SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 2

“Sports huh…what competition?” 
“Not any particular competition. I’m a monster when it comes to athletic reflexes.” 
I took a notebook out of my desk and tore out a page, crumpling it up into a ball which I softly tossed at Mihaneya. 
“Wah, wah, eek!” 
The paper ball slipped through her flailing hands and conked her on the forehead before falling to the floor. 
“Monster athletic reflexes huh.” 
“N-No! That was just fluke this time…because it was a ball. It ju-just barely missed…” 
“Athletic talent zero, intelligence quotient zero, gag sense zero.”  
“Could you stop writing memos!” 
“You’re definitely not part of [Ten Sai].” 
“I’m a Ten Sai!”  
“You’re not Ten Sai.” 
“No, I am Ten Sai.” 
“No way you’re Ten Sai.”  
“If I say I’m Ten Sai then I’m Ten Sai! I am Ten Sai you hear!” 
“Hmm…well if you won’t admit it, fine. I’ll just look it up for a bit.” 
They were featured on TV after all. The member list for [Ten Sai] must be all over the net. 
“Wah! I-It’d be better not to carelessly search for me! If you do, you’ll be erased!” 
By who. 
Just then, the speakers in the front upper corner of the classroom sounded the school broadcast.  
“Ya see.” 
“No, I won’t leave this spot until Ootomo-san acknowledges I’m Ten Sai.” 
“But they said immediately.”  
It doesn’t matter. 
“See, they’re hurrying you. The classrooms have security cameras right? Are you being seen on them still in the classroom?” 
“It’s fine. If they had business, they should come here themselves right? Fufun, calling me out like that, not in a hundred ye—” 
“Way to get busted obviously!”  
“Guh…b-but, it seems my steady efforts are already bearing fruit. Fufun, sorry about that…deceiving those innocent new students.” 
“Fufun, in the end you couldn’t get me to leave the classroom. I’ll graciously call it even.”  
No way, you’re totally not bearing it right? To have that kind of public execution broadcast to the entire school…thi-this girl…she must be quite a bigshot— 
“What’s with suddenly looking at someone’s face!?” 
“Oh, my bad, it just slipped out but…you’ve got some serious mental fortitude huh.” 
“Well, since the students here have strong individuality, the teachers have tight oversight. I’ve been scolded a number of times already so I’m used to it. Though only the principal is unforgiving to the point I’d rather die than face her again…please excuse me from that…” 
As expected of Ten Sai…I have to be even more inconspicuous.  
“Anyway, why were you lying to me?” 
“Fufun, isn’t it obvious? This is the first time in a week since I transferred that I met someone more pathetic than me. Of course I’d want the upper hand.” 
She’s naturally terrible. 
“I intended to trick you by acting like [an energetic girl overflowing with talent but slightly mentally weak] and make you an obedient puppet who’ll listen to everything I say but—Ootomo-san was smarter than I thought, so I failed.” 
Terrible to an extreme degree. 
“Oh, are you disillusioned? Teehee, too bad. Even though my face is cute I’m quite the villain you see.” 
Saying that, Mihaneya showed an evil laugh.  
“Oii, Getsuka-chaan.” 
Just then, a female student came trotting over going te te te.  
“How’d it go? You’re getting along well with Ootomo-kun right? I was worried you were pitifully alone the whole break til now.”  
“Could you not ruin my villain moment by exposing me!?” 
…A perfectly nice person.  
“N-No! I carefully observed my prey and launched my hunt at the perfect timing when he was weakest at lunch break. If you were worried, wouldn’t you have called out right away!?” 

