Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 20

Mob #20 “Opportunist, huh? Coward.”

The next morning after getting information from Gonzalez.
When I went to the Mercenary Guild, Hero-kun’s sister was still passionately making speeches.
Hero-kun was there beside her too.
And there were guys listening to her with uninterested faces, guys glaring at her with cold eyes, and guys immersed in chatter among themselves unconcerned.
While catching sight of them from the corner of my eye, I called out to Old Man Roans.
“Hey, did something happen? Well, I can imagine…”
“Just as you thought. There’re those who got fooled by the siblings, those who already resented the brother, and those who don’t like the sister like you who gathered information properly.”
As expected. Those siblings have probably unknowingly made enemies in various places.
“How are the numbers on each side?”
“Still few, but 6 for the Count’s side and 4 for the baroness’s. There’re also guys from the Count’s territory and folks who escaped from the baroness’s.”

“Those kinds probably won’t side with the baroness either…”
Looks like the Count’s side has a slight advantage.
But there’s no telling how it’ll go before the deadline.
I decided to join the Count’s side, but if the difference in fighting strength is too great, it’ll be dangerous for us on this side.
As I was wondering what to do, Old Man Roans called out to me.
“What will you do?”
“I plan to take it for living expenses and join the Count’s side for now, but it depends on the number who join. If it looks bad for the Count, I won’t take the request.”
Old Man Roans and I conversed casually with that kind of tension, and our talk ended feeling like:
“Opportunist, huh.” “Coward.”
I’m just trying to survive.
And then the conversation was cut short.
Opportunist and coward aren’t usually taken in a good sense.
But I didn’t feel any contempt in Old Man Roans’s words, nor did I take them with contempt.
Before our gaze, the Prigliera siblings were enthusiastically listing Count Rosero’s faults.
Honestly, I was even impressed by how well they do it.

After that, I immediately headed to the guild’s parking area and started inspecting my ship that had just returned from maintenance.
Of course, I left it to professionals, so it should be perfect.
However, some businesses return it without doing maintenance and just take the money. So checking is essential even when requesting trusted businesses I always use.
Even if the ship is a reliable company, you should do it.
There’s always the off chance, after all.
Personal checks and replenishing of items I want to stockpile on the ship are also necessary.
While I was doing that,
“Got a minute?”
Lady Fialka Tiursad, aka Lady Leopard, came over looking displeased as usual, bringing along a female android maid.
I didn’t want to deal with her and wanted to ignore her if possible, but when addressed while outside checking the ship exterior, there was nothing I could do.
“What can I do for you?”
“Which side are you joining?”
Given the current situation, that was a natural question after asking what my business is.
“I’m still gathering information.”
I’ll try giving an honest explanation of the status quo.
“Disgusting. Information gathering is important, but can’t you make quick judgements? Or are you being misled by that shady woman?”
This person is as angry as always… I can’t help but be impressed she doesn’t seem to tire.
“Well, I definitely don’t want to act together with the Prigliera siblings at least.”
I didn’t need to answer, but it looked like she’d be even more annoying if I didn’t, so I told her my thoughts so far.
“Then why don’t you decide which side you’ll join?!”
And I got yelled at even though I did.
“Because I’m in the middle of gathering information…”
While I was fed up thinking how troublesome this is, the android maid behind her threw me a lifeline saying,
“Young lady. Everyone has their own way of doing things, so you shouldn’t force your own way of thinking and doing things on them.”
She helped me out.
“Yes, yes. Let us go gather information too.”
“W-wait a minute!”
The android maid took Lady Fialka’s arm and
“Well then, excuse us, Sir Uzoss.”
said with a bright smile as she took Lady Fialka away.
Thank you, android maid!


☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Sherry]

After dragging the young lady back to the large ship parking area where her mothership Ukrimo was anchored, she immediately scolded me.
“Sherry! Why did you interfere?!”
“Young lady. Your goal was to find out which side Sir Uzoss would join, correct?”
“That’s right! And yet he still hasn’t decided!”
I understand the young lady’s irritation well.
The young lady seems to want to fight on the same side as Sir Uzoss this time, and is aggravated wondering which side he’ll pick.
Since Lady Fadilna Prigliera on the Baroness Grient side is a beautiful person, it’s understandable for the young lady to think Sir Uzoss might choose her.
However, personally, I wouldn’t recommend siding with Baroness Grient’s side.
Even the young lady herself doesn’t seem to like it.
“Milady, let’s just side with Count Roselo. I’m sure you understand that Baroness Grient’s side seems sketchy, right? Sir Uzoss seems to have that intention as well.”
“He hasn’t decided yet…”
Interrupting the reluctant words of the young lady, I continue.
“Haste makes waste. Even if it was decided deep down, it’s better to act carefully. Sir Uzoss understands that.”
“Alright… I’ll do that.”
While fiddling with her hair, it seems the young lady has agreed with my opinion.
She may seem reluctant, but I can tell that she’s genuinely satisfied with it. I’ve been watching her since she was born, after all.
“Now, let’s start checking the ship, shall we!”
★ ★ ★

