Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 25

Mob #25 “I understand. Let me explain.”

The struggle between the Roselo Count House and Grient Baron House ended in victory for the Roselo Count House.
Normally, payment would be made that same day, but due to various processing difficulties this time, it was set for two days later.

And two days after that battle,
“Yo, came to receive payment.”
I went to the Mercenary Guild to get paid.
In addition to me, hundreds of mercenaries crowded reception.
Of course, I went to Old Man Roans.
Maybe because of the large number of people, there was an unusual line, so I quietly joined it.
Then after about 50 minutes, it was my turn.
“Yo, you’re back.”
Old Man Roans began the normal procedures looking rather sleep deprived.
“It’s really troublesome this time. Infiltration and sabotage and all that…”
Handling all that seems to have been quite a bother.
“Here. It’s done.”
Old Man Roans handed me the payment looking completely exhausted.
“You okay? Should take a rest.”
“I’ll take a nice long rest once I finish work today.”
He says that, but it looks pretty bad.
Luckily, there were no more customers after me, so I tried making a suggestion.
“Oh right. Can I get an explanation about the various ins and outs of this job?”
“I can but…why?”
“That’ll let you rest some more. And I do want to ask about some things.”
“Got it. I’ll explain.”
Old Man Roans suddenly had a composed expression and took out a PET bottle of coffee.
And so I had Old Man Roans explain it to me, but the situation seems to have been quite troublesome.

First, regarding what made the procedures troublesome, the guys who betrayed the Roselo Count’s side and joined the Baroness’s side.
[The guild doesn’t oversee mercenaries’ conduct on the battlefield. We accepted requests from both sides and dispatched mercenaries to each, so there’s no problem. It’s the client’s responsibility if mercenaries betray them.]
They’re taking the extremely self-serving stance of not accepting complaints from clients about this, it seems.
Of course, it’s not like there are no complaints.
[Infiltrating the enemy camp and guiding your allies to victory with your actions is a splendid tactic. However, since it means betraying your original client as a mercenary, promotion points are halved. Get payment from the side you betrayed.]
Apparently there are absolutely no penalties from the guild other than halving points.
However, they’re seen very coldly by other mercenaries, and it does become judgment material when being requested specially, so there are basically no mercenaries who would do this unless the client betrays them first.
The current situation was said to be abnormal.
As a result, the guys who defected from the Count’s side and joined Baroness Grient were looking quite uneasy.

There were absolutely no issues for those who had been on Baroness Grient’s side from the start, but with Elizaria Grient being captured by the resistance and them taking over, the payment was forfeited.
The guild is supposed to receive at least the payment for those who accepted the original request from the client, but the baroness apparently hadn’t done that.
However, since the intercept troops pleaded that
[They only accepted the request, so it’s quite pitiable for them.]
they wrung out a flat 50,000 credit payment from the places the baroness left in shambles and shortfalls.
Considering the initial offered amount was 5 million credits, it became just a tenth of that.
On the side of Count Roselo, the rewards for those who sided with him were a basic 3 million credits, plus a bonus of 500,000 credits for everyone who participated, making it a total of 3.5 million credits.
Furthermore, I discreetly found out that Ikiri- I mean Lambert-kun, also known as Rosweisse pilot, would receive an additional 500,000 credits, totaling 4 million credits.
As for those who died in the battle, their rewards and all their belongings would be handed over to the person specified in their family, lover, or will.
Alternatively, the handling would be done as indicated in the will.
At the same time, the Guild would provide condolence money (the amount varied).
This procedure, unrelated to the side of the factions, was executed, and funerals were arranged by the families.
If there were no surviving family members and no will, the Guild would confiscate the rewards and belongings, and only paperwork processing would be conducted, without holding a funeral.
That’s why most mercenaries wrote wills and submitted them to the Guild.

As for the Prigliera siblings, Yuri-Prigliera, the younger brother, was deemed innocent, except for the fact that he had punched me.
However, the elder sister, Fadilna-Prigliera, had been found to have seduced and co-opted Guild’s senior officers, achieving the bishop rank without taking the promotion exam.
She had also committed various other offenses and, when she returned to the Guild, they tried to arrest her. She, however, turned the parking lot into an obstacle by damaging some ships and stole a Guild ship, escaping successfully.
By the way, Yuri-Prigliera, the younger brother, not only had his ship destroyed, but he was now looked upon with suspicion by others because of that.
Apparently, he was unaware of his sister’s wrongdoings.

As for the Baroness, it seemed she would be executed soon, but there was no official word from the central authorities.
It was speculated that she was treated as a criminal because she had married multiple husbands for money and then killed them.
There were probably many victims…
She must have thought of aligning herself with Count Roselo.
By the way, the criminals and pirates who sided with the Baron were captured and handed over to the police.

“So, that’s how it is,” said the old man Roans, finishing his Prabox coffee and belching grandly.
I decided to ask about something else that had been on my mind.
“By the way, do you happen to know of any pirates or mercenary groups with a hornet emblem?”
“Hornet? No, I don’t recall anything like that.”
“Really? I thought a group of such caliber, whether pirates or mercenaries, would have a reputation.”
I somehow felt that he didn’t intend to defeat Count Roselo.
After all, with that level of strength, if they had launched an offensive from the beginning along with the intercepting forces and coordinated with the rebel forces, they could have taken control of the main force before Rosweisse arrived to provide support.
Well, there’s no point in thinking about it anymore.
I’ll process the rewards as usual and go look for new publications with the Anime Member.
With that thought in mind, as I left the Mercenary Guild building, for some reason, Fialka was waiting for me, standing tall and staring at me, along with the android maid.
“May I have a moment of your time, John-Uzoss?”
I had a bad feeling about it, but ignoring it here would likely lead to more trouble, so I decided to listen attentively.
“What is it? What can I do for you?”
I decided to listen attentively.
“Since this isn’t the right place, shall we go somewhere more comfortable?”
The android maid suggested, leading me and the somewhat puzzled Fialka to a well-known trendy cafe chain.

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