I had decided to trick her by pretending to be embarrassed in order to avoid getting made fun of for my true self, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go through with it because of the guilt.  
So why are you exposing me!? 
…She was a petty criminal who just couldn’t let go of people’s kindness. 
“Um…anyway, how about you?” 
I turned my gaze to a girl who seemed to be Mihaneya’s friend. 
“Oh, sorry. I’m Suzuki, Getsuka’s only friend.”  
“Do you really have to emphasize ‘only’ like that…?” 
“But it’s true, isn’t it, Getsuka? Despite being a mess, you act all cocky, so you stand out in a bad way and have a hard time blending in. But our class has a lot of nice people, so it’s not like you’re actively excluded or shunned. You’re in that delicate position of being just slightly out of place.”  
“Could you please stop analyzing me so accurately!?” 
“Ahaha! Anyway, I should head back soon, but want to come eat lunch together?” 
“Uh, no thanks! Your friends all like to tease me, so no!” 
“Well of course they do. There’s no one else like you at Teiou Academy—I mean, there are no other weirdoes with so many openings to poke fun at—so they just can’t help but find you adorable.” 
“You totally almost called me an idiot just now!” 
“At least try to deny it a little!” 
Suzuki waved and left, laughing. That girl is a total S, I guess… Well, seems like she’d get along well with Mihaneya at least. 
“A-Anyway…let’s get back on topic. Whether I’m a Ten Sai or not, the fact remains that you’re alone, Ootomo-kun… Fufun, if you reeeally want, I suppose I could be your friend.” 
“Hard pass.” 
“I see. Fufun, can’t be helped then. If that’s how you feel, what—pass!?” 
“Yeah, because either way you’d stand out, and not in a good way.”  
Hey, I clearly meant it in a bad way, so why’s she blushing…? 
“I want to get through school life without making waves. I don’t want to associate with troublemakers… Look for other to make friends.” 
My words came out a bit cold, but that was half the reason for turning her down.  
The other half was that if she still hadn’t blended in with the class herself, this wasn’t the time for her to be hanging around me. 
On top of my usual bad luck, right now I was burdened with these unpredictable mental choice options. No telling what weird things I might end up doing. If I stayed near someone like that, even Mihaneya might get treated like a weirdo and have trouble making other friends. 
“I’ll figure it out on my own. It’d be better for Mihaneya to get into Suzuki’s group. They seem like they like teasing people, but I’m sure they’re good kids.” 
“T-That may be true, but—” 
I turned my back on her and started to walk away— 
“Ow ow owwww!” 
I’d smashed my pinky into the leg of a chair as hard as I could. 
“Ahahaha! Did you see that!? That’s divine retribution for not humbly accepting another’s good will! Ahahaha!”  
Hey, don’t look so happy about it… 
“N-No…this wasn’t karma or anything, it’s just because of my constitution…”  
“Yeah…you see…” 
I explained to Mihaneya how unlucky I’d been throughout my life up to now. 
“I-I can’t believe someone with such awful luck exists…” 
“Yeah…but it’s the plain truth. I want our classmates to know about it too so they understand the trouble I might cause, but for some reason it hasn’t come up yet…” 
“I see… So that thing earlier about [accidentally wearing your mom’s panties to school] was because of your bad luck too?” 
“No, that was a separate issue.” 
“Separate issue?” 
“Yeah, there’s an even more unbelievable story about my brain—” Guaaaaaah! 
“W-What’s wrong!?” 
“N-Nothing…I’m fine…” 
Ng…I started getting a sudden headache when I tried to mention the mental choices… So I’m not allowed to talk about them openly, huh. 
“A-Are you okay? You looked like you were in pain when you introduced yourself too… Do you have some kind of medical condition?” 
“No, it’s not that, it’s—” 
[Choose ] 


  1. [Calm down… Calm down my right hand!] and grope Getsuka Mihaneya’s chest. 
  2. [Calm down… Calm down my right hand!] and grope Youta Ootomo’s chest. 

“Both of those just make me seem like a perv!” 
…But I have to follow through on the choice now that it’s out there. 
Half-crazed, I aggressively groped my own boobs.  
“Calm down… Calm down my right hand!” 
“What is that, some kind of new-age chuunibyou nonsense!?” 
“That’s what I want to know!” 
See, this is how it always ends up… Mihaneya definitely isn’t someone who should be my friend.  
“You get it now, Mihaneya. Hang around me and you’ll have to deal with crap like this.” 
“Oh, that doesn’t bother me. In fact, the more pathetic you are, the easier it will be for me to establish dominance, so it’s ideal.” 
That cheerful vileness… 
“As a sign of our friendship, how about I start by calling you a nickname? Let’s see… Yes, how about Daikyo-san (Big Misfortune)?” 
“That’s right. Daikyo is the on’yomi reading of Youta. Fufun, it’s the perfect name for a walking calamity like you.” 
“You little… If I do the same to your name Mihaneya wouldn’t it become Oobaka (big-idiot)!?” 
“O- Obaka… H-How dare you make fun of my distinguished family name! Stop that!” 
“Then Gesuka (trash flower).”  
“Say it fast like [Oobaka-Gesuka].” 
“Please stop making me sound like some crappy comedy duo!” 
“Hey, you started it with Daikyo. I’ll stop if you do.”  
“Fufun, no deal. I want to establish dominance, so I won’t stop. Only Daikyo-san has to stop.” 
“You’ve really got a nasty personality, huh…” 
“No, I mean, I’m not really complimenting you…” 
“Anyway, is it okay in this day and age to call a girl things like ‘idiot’ and ‘nasty’? You’re gonna get some serious side-eye, you know?” 
Ugh… that’s true. 

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