Eminence in Shadow Volume 6 Appendix + Postscript

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It’s Ridiculous… To use “wait and see” on 13 Night blades, and myself, who has no power whatsoever,

(Name) Christina Hope
(Gender) Female
(Age) 16

Cid’s classmate, and daughter of a Marquess.
A beautiful girl with red hair, a distant relative of Suzuki Hope, who died in a terrorist attack.
She has a serious and kind personality, but her seriousness can sometimes blind her to her surroundings.
She secretly admires Shadow’s strength and presence.


As long as I’m close to Lady Alexia… I’ll be fine… A shield in case of emergency

(Name) kanade
(Gender) Female
(Age) 16

She’s in the same year as Cid but in a different class.
She has average grades and is a black-haired, black-eyed female student.
She appears to have a meek personality but is actually quite cheeky.
Her appearance seems plain, but she’s subtly cute.
She humbles herself before those above her and naturally looks down on those below.
That’s her way of life.

I apologize for the wait. It’s a Vodka Martini.

(Name) Kai / Chi
(Gender) Female
(Age) 20

A handsome young woman in a short, golden-haired haircut, dressed as a man.
She has a serious and strict personality, but surprisingly, she’s shy nd blushes easily.
As one of Shadow Garden’s Numbers, she works diligently alongside Omega every day.

I’m honored that you remember me. My name is Omega.

(Name) Omega

(Gender) Female

(Age) 24


A beautiful half-elf with gold and silver heterochromia eyes.
She’s a quiet and agent-type, but actually she easily laughs at silly gags.
As one of Shadow Garden’s Numbers, she works diligently alongside Kai every day.


Alpha’s Organization Management Diary

Written By : Alpha
Organization : Shadow Garden
Book Number : 6
Page Number : 354 -357p

Organizational Management Journal

It’s been a while since I last wrote in my diary.
I’ve been so busy lately that I completely forgot about writing diary. According to him, consistently writing in a diary leads to mental stability.
If he says so, then it must be true.
Let me try restarting my diary today. The main cause of my busy schedule has been the Oriana Kingdom affair.
As a result of eliminating Doem Ketsuhatt and Modred, associates of the Diabolos Cult have been purged from the country.
The remnants should be dealt with by the end of this year.
However, the roots of corruption in the Oriana Kingdom run deep.
Reforming the distorted politics and organizations after years of Diabolos Cult interference will take time.
666… No, though I’m working in tandem with Queen Rose Oriana, there’s no end in sight.
More than anything, the national character ingrained here – the “culture of disdaining magic swordsmen” – may be the biggest challenge to change.
Epsilon implemented a new play called “Magical Swordsman Sailor Sun” based on his ideas, and it has garnered unanticipated support from the artistic nation’s populace.
Dressing new recruits from Shadow Garden in slime suits styled like sailor uniform combat outfits and having them perform high-impact magical girl action, I prefer Shadow Mask to the Sailor Soldiers.
I hope this will be the impetus for changing the national character…
Because the national character itself is the greatest barrier to reform.

Gamma and Eta’s plan to construct a large Shadow Garden base within the Oriana Kingdom is going smoothly.
Thanks to Gamma’s arrangements and Eta’s research results, it looks like we’ll finish ahead of schedule.
The construction of massive underground bases using high-output mining machines will greatly inform future base building.
I also intend to partially move production facilities underground. There will be less concern about information leakage, and security costs can be reduced.
This should allow substantial support for the Oriana Kingdom.
Oh right, I sent Delta to go find Zeta, and for the first time in a while, I got a report from Zeta.
She must have gotten tired of being chased around by Delta.
I hope this teaches her to report regularly from now on.
According to Zeta’s report, there are ominous movements in the Vegalta Empire as well. Full-scale war may resume once the snow melts.
I hope the Oriana Kingdom’s preparations are complete by then… Oh my, how unusual for someone to visit at this hour.
It seems there is an urgent report—

— This is terrible news.
Civil war seems to have broken out in the Elf country. I had the Numbers investigate before, but never imagined things would come to this…
There are high-ranked Rounds there too, it may be too much for Numbers alone to handle.
I must hurry and send Seven Shadows… And I should also inform him.
Knowing him, he’s already obtained accurate information before us.
Let’s see, if he makes a move, it’s been a while I joined him in a battle…


Thank you very much for reading the sixth volume of [Eminence in Shadow!].

It has been about ten months since the previous volume, so I apologize for making you wait for so long.
Many things happened during these ten months.

First, season 1 of the anime adaptation ended successfully.
I am blessed to have worked with the wonderful anime staff and related parties who produced the best possible work.
I am truly grateful!
For those who have not seen it yet, please watch it by all means!

Also, season 2 of the anime is currently airing!
The quality is superb once again.
As the original author, I have been heavily involved so I believe there is [Eminence in Shadow] content that can only be experienced in the anime.
I hope you enjoy it!

In addition, the game [Eminence in Shadow] has been a huge hit since its release!
It has received a much greater response than initially expected, so I can feel the passion of the fans.
It contains [Seven Shadow Chronicles] depicting Seven Shade’s childhood and stories that complement the original work and can only be seen here!
I thoroughly supervised every chapter and even wrote some original stories, so if you haven’t played it yet, please give it a try!
[Seven Shadow Chronicles] is also being adapted into a comic series, so please look forward to that as well.

Moreover, the cumulative sales for this series has surpassed 5 million copies!
We would never have come this far without the support of all the fans.
I sincerely thank every reader from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, some words of gratitude.
To the editorial staff who supported the publishing process. Sensei Tozai for the wonderful illustrations. Araki-san from Balcolony for the lovely designs. The anime and game staff who brought the series to life. And most of all, the readers who encouraged me. Thank you, thank you so much again.
Let’s meet again in volume seven!

Translator Note :
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Translating this volume has been a fun experience, especially as I’ve been a fan since the “I Am Taepodong” era years ago. Please take a moment to check out other novels that I’ve translated in this website.

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