Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 18

Mob #18 “You’re not going to focus on that useless, huge, and erotic body of yours… Who’s that otaku mercenary… What is he? Or is he just a coward?”

I was hit by a wave of fatigue after the tumultuous commendations ended.
So I headed to the lodging facility to take a nap for about 2 hours.
By the way, Ms. Fino’s actions and decisions were a storm of praise from everyone present.

According to the guys from the same guild as Hero-kun I heard, [He’s skilled for a newbie, but a spoiled wild child common for arrogant nobles] seems to be Hero-kun’s evaluation.
Thinking about it, Hero-kun is still better than that troublesome guy Fiddick, since at least he doesn’t treat unrelated strangers as his servants.
I can’t deny that the vector of annoyance is different though.
Then, from a conversation room along the way, a familiar voice could be heard.
“Amazing! Miss Noswail! You truly are an amazing woman!”
“Oh, thank you…”
In the conversation room, Hero-kun was holding Noswail-san’s hand, looking quite moved.
It seems he had joined the reinforcements a moment ago.
Noswail-san appeared somewhat taken aback, though…
Come to think of it, could Hero-kun and Noswail-san be potential conquest targets for Rosweisse-san?
After all, they both seem to have the looks and skills for it.
Anyway, I’ll hurry past so I don’t get caught if that familiar voice is heard.
I arrived safely at the lodging facility, took a bath, and was about to take a nap when a guest came.
“Do you have a minute? “
That guest was Ms. Noswile.
And like the first time, I headed to the garden outside the building.
“So, what can I do for you?”
“I wanted to say thanks for covering me in various ways during the battle, you know?”
I don’t need to ask the reason.
“If you got injured or accidentally shot down, everything would be blamed on us mercenaries, and ultimately you’re my acquaintance, so it was for my sake.”
No matter how I spin it, it’s an uncaring way to say it to her, but better than being misunderstood after making up excuses.
“Ahaha…sorry, I guess.”
“I’m used to it.”
She seems to understand her influence and what kind of articles the media would write.
“Come to think of it… Is it okay if I get the Mercenary Guild’s special bonus and letter of appreciation?”
She anxiously asked about that.
Her expression when she went up on stage back then was quite perplexed.
Clearly, commending a non-organizational person was unusual, and she could well face hostility for stealing the limelight from them.
“That was probably instructions from your Crystalwood’s noble sponsors or something. [A professional planet racer who just happened to get caught up in this shot down vicious space pirates at the real battlefield better than professional mercenaries]. The promotional effect would be tremendous. And the Mercenary Guild wanted to show their generosity and encourage new membership. Well, the military or someone else may have ulterior motives, but I wouldn’t know.”
It’s just speculation, but this was probably why the Mercenary Guild gave her the special bonus and letter of appreciation.
Furthermore, with her being a celebrity and a beauty, there were no complaints other than from Fiddick the arrogant guy, whether by chance or by design.
In any case, I guess this concludes the talk.
Just as I thought that, she called out to me.
“Hey, Uzoss. You wouldn’t…join our team, would you?”
That was about the recruitment offer from before.
But knowing my thoughts, she immediately pulled it back.
This is where she differs from Lior Burnnext.
“Yes. Unfortunately I can’t. All mercenaries are selfish and carefree but they’re not as much a nuisance as that Fiddick guy,. The Mercenary Guild is just right for me.”
Declining her again, she made a slightly lonely expression but immediately changed her expression.
“Then at least come watch my races if you can. Like the Grand Champion Race.”
“That’s the really big race, right? The ticket scramble must be fierce.”
To be blunt, it’s an ultra platinum ticket.
Reservations have probably already ended.
She then got an incoming call on her PDA.
“Sorry. I forgot we have a strategy meeting for the next race.”
She hurriedly put away her PDA.
“Let’s meet at the racetrack if you can get a ticket! See you!”
“Well, if something comes up where I can go…”
Leaving behind polite greetings, I walked away from that place.
Well, I probably won’t meet her again anytime soon.
She’s in the skies, or rather, in the far reaches of the galaxy, after all.

