”

“Ahaha, yes of course.”

Guided by her, I headed downstairs to the first floor, passed the front counter, and entered the off-limits library office after she unlocked the door.

The interior was simple in design.

A rectangular table with a sofa. Some large shelves and vases with flowers. And piles of materials everywhere.

(It’s like a room meant solely for working…)

Without touching anything around me, I watched as Luna took a lidded paper box out of her handmade bag and handed it to me.

“May I open this?”

“Please do. It’s nothing special, but…”

With her permission, I opened it to find neatly packed, colorful sandwiches inside.

“Whoa, amazing… H-Hey, is it really okay for me to take this!?”

“It’s nothing so surprising. Since you’re here, I’ll have these for lunch too.”

“I’m really sorry. You’ve gone through so much trouble for me.”

I could clearly feel her intent – that it would be easier for me to eat if we did so together.

Despite her stoic demeanor, she really did have a kind heart.

“No, please accept this as an apology for my rude behavior earlier.”

“I can’t do that. I’ll properly repay you for this, no matter what.”

“I see. Then I’ll be patiently waiting.”

“Thank you.”

“…………You really are a strange person.”



I felt like I should retort with something like “You’re one to talk, Luna?” but that was probably just my imagination.

Anyway, the sandwiches were truly delicious.

I wondered if I should really accept something so incredible… That’s how tasty they were.

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