Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 21

Mob #21 “Checking around is also a mercenary’s job. Isn’t it?”

I registered just as the deadline hit, and by that time most of the mercenaries around had already left the lobby to go to the scene.
Thankfully, there was no sign of the Prigliera siblings either.
I was relieved about that when Old Man Roans called out to me.
“Despite those siblings’ efforts, the Count’s side had more people. Good to have guys who make proper judgements.”
“Could it be you knew various info?”
“Checking around is a mercenary’s job too. Right?”
“You make a good point…”
The client should have looked into it that much at least before making the request.
It’s quite malicious, but this is probably the guild’s method to respect the mercenaries’ will and maintain neutrality.
Well, you probably went to info agents (your friends and granny) too.
Anyway, since the procedures are done and I’m prepared, it’s time to head out to the combat zone right away.

The combat zone, the Nagan zone, is right in the middle between Count Rosero’s territory and Baroness Grient’s territory.
No enemy forces can be confirmed yet. They’re probably getting inspections and refueling done too.
By the way, in our Count’s camp I’m in, there was open channel chatter of mercenaries who heard about Sir Lambert’s, Rosweisse “pilot” exploits and the Count’s private soldiers praising Sir Lambert.
His rank has gone up to rook by the way.
Considering he’s fainted so many times in combat, it wouldn’t be odd if he disembarked on his own accord even a little scared, but
[Until I find someone suitable for me, if I let that thing disembark, I can’t get supplies. I tell them to say he had an ultra awakening while passed out…amazing… He hasn’t peed himself except the first time]
apparently he’s still on board thanks to being strung along by Ms. Rosweisse’s honeyed words.
In other words, he’s like a puppet, poor guy.
And Lady Fialka was also super popular.
Well, with her looks and strength on top, it’s natural for her to be popular with both genders.
“Come to think of it, there was a lady of bishop rank and her brother, but aren’t you going to recruit them? And I don’t know if you know her, but Lady Fialka too.”
I secretly asked about the Prigliera siblings and Lady Fialka. Looks and ability-wise, they seem like they’d fit Ms. Rosweisse’s preferences.
At that, Ms. Rosweisse made a clearly displeased expression.
[Those siblings are no good, like the embodiment of misandry. The sister probably only has sympathizers around her. You shouldn’t get involved with them either. The brother is too much of a feminist and self-centered! The one suitable for me must have both ability and character.]
I agree on everything except the last part.
They’re almost certainly on the other side… I hope I don’t run into them…
[And as for Lady Fialka Tiursad, when I try to contact her, that maid always comes out. She appears even on her PDA to block contact!]
Ms. Rosweisse scowled, frustrated at being unable to scout her targets.
That maid cutting off all Ms. Rosweisse’s contacts… she’s pretty skilled.
At that time, a plump middle-aged man appeared on the monitor through the open channel.
[Ah, my soldiers from my territory participating in this battle, and mercenaries joining my army. I am Thradam Rosero, your lord and employer. I hold the title of Count. As you all probably know, the cause of this battle is a single oil painting. It was originally in my mansion, but someone stole it. If Baroness Grient happened to bought it, I intended to buy it back for the same amount she purchased it for, or more. Or if she said this should be donated to the national art museum, that would have been fine too. Or if she purely liked and bought the painting, there should have been some room for compromise. However, I didn’t expect her to claim from the start that it was always part of her household, and even start a war over it. In that case, I said that I would give her the old, worn oil painting, but since she doubted me, for the sake of my honor I absolutely won’t back down. And now she’s even demanding I cede everything including my territory as an apology for the doubt! There are also unsavory rumors about the baroness. I cannot let that stand! Soldiers and mercenaries. For the sake of my people, I want you to give this your all! I look forward to your exploits and safe returns!]
It’s true that he looks as unattractive to women as I do.
His looks are certainly unattractive to women like me, but it seems the reputation was not mistaken, from how he tried to avoid war and hopes for the mercenaries’ safe return too.
After that, what seemed to be the Count’s private army commander gave deployment instructions and confirmed the command system, then instructed the whole army to advance.
And so the curtain rose on this conflict of interests that began with a single oil painting.


☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Elizaria Grient, Baroness Grient]

In one room of Baron Grient’s mansion on planet Yabion, Baroness Elizaria Grient was there.
Sitting lightly in the office chair with her feet neatly together and back straight.
And her worried expression was a model of a chaste baroness’s.
And the baroness stared at the screen of the video call, conversing with the person on the other side, Fadilna Prigliera.
“Is it really alright?”
[Yes. The evil Count’s army trying to take a national treasure from a fragile woman is nothing to fear!]
“I see… Then I’ll leave it to you.”
[Leave it to me!]
The baroness bowed apologetically, and Prigliera replied confidently.
When the call ended, the baroness raised her head and looked away from the screen.
Then her calm demeanor from before changed dramatically.
Standing up from the office chair, she heavily sat on the lavish sofa, crossed her legs, and leaned against the armrest.
“Simple-minded individuals like him are so easy to manipulate. He’s playing the hero, so if I act meek, he’ll easily misunderstand. If I can take not only that oil painting but also the territory, I’ll be able to live even more luxuriously. The wealth I’ve accumulated so far has been dwindling, and I should have sealed the planet early on so that the residents couldn’t escape to other planets…”
Her demeanor had completely changed from a moment ago, revealing her true arrogant and frivolous self.
“I’ve brought some wine.”
As she talked to herself, a maid appeared and held out a tray at just the right spot to simply close her fingers around the wine glass filled with red wine placed on it.
Looking at the contents of the glass, the baroness threw the wine glass at the maid holding the tray.
The glass broke, blood flowed from the maid’s cheek, and her clothes were soaked in wine.
“Who told you to bring red?!”
“But you told me to prepare red just earlier…”
“I changed my mind! Can’t you even understand that, you trash!”
“I deeply apologize…”
The maid could only bow and apologize.
If she made any excuses here, there’s no telling what the private soldiers who were thugs in name only would do to her.
The baroness seemed to understand that, smiling smugly with a sense of superiority.
“I’ll rest for a bit. Replace the carpet with a new one by yourself while I do.”
“Yes. …… “
While sneering at the maid’s powerless reply, she left the office that was one in name only and headed to the bedroom.
“In just a few more hours, that wealthy Count’s territory will be mine! I’m really looking forward to it! New jewels, furs, cosmetics… Oh, I know! Let’s raze planet Yabion and build a new residence! Selling off all the residents as chattel should make for some small change.”
As she went, she had already begun calculating how to squander the soon-to-be wealth of the territory in her mind.

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