After finishing my conversation with Noswail, as I was about to return to the accommodation facility,
“Hey, you!”
I was accosted by Hero-kun, Yuri.
There’s something I need to tell him.
“Just so you know, I was the one who was here first, right?”
You didn’t come here to harass me, did you?
In fact, you’re the one who came here.
There’s no reason to complain.
But Yuri had a different reason for approaching me.
“Why the hell were you talking to Miss Noswail?!”
Ah, this is it.
He’s a passionate fan.
Shouldn’t it be obvious if he saw how she was when we were together earlier?
But I hadn’t done anything wrong.
She simply thanked me because she had been saved by me on the battlefield.
“Well, She helped me on the battlefield. We happened to meet, so I was just thanking her.”
Well it’s true that she thanked me for saving her.
However, Yuri wouldn’t believe that she just thanked me because she was saved by me.
So, I should talk in a way that he can trust.
“Even if that’s the case, someone like you shouldn’t approach her!”
“No. Otherwise, I can’t thank her.”
“You should tell her manager!”
“Well, her manager seems to be on the ship and not here…”
I was naive.
Apparently, no matter what the content is, just talking to her is a no-go.
If she were a noble’s daughter, it might be understandable, but she isn’t, so there shouldn’t be a problem with talking.
It seems that logic doesn’t work with passionate fans after all…
“Anyway, don’t get close to her! Don’t talk to her! Don’t look at her! Don’t let her talk to you! Got it!”
No, don’t look at her and don’t let her talk to you is impossible.
I thought he might attack me again, but he didn’t this time.
Maybe he was in a hurry to go look for Noswail.
There’s probably nothing more to happen, and after a short nap, the mission was completed without incident, and we were able to return home.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Schoona-Noswail】

I was turned down again the second time…
If only he had the judgment to assess the situation and battlefield with his “eye,” he could be a great asset not only in races but also in future operations.
Considering his personality and position, I understand that he doesn’t want to get closer to me right now.
I avoid getting close to people who attract unusual, overly enthusiastic fans like the one I just saw, or who are hounded by the media, as it can be quite troublesome.
Both he and I survived that incident together, but he was never surrounded by the media.
The reason for that, to put it bluntly, is his appearance.
For the media, it’s better for ratings and sales to have someone who looks reasonably attractive, like a tall high school girl or a handsome noble with some background.
He, on the other hand, doesn’t like standing out. so this is a good thing for him.
While watching his moves, I return to [Seed 1].
“Welcome back! How did it go?”
Aerol, a fellow pilot in the same planet race, greeted me.
“I got rejected, as expected.”
“I see… I really wanted that [Eye].”
“I was turned down because I wanted the [Eye].”
In fact, including her, several of us had reached the conclusion that we should scout him after observing John-Uzoss’s movements.
During the previous dazzling operation, apart from the aircraft with a mark in silver and lime green and the all-black aircraft, he was the one who had been the most effective.
He easily shot down several of the combat ships I was remotely controlling.
Even our comrades were impressed by his [Eye] and his movements.
“That [Thousand-Mile Eye], or was it [Tactical Eye]? If we had that, both races and operations would be easier.”
Aerol muttered in disappointment.
“Hey, Schoona, did you try using your charm?”
And then, with an dissatisfied look and a gaze that seemed to pierce through me, she said something outrageous.
“I-I would never do that! Besides, it didn’t seem like he was interested in me.”
It’s not that I lack confidence in my appearance or figure.
I’ve experienced the feeling of being stared at as if I were being entangled in the racecourse or at a party many times.
But I didn’t feel that kind of gaze from him.
His gaze was more like the way you look at art pieces or paintings.
“Why isn’t his gaze going to that unnecessarily large and sexy body of yours… That otaku mercenary… who is he? Or is he just a coward?”
Aerol began to think with a puzzled expression, her hands moving to cup her chest.
“Don’t call me ‘sexy body’! And don’t say such things!”
Aerol is a bright and cute girl, but she can be quite vulgar in that direction.
“Well, it won’t lead to anything good if you force it. Oh, if you want to make a convincing argument, I can help you coordinate your underwear, you know♪”

scene transition

“I won’t do that!”
It doesn’t make sense to do it when there’s no chance.
I’m a little frustrated, but…
I head to the conference room with Aerol.

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