By late afternoon, I had finished all the checks and made a list of miscellaneous items. After that, I headed towards the downtown area.
I’m not going to buy the items on the list. I’m here to verify information.
Although Gonzalez’s information isn’t entirely unbelievable, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.
In the past, when I inadvertently attended the Duke of Baccanoa’s camp, there was a customer waiting for medicine at Gonzalez’s place, and I took on the job without receiving information.
Well, it turned out to be lucky that I didn’t have to be hostile to Lord Rosweisse.

So, where I went was a place in the corner of downtown called the “Fortune-Telling Building.”
Despite being declared unscientific and baseless, businesses like this continue to thrive, perhaps because they appeal to human nature.
However, I didn’t come here for fortune-telling.
I entered a shop with only “Crystal Ball Reading” written on it, navigating the labyrinth-like interior of the building.
The shop had long, deep green carpets to muffle footsteps, and the walls and ceiling were sepia-tinted white, apparently the original inner walls of the building.
There was a table by the wall with a dark purple cloth draped over it, and behind it was an old woman in a gray robe with a hood.
“Welcome. You’ve come to this old lady again. Do you have worries? Lost something?”
She had a slightly aquiline nose and looked just like a witch.
“No, I have something I want to ask about. I want to know about the Roselo and Grient families.”
I said so and placed an envelope with cash on the table.
“I see, I see. Shall I look into it for you?”
This old woman is an information broker like Gonzalez, but she’s also a fortune teller, or rather, a fortune teller is her main occupation.
If that’s the case, I think this room should have a more fortune-teller-like atmosphere, but according to the person herself,
“The atmosphere is certainly important. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the skill of fortune-telling. Besides, wallpaper and curtains are surprisingly expensive.”
“Of course, I’ve been an informant for a long time.”
She claims that her career as an information broker has been longer than Gonzalez’s, and the credibility of her information is higher.
The old woman put the envelope into her pocket, placed her hand on the crystal ball, and began to chant something like a spell.
By the way, this crystal ball seems to function as a monitor that I can’t see from here, and information is streamed there. The incantation must be some kind of activation keyword.
After a while of silence, the old woman spoke.
“Hmm… it seems that the reputation of Count Roselo’s territory is good. At the very least, the count doesn’t seem to be a fool, and he seems to understand how to develop his land properly. The only problems are that there are a lot of people migrating and the fact that he’s not popular with women. Baron Grient’s territory, on the other hand, seems to be in a terrible state since the death of the baron. Taxes and everything else have become exorbitant. And the spark of this war is the painter’s oil painting, right? I don’t know who the rightful owner is, but if you want to hear my personal opinion…”
The old woman grinned and extended her hand.
In other words, she’s asking for additional payment.
She calls it her personal opinion, but it’s undoubtedly a fact.
It’s worth asking about.
“Alright, I’ll request it.”
So, I placed several bills of cash on the table.
The old woman pocketed the money and said,
“There’s no doubt that Baroness Grient stole the painting. The reasons are money and attracting new men.”
She continued
“Why does Baron Grient’s wife look like the one who stole it? The reason is simple. The previous Baron Grient was the perfect example of a piece of crap aristocrat. There’s no way he would have been kind to a commoner painter. The husband of the late baroness who died of illness only inherited the name and title. And the death rate of the previous three husbands of this baroness is exclusive to nobles. If you include commoners, there are probably more. She probably changed her name and appearance when she targeted the nobility. Be careful if you side with Baroness Grient. That woman is much darker than me.”
The old woman laughed merrily as she explained the reasons for her assertion.
“Are you not pretty dark yourself?”
I couldn’t help but ask, to which she responded,
“Compared to her, I’m as pure as the driven snow… hehehe.”
She laughed like a witch.
Both this old woman and Gonzalez are information brokers with high credibility, so it’s better to avoid taking on the job if Baroness Grient’s side turns out to be dominant.

Afterward, for the next two days until the deadline, I went to the Mercenary Guild in the evening just to inquire about the number of participants and the ratio.
It’s natural to receive insults like “coward” and “weakling” from the main character-type individuals (Hero-kun, also known as Yuri Prilela, and Lieutenant Rioll Burn Next, among others).
But what’s wrong with doing this much to survive?
We’re not favored by the gods, so the chances of us dying easily are high.
When I asked about the number of participants and the ratio in the evening on the deadline day, it turns out that around 600 people participated, and the ratio was 8 for Count’s side to 2 for Baron’s side.
So, despite a slight unease, I decided to take on the Count’s request.

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