Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 22

Mob #22 “Ugh, disgusting.”

The battle finally began.
I was deployed on the left wing, and Ms. Rosweisse and Lady Fialka were also deployed on the left wing.
No matter their words and conduct, they’re definitely reliable.
This raises my chances of survival on the left wing, but carelessness is forbidden.
I intend to maneuver however I must in order to survive.
After all, the enemy is burning with a sense of mission to protect the supposedly frail baroness.
In space, there were two groups of hundreds of large and small ships.
I felt an illusion we were approaching an asteroid belt, but the trails of fire from both sides taught me the hard way that they were no rocks.
I gripped the control stick and advanced toward the trails of fire with my barriers raised.

“Phew… That was close…”
One hour after the battle began.
The enemy right wing moved well and accurately targeted us.
But most of the guys recruited by those siblings without properly investigating and joined the baroness’s side were just full of confidence. They had absolutely no coordination even if makeshift, and some didn’t have skill matching their mouths.
That gave us chances to attack, somehow maintaining an advantage.
And as expected, Ms. Rosweisse aka the loudmoudth loudmouth Lambert Riagrades-kun was amazing.
Speed, reaction, maneuverability, all superhuman, and the firepower tremendous too.
Lady Fialka was also active, but looked inferior compared to Ms. Rosweisse.
At that time, information came in that the right wing was being pressed.
The center was deadlocked, while we on the left wing with me, Ms. Rosweisse, and Lady Fialka were in a stalemate apparently.
However, we couldn’t leave the battlefield as it was, so combat continued.

And 30 minutes after that.
80% of the enemy right wing had been shot down or fled, and the remaining 20% had lost their will to fight or were incapacitated.
70% of these results were thanks to loudmouth Lambert Riagrades-kun, aka Ms. Rosweisse.
Ancient weapons with a will sure are amazing.
Of course, that fact was also conveyed to the main fleet.
Having heard that information, instructions for a pincer attack by shifting the positions of the whole army came from the main fleet.
But at that moment, simultaneous word came that 70% of the right wing betrayed us and attacked the remaining right wing units and main fleet.
We were beaten.
Crap… As expected, this must have been the siblings’ doing.
More instructions then came from the main fleet.
[Orders from headquarters. Half of the left wing units head to the right wing for support! I repeat, half of the left wing units head to the right wing for support! The remaining left wing units continue advancing as-is! Inflict what damage you can on the enemy main fleet! Dividing of units is left to your discretion!]
The moment I heard that transmission,
[Then I’ll head to the right wing!]
Ms. Rosweisse said with a big smile and rushed to the right wing at tremendous speed.
She probably went to look for puppets.
Or maybe she just wasn’t satisfied wrecking stuff yet.
Many others confirmed Ms. Rosweisse aka Lambert Riagrades heading to the right wing and around half went after her, probably hoping for spoils.
But I don’t intend to go.
I just have a bad feeling about it somehow.

☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Yuri Prigliera]

“Alright! Rosero Count Army right wing ambush units, open fire after reversing direction! Grient Baron Army left wing units, advance after bombardment! We’ll offer victory to the chaste, beautiful Baroness Grient!”
At my order, all the units began to move.
My sister is as amazing as expected.
She drew them in by persuading the baroness’s side, then deliberately sent them into the enemy camp and had them turn traitor after seeing the enemy left wing advance.
It’s simple but effective tactics.
I positioned guys who seemed like they’d ditch out and guys who gave in to my sister on the right wing, so it’s no loss if they get crushed.
I’ll advance like this and turn that ugly Count Rosero who’s trying to pick a fight with the baroness and steal a national treasure into dust in space!
Just then, a report came from my allies.
[Enemy craft approaching! Just one! No, we’ve confirmed multiple behind it far back! It cut through the center! The callsign is…Rosweisse! It’s that Lambert Riagrades!]
So it’s that guy. The man who’s certainly close to high rank now.
Foolish of him to join the Count’s side.
Does he intend to challenge me who is carrying out justice?!
I’ll be his match!
“I’ll deal with him. Please handle the enemy main force!”
I opened the throttle and headed toward the villain’s minion.
To prove which of us is stronger!

Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it!
Why?! Why can’t I hit this guy?!
Yet I easily shot down the small fries who came after him just from the aftermath of fighting him!
[Get a grip, Yuri!]
I was pretty pissed with him completely rendering all my sure-kill patterns useless when my sister’s voice echoed.
If she was right in front of me, I probably would have gotten a slap to the cheek.
[That man is a minion of Count Rosero trying to steal the national treasure owned by the baroness! Ultimately, men who don’t heed my prophecies have no value in living. For the baroness to live gracefully and comfortably, we cannot lose!]
My sister’s words brought me back to my senses.
“You’re right, Sis! We’re allies of fragile women. That’s the right thing to do.”
I refocused my spirit and glared at the villain’s minion.
Just then, someone called out on the open channel.
[Ugh, disgusting.]
It was that Lambert Riagrades.


scene transition



[Side: Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse]

During the battle, I was eavesdropping on the conversation between the Prigliera siblings, and I can only describe the content of their conversation as unsettling.
Fadilna-Prigliera’s blatant female supremacy and male inferiority are just excuses to satisfy her own desires.
Furthermore, it seems she has trained her brother to blindly believe in everything related to women.
If I had a physical body, I would have undoubtedly vomited.
The sheer creepiness of it all made me inadvertently tweet it out on the open channel.
By the way, even though the time until he faints is gradually getting longer, there is no problem as I have replaced the unconscious man with a holographic projection of Lambert during the battle, with synthesized audio as well.
It’s still surprising how Fadilna-Prigliera managed to become a bishop.
After a bit of research, it turns out she’s not affiliated with the Planet Its branch but rather with the Planet Daade, and it seems she came all this way to talk to her brother.
Then, Fadilna-Prigliera approached Lambert.
“I’m working for the women of the entire galaxy. Is that disgusting to you? How foolish. But I’ll forgive you for now. If you get rid of that foolish and ugly Count for me…”
She spoke while clearly looking down on us but with a seductive expression.
It seems that Fadilna-Prigliera is confident that the unconscious man has been charmed by her beauty and will join her.
Probably, even though she knows the Baroness is no good, she’s still willing to be her ally because she’s receiving rewards outside of the Guild.
“Well, well, there’s no helping it. I was planning to hurt you a little and make you behave, but you’ll have to take responsibility for making people uncomfortable!”
I tried to sound a bit more like the unconscious man.
I don’t quite agree with giving him credit for this, but let’s give this creepy sibling duo a little discipline.

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