Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

3 Academy Life

Hearing sounds from next door, Raze jolts awake.
Sitting up and looking around, this is an unfamiliar room.
(…The dorm huh.)
Recalling where this is, Raze checks the time. It’s 5am. Due to her military life she can’t sleep too deeply, but 5am is too early…
Since she probably can’t fall back asleep, Raze gets out of bed.
“Good morning,
Folia. You’re up early.”
Rubbing her heavy eyelids, she peeks through the partition at the friend she just met yesterday.
“Oh, Raze-chan, good morning. Did I wake you?”
“Nuh uh. Just woke up–“
Raze stops moving, her bangs bouncing up.
(What’s with this girl? Too adorable? She’s so cute it hurts.)
It’s too early for these feelings. She reverently gazed at Folia, now fully awake.
Meanwhile, Folia opens the partition fully and even opens the room’s window.
“It’s nice weather!”
Her side profile with the morning sun at her back was dazzling.
It’s good she woke up early, but the cafeteria doesn’t open until 7am. After thinking a bit, Raze decides to head out and see as much of the area as she can.
“I’ve got time so I’ll go for a quick run.”
“Eh, running?”
She brought easy to move clothes to train at the academy too. Raze opens the closet.
“Yeah. Jogging. I’ll be back by 7.”
“Got it. I’ll wait here.”
Raze changes swiftly, then heads down the hall observing the dorm, exiting to the front.
“Good morning. I’m going for a run.”
She calls out to the dorm mother since she might get stopped. It’s a different person than yesterday who gave her the key.
“Oh my. You’re up early. Morning. The dorm door opens at 5am. Don’t go too far and get lost okay?”
“Yes ma’am.”
Impressed that the dorm mother is up this early too, Raze heads out and decides to circle the academy grounds first. She lightly warms up then starts running.
Improving basic physical strength also improves magic quality. Conversely, if basic physical strength declines, magic quality declines too.
Due to her occupation, Raze runs quite seriously.
Like parkour, she clears obstacles, maintaining speed as she just runs. By the time she returns to her starting spot, she’s out of breath.
“Hah…hah…This is…tough.”
Running without relying on magic is harsh. As she wipes her sweat, she senses a presence.
(Looks like someone else is out here too.)
Raze slowly heads that way. She sees someone practicing forms in the thicket near the dorm. Thinking it might be the passionate grandson of a former knight captain, surprisingly it’s the son of VIscount Muldeer – Raze is flabbergasted.
(Huh. He’s actually pretty serious.)
She thought he was just fooling around letting a girl serve him. Secretly training shows he has a cute side too it seems.
Awkward to meet face to face, Raze erases her presence and leaves the area.
“The top scorers from Saint Riolle usually join the knight order after graduating. Is His Highness’s son one of them?”
The knight order is like the police from her past life. Their jurisdiction is within the country, mainly responsible for security. Meanwhile Raze’s military often undertakes missions outside the country’s borders.
“…Isn’t joining the knight order more dangerous than the academy?”
Raze suddenly realizes this.
Does this escort really have meaning? Following through once you’ve accepted a task is proper, but it’s mysterious. Why did she infiltrate here?
(It can’t be…something dangerous at this academy? No no, that’s ridiculous…)
She shakes her head sideways.
However, it would be big trouble if she’s mistaken about what to protect here. At worst it could cost her job.
Raze imagines the worst case scenario. That would be the VIPs, Ruben at the head, having their lives taken. If that’s avoided, for sure she’d be fired. If such danger exists at the academy, likely it’s just the magic training.


