Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 19

Mob #19 “This is undoubtedly a false accusation by Count Rosero! To take a national treasure from a fragile woman, the evil Count Rosero deserves the righteous hammer of justice!”

After returning from the gate guarding job, I first tidied up my room and around myself.
Cleaning, laundry, taking out trash. Various things like airing out the room and replenishing consumables.
Once that was finished, it was time to browse the net.
It’s not possible with PDAs, wristlet terminals, slate terminals, or large terminals, but with an installed terminal you can use a sense-blocking helmet that allows you to dive into cyberspace.
However, I’m using the normal screen viewing method.
You can get various high quality things with a sense-blocking helmet, but I don’t use it because you can’t see what’s going on around you.
And since there were absolutely no problems enjoying it, I had plenty of fun with videos and chats with like-minded hobby friends.
The next day I had a fulfilling day off, starting from visiting Animember to buy new releases and going around used bookstores.

And on the third day after returning from the gate guarding job,
I went to the Mercenary Guild to get work, but it was strangely bustling.
I spotted Old Man Roans and headed straight there.
“Did something happen? Well, I can kinda guess…”
“It’s just as you imagine. A conflict of interests between nobles.”
“I see… What’s the reason?”
The information Old Man Roans told me in a sighing manner can be summarized as:

◯ The opposing sides are the Rosero and Grient families
◯ The cause of the conflict is an oil painting by a painter designated as a living national treasure a short while ago
◯ The painter passed away last month
◯ The Roseros are earls, and the current head is a plump middle-aged man
◯ The Grients are barons, and the current head is a beautiful baroness widowed by her husband
◯ Both claim that when the artist was young and being a nuisance to their previous generation heads, this was left as thanks. There are inscriptions too, they say.
◯ The Grient family has the actual painting
◯ The Rosero family claims it was stolen

“Looks pretty disadvantageous for Count Rosero. Just looking at it.”
“It clearly looks like he’s just trying to take it by lording his rank over her.”
Hero-kun would side with the baroness without hesitation.
By the way, in cases like this the Mercenary Guild takes requests from both sides if they come in, and lets the individual mercenaries themselves decide whether to take it and which side to join if they do take it.
This is a system to prevent the Mercenary Guild from being resented by taking one side and maintain neutrality.
[We properly put out the request. If you don’t want to take it or join their side, resent the mercenaries who did instead.]
That’s how it is.
Furthermore, mercenaries killing each other is taken for granted to not hold grudges.
So mercenaries who are on good terms often join the same camp. By the way, one of the Mercenary Guild’s provisions is:
[Mercenaries of the Mercenary Guild must take on at least 4 requests per year that will reliably involve combat (armed conflicts between factions, subjugating pirates, etc.). Cases arising spontaneously are also counted. However, this does not apply if a request supposed to reliably involve combat (armed conflict between factions, subjugating pirates, etc.) ends up not having combat break out.]
However, this does not apply to cases where there is no sudden occurrence of a battle.
According to that provision, I’m already good without taking any more, but pirate activity has decreased with multiple large pirate groups being destroyed in succession, and requests for subjugating pirates and escorting have gone down.
The guarding requests are all long-term yearly contracts, and there are no temporary (within 1 week) or short-term (1 month) requests.
And I can’t just do nothing until the pirates get active again, so I’m inclined to take it rather than not.
Conflicts of interest between nobles are unlikely to disappear any time soon anyway.
Still, I don’t have enough information to decide which side to join.
I was thinking I’d reserve judgement if there was leeway on the deadline, when a loud voice could be heard from over there.
The owner of the voice was a woman with yellowish-green hair and white skin, wearing clothes like a military uniform.
“This is undoubtedly a false accusation by Count Rosero! To take a national treasure from a fragile woman, the evil Count Rosero deserves the righteous hammer of justice!”
And her claim clearly condemned Count Rosero as evil.
Well, I don’t not understand.
Old Man Roans and I also considered that possibility.
Sure, that’s how it looks structurally, but shouldn’t you properly gather information first…? That’s not what she did.
And her atmosphere looks exactly like a female version of Hero-kun.
Old Man Roans answered my unspoken question.
“That’s Fadilna Prigliera, the one who just became a bishop rank. Remember the one who punched you before? That’s her older sister.”
Seriously? That’s terrible!
And she became a bishop rank despite seeming not to have investigated the client properly. That’s way too reckless.
I’ll be sure not to get involved with them.
Oh, Hero-kun’s name seems to be Yuri Prigliera by the way.
“Does this request have some days left before the deadline?”
“Yeah. It’s fine until 5 days later.”
“Alright, I’ll do some research first.”
In battles like this, it’s usually a frantic countdown until the start, but when it comes to power struggles among nobles, it’s more of a dueling affair. They set a date and time, both sides gather, and then they start the battle as if it’s a formal event.
That’s why I can take my time.
It was the same with the previous Count Baccanoa and Baron Jemas.
Of course, there are those who do pre-battle preparations, and there are those who use underhanded methods, so you can’t afford to be careless.


