Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 17

Mob #17 “I’m no longer your servant. I asked your father, the viscount, to let me resign as your attendant.”

The first thing to do when returning to the gate management colony is to refuel and restock ammunition – and check each of ship section.
If there is any damage at that time, judge whether you can fix it yourself or if it’s better to put it in the dock.
After that is the record submission to check the results of the battle.
You won’t get paid if you don’t report properly, so it’s good for a mercenary to submit a report.
Fortunately, it seems that the 7th Fleet will take over the about 4 hours of guarding until the replacement work is completed, so I will try to relax after supplies, checks and submissions are done.
That’s what I thought, but there was an instruction from the Mercenary Guild that everyone should gather in the hall in the colony for the commendations for this battle.

Not only the mercenaries who participated this time, but also the staff of the management colony, the mercenaries who came to the rescue, the people of Crystalwood who happened to be there, and the boss of the 7th Fleet with a few subordinates had gathered in the hall.
As I sat in the chairs lined up, several people including the person in charge of the gate management went up on the platform and said,
“Everyone, thank you for gathering today. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have worked hard against the sudden pirate attack.”
First, the person in charge of gate management thanked us.
Then a middle-aged man in glasses and a suit came to the front.
“Hello everyone. I’m Wolbaley, the branch manager of the Mercenary Guild Kazak Branch. Special allowances will be paid by the entire Mercenary Guild for all of your work this time. Among them, special bonuses and letters of appreciation will be awarded to the person who was most active.”
The moment Guild Master Wolbaley said that, Fiddick stood up confidently.
However, Guild Master Wolbaley announced,
“Ms. Schoona Noswile. Please come forward.”
And when Ms. Noswile went up on the platform,
“Although you are not a mercenary, you went out and recorded the top number of shootdowns. For your accomplishments, I will present you with a special bonus and letter of appreciation. Please accept them.”
“Oh, thank you…”
Ah, Ms. Noswile looks a little awkward.
Well, she probably didn’t expect an outsider like her to be commended.
As Ms. Noswile received the special bonus and letter of appreciation, thunderous applause rang out.
However, there was someone who objected to this scene.
“Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t something wrong here?! Why is she the ace?!”
Yes, it was Fiddick, the arrogant guy.
He doesn’t seem to accept that he wasn’t the ace.
“You… Why do you think you’re the ace?”
In contrast to Fiddick’s irritation, Guild Master Wolbaley remained calm.
“Because I got the most shootdowns!”
As Fiddick insisted, Guild Master Wolbaley opened his PDA and announced Fiddick’s shootdowns.
“Your shootdowns were 89 unmanned machines and 57 small crafts, right?”
Even in the military, shooting down 80 unmanned machines and 50 small crafts would make you an ace candidate, so he seems to be quite skilled.
“See! I’m definitely the ace!”
Fiddick grinned smugly.
“On the other hand, Ms. Schoona Noswile’s shootdowns were 182 unmanned machines, 146 small crafts, 2 medium combat boats, and 4 large combat boats. More than double your unmanned machines and small crafts. On top of that, she also sank 2 medium combat boats and 4 large combat boats. She definitely has more shootdowns than you.”
However, the number of Ms. Noswile’s shootdowns announced by Guild Master Wolbaley was on a completely different level.
“Liar! That’s a lie!”
Fiddick denied that fact without pause.
“I’m afraid it’s the truth. Recording devices only record facts.”
“No! You rigged it somehow!”
“Also, we know there will be questioning about you luring the pirate group here. I’m sure you know that too, right?”
“That wasn’t my fault!”
Faced with Guild Master Wolbaley’s point, he could only shout back.
Guild Master Wolbaley put away his PDA and turned his gaze to Fiddick.
“One of the limited rules of the Mercenary Guild is [If you discover large and vicious pirates, follow them to find their base instead of recklessly attacking them, unless you are attacked or encounter a raid scene]. The Grim Reaper pirates fall under this. But you ignored this and attacked the Grim Reaper pirates. Claims that you were attacked or it was a raid scene won’t work. The scout team that was tailing them recorded your actions.”
Guild Master Wolbaley ignored Fiddick’s excuses and bluntly stated the facts.
“But we were able to destroy them!”
“That’s just hindsight. If you had lost, the lives of all the mercenaries, colony staff, and Crystalwood people who happened to be there would have been taken, along with this gate’s stability board. By taking it apart, it can be sold to various places. More importantly, you abandoned your job of guarding and went pirate hunting even though there was a rule of not leaving the colony during standby breaks. For the above reasons, you will receive severe penalties.”
At Guild Master Wolbaley’s words, Fiddick was grinding his teeth, but noticed his partner was silent.
So he urged her to defend him, but
“Screw you! Don’t mess with me! Hey Fino! Say something in my defense too!”
The cold gaze and words that came back were as if spitting him out.
“Why do I have to cover for you when it’s unrelated to me?”
“What did you say? You’re my servant, aren’t you?!”
Fiddick stated it clearly. He probably wanted her to remember her status.
“I’m no longer your servant. I asked your father the viscount to let me resign as your attendant.”
However, Ms. Fino did not change her attitude and bluntly stated the facts in a very disrespectful manner.
“A servant rebelling against their master?!”
“To be precise, your father the viscount is my master, not you. I’ve been telling him in detail about all your past conduct, so the viscount graciously accepted my request.”
“Even so, you’re a mercenary too! You’ll be penalized too, right? Cover for me!”
“I’m not a mercenary anymore, so I don’t have any such obligation, do I? In the first place, I didn’t break any rules.”
“Huh? I partnered with you! In that case, you’ll get penalties too, won’t you?!”
Trying to push all penalties onto Ms. Fino regardless, the mercenaries around them began to glare at Fiddick’s words and actions. Especially the women.
Just before that anger exploded, Guild Master Wolbaley cut into the conversation.
“That’s true. But the only one getting penalties is you, you know?”