(No, wait…)
Piling speculation upon speculation, Raze begins making paranoid predictions.
(I want to believe otherwise, but what if imperial spies have infiltrated here…?)
She knows it’s overthinking, but if even one spy slips in and the academy is exposed to danger, it would be an emergency.
Yesterday her job was to support building “amicable human relations.” Get them to join hands after graduating and guide Cyan. But she may need to be wary of not just the students. Besides the numerous teachers, there are chefs, janitors, plus the locals at the shopping district.
“Can’t let my guard down.”
Since suspecting everything is unreasonable, she can only make sure not to overlook any suspicious movements.
Without knowing the intentions of Viscount Wellline and President Harrens, Raze struggles earnestly to carry out her duty.
Muttering to herself, she returns to the dorm, showers, and changes into her uniform.
“Welcome back!”
“…There’s an angel.”
Returning to the room, an angel greets her and Raze covers her mouth.
“It’s nothing. I’m back. My angel.”
Even her confusion is too cute. Raze agonizes internally.
“Let’s go eat.”
Folia seems ready to go too, so the two head to breakfast together.
Opening the door, Alyssa and Mary happen to exit just then.
“Good morning.”
“Gooood morning! Did you sleep well last night?”
“Yes, soundly.”
Alyssa shows a sunny smile like the morning sun, as if to say she’s glad to hear that.
“Let’s eat together!”
People have already gathered in the cafeteria. They get food on plates from the second floor and sit.
Saying “Itadakimasu” in unison, Raze reaches for the plate with bread, soup, an omelette, and salad.
“How was the welcome party? Get to dance with any hunks?”
“Folia-chan stood out right? I was surprised to hear recovery magic is your forte.”
Seems word of Folia has reached the upperclassmen already.
“I was told recovery magic is rare but, I didn’t think I’d get this much attention.”
“There’s only about five in the second and third years.”
“Five! That few…”
“That’s right. But, being able to use [Purification] among recovery magics is even rarer. If you can learn it while at the academy, you’ll become a prodigy. Do your best! And crush the nobles. Break their long noses.”
” ” ” ……… ” ” “
Mary’s eyes are scary. Folia and Raze fall silent.
“Mary’s distaste for nobles didn’t just start recently, so don’t mind it. But having that kind of feeling as a commoner student is important!”
Alyssa makes a somewhat forced follow up.
“Too soft, Alyssa. We have to do what we can and oppose them, or we’ll end up pieces used at their leisure. What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong – we have to say it. No need to hold back. Our grades too, with effort we can surpass those bast–“
A male student finishing his meal and heading for the cafeteria exit stops behind Mary as she speaks passionately.
Wondering if he’s an acquaintance, as Raze observes his actions, the young man with bundled golden hair places a hand by Mary’s face and peers in.
“Gonna surpass me next time too?”
“Kyaa! Norman!?”
Appearing suddenly, Mary is flabbergasted by him.
“Why are you here! It’ll ruin my appetite!”
“Felt like I was being called for?”
While the two next to me were arguing loudly, Alyssa took the opportunity to explain to the two junior students who seemed confused.
“He’s Norman-Roi-Virein, the chairman’s son. He consistently ranked first in last year’s exams, beating Mary every time.”
“Alyssa! Don’t tell the juniors unnecessary things!”
“Aw, don’t be mad~”
“I have no choice. I can’t just lie.”
“Enough! Watch the next exam, okay?!”
It seems he’s quite the rival in Mary’s eyes.
They seem to be on good enough terms to argue noisily, but if I say that Mary vehemently denies it making a very unpleasant face.
Since Norman is watching Mary with amusement too, seems best to leave them be and watch from afar.
“Geez. He finally left. Sorry about that. Forget him and let’s eat. So, what were we talking about?”
Seeing Norman off with a provocative grin, Mary pushes up her glasses.
“We were talking about the welcome party. How was it for you, Raze?”
“The principal called out to me while I was waiting quietly against the wall.”
“Oh my. Is that so? That’s still good in its own way. More meaningful than dancing with foolish boys.”
Today Raze learned that the beautiful, bespectacled upperclassman across from her has a sharp tongue.
However, looking at it differently, being able to interact with a noble on equal terms as a fellow student is admirable. The guy from earlier is the second prince’s son. His rank is Duke.
Is there anything she fears?
“Today’s our first class right~. Classes match the higher levels here so if you get lost, ask the teacher right away. Or you’ll be completely left behind.”
“Is it really that difficult?”
Mentioning it suddenly makes Folia’s face turn blue. She’s probably worried since she said recovery magic aside, she’s weak at other things.

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