I headed for the black market shopping district as soon as I left the Mercenary Guild.
It was to gather information to decide whether to take on the request or not.
But this place still has a suspicious atmosphere.
What’s with that sign on the shop that looks like a butcher’s shop, saying “Born from boiling oil mud, the bitter dark golden”?
I saw various other suspicious signs as well and finally arrived at the shop I was looking for, “Patterson Compounding Pharmacy.”
Inside the store, the smell of wood, earth, and herbs filled the air as usual, and bags of candies were lined up on the counter.
“Welcome… What, it’s you.”
Just like when I came here before, Gonzalez had an unenthusiastic expression as he chewed on an unlit cigarette and read the newspaper.
“You… was that your greeting last time too?”
“Shut up. So, did you come to hear some rumors today?”
Considering the short timespan, it seemed he had guessed that candies weren’t my main purpose.
“Yeah. Have you heard anything about the reputation of the noble houses, Count Roselo and Baron Grient?”
In response to my question, Gonzalez raised his glasses with a smirk.
“About two hours. You can wander around that long.”
Looks like information will be relatively easy to obtain.
If it was difficult to acquire, it might cross over into the next day.
“I’ll just read light novels here then.”
I sat in the waiting chairs in the store and took out a light novel.
“Then let me know if any customers come.”
Just saying that, Gonzalez brought the hair tied around his neck forward to expose the back of his neck, opened the connector there, plugged in the cord connected to the PC, and became completely still in his original posture.
He probably infiltrated cyberspace and started gathering information.
After that, no customers came for 2 hours.
What I learned as a result was:

◯ Despite his looks, Count Rosero governs well and is loved by his people.
◯ His taxes are legitimate and he has a gentle personality. He also works diligently.
◯ He’s a bit plump due to his constitution and love of sweets.
◯ He seems to be unpopular with women and is still unmarried.
◯ Baroness Grient apparently declared war first, forcing him to start preparations.
◯ Baroness Grient is beautiful with a nice figure, but her actual age is unknown.
◯ She loves luxury and has raised taxes high to buy her favorite brands. So she also has a bad reputation among the people.
◯ Because of this, the number leaving to live on other planets seems to be increasing.
◯ She was widowed by 3 husbands before marrying the baron.
◯ The baron died of illness the year after their marriage.
◯ Their private forces are evenly matched.

The baroness Grient is surely a good example of this.
That Baroness Grient is definitely out!
Of course, there’s the possibility that this is false information spread by Count Rosero.
“Hey. Seems you gathered this pretty easily, but how reliable is it?”
“For Count Rosero, the info from residents was sparse since it’s peaceful and there’s nothing to post about. Peering at the town from street cameras, it was the picture of peace itself… Hnn…!”
While answering, Gonzalez let out a strangely erotic voice as he unplugged the cord from his nape.
“For Baroness Grient, it was a downpour of vilification, defamation, and abuse. There were hardly any people out in town, and those that were had only dark expressions.”
After pushing his hair back and retying it, he took a PET bottle carbonated drink out of the small refrigerator below the shelves behind him.
Why does Gonzalez, whose whole body is mechanical, eat and drink?
It’s related to human instincts.
To move the mechanical body, recharging the external batteries is sufficient.
For the brain too, injecting special nutritional fluids monthly is enough, but not eating causes tremendous stress.
Therefore, full prosthetic bodies are absolutely required to have the function of digesting food and generating nutritional fluids for the brain.
Of course, injecting special nutritional fluids externally is also possible.
However, since the body runs on batteries, caution is needed.
Incidentally, for bio bodies and clone bodies, regular food alone seems to be fine for both.

scene transition


“Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in Baroness Grient’s territory.”
Gonzalez heaved a sigh while drinking the carbonated drink.
Hearing that information and thinking it over, I decided to take Count Rosero’s side.
Baroness Grient is definitely bad news.

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