Everyone was confused by Guild Master Wolbaley’s words.
“First of all, the one who left the colony in violation of regulations on their own discretion was you, and she was left behind. And by the time your next shift came around while you were looking for pirates, you couldn’t perform guard duties without a spaceship. However, during the first shift, she was properly on the ship. The ship she’s registered as the owner of. You probably made her the registrant so she would handle various troublesome procedures for you. So for her, it looked like her ship was stolen by someone who wasn’t the owner, namely you who she was working with. Therefore, penalties were going to be imposed. So in order to carry out the guard duty she was contracted for, she went to ask mercenaries on different shifts to lend her a ship. Unfortunately though, she was not lent one. So she decided to voluntarily engage in debris removal work. Debris removal is nerve wracking work. Dangerous work that requires going out into space in a spacesuit. The pay is 10,000 credits. Twice that of the 5,000 credit guard duty. She performed this work without pay. Taking all that into consideration, the Mercenary Guild Kazak Branch judged that the penalties imposed on Ms. Fino were carried out.”
Guild Master Wolbaley turned his gaze to Ms. Fino and smiled lightly.
“On the other hand, you abandoned your workplace as you pleased, stole someone else’s registered ship, though she’s your colleague, and endangered a large number of people. You will certainly receive penalties.”
The moment Guild Master Wolbaley said that, Fiddick was restrained by guild staff.
However, more than that, his anger was directed at Ms. Fino leaving him.
“Don’t mess with me, Fino! What can you do without me?!”
“I was scouted by Crystalwood as a mechanic.”
Ms. Fino moved to the Crystalwood team members.
Her expression looked truly happy.
“Huh? Then I should be scouted first! With my skills, I’ll definitely be a top racer! You’re just an extra to me!”
Fiddick spouted some incomprehensible words again.
But Ms. Fino was the one scouted, not you, right?
Then Ms. Noswile stood in front of Fiddick and said,
“Sorry, but we Crystalwood don’t need arrogant, inconsiderate people like you who can’t work in a team.”
She spat out those words.
Of course, Fiddick who wouldn’t accept this invoked his father’s title.
“Don’t screw with me! I’m the Viscount’s son–!”
“Yes yes, I received your father the Viscount’s approval saying ‘He is no longer one of us, so please ignore any dropping of my family name’.”
But that was already invalid.
“No way… You’re lying… That’s a lie!”
For the first time, an expression of despair floated on Fiddick’s face as he was dragged away by the staff.
“I deeply apologize. As I’m sure you all know, the military’s 7th Fleet will take over the about 4 hours of guarding until the end of the replacement work, including debris removal. Please rest your bodies until the request is completed.”
Guild Master Wolbaley smiled as he wrapped up the situation.
In any case, the eventful gate guarding job was drawing to a close like this.

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