Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 16

Mob #16 “All personnel, evacuate towards the colony direction!”

100 plus mid-large combat ships of various sizes.
Releasing the small ships and drones loaded on them would be like the massive swarms of locusts that occasionally occur on planets.
But because of that, there was also a chance of winning.
If you try to chase the ones like the arrogant guy who charged in, your allies get in the way, or shooting to clear them risks friendly fire.
And the pirates don’t have control on the level of the military.
They also seem quite attached to their friends.
If you don’t move with those factors in mind, and so on…while I was thinking that,
[I’m going ahead!]
Ms. Noswile rushed out.
Why’s she rushing out!?
Doesn’t she realize she’s popular!?
No, that’s probably her combat style.
Anyway, I should follow and back her up.
But there was no need.
Her movements were so amazing I could think that.
While not at Ms. Rosweisse’s level of superhuman motion, she moved like the [Jet Black Devil].
Her machine spun and rolled about, explosions accompanying its light trails.
But she’d inevitably get surrounded before long.
So I decided to go with the tactics I first considered.
I approached a nearby mid-sized combat ship, took out one of its cannons.
Then while maintaining close range, I went around the mid-sized combat ship, taking out its cannons, gun turrets, and thrusters.
Doing this, if others shoot at me they risk hitting their ally ship, and if small ships or drones attack, I intentionally get right next to the mid-sized combat ship to provoke fire, then barely evade so it hits the ally ship.
I occasionally attack around it to bait attacks and make them hit their allies.
The ship stuck to me has trouble taking evasive action since allies surround it, and even if fired upon, I just have to evade so it hits ships around it.
So its attacks are bound to decrease.
And them focusing attacks on me means openings happen.
In other words, the ships around end up taking attacks from the other adventurers.
I’m using the pirates’ camaraderie against them.


It’s an extremely dirty tactic but necessary to somehow reduce their focus on attacking Ms. Noswile and survive.
Meanwhile, Ms. Noswile steadily shot down enemies, even sinking large combat ships.
As expected, her firepower vastly exceeds my old tub.
With my ship’s firepower, taking down large combat ships is hard.
Of course the other adventurers were also smoothly reducing numbers, making use of methods to turn the enemies’ greater numbers against them.
Only that arrogant guy kept attacking what seemed like the flagship super-large combat ship, obstructed by small ships and drones each time.
Well, it’s nice he’s drawing away the small ships and drones at least.
But the enemy still greatly outnumbered us.
No shot downs on our side yet, but it feels like we’re gradually getting pushed overall.
[Unpleasant. Running low on beam ammo and fuel too.]
That’s probably true for all allies, but if we descend to resupply, we’re likely to get broken through and have trouble getting back.
“Ms. Noswile, please fall back! You’ve contributed plenty already.”
I was battling with mid-sized combat ship after having Ms. Noswile take down the first, but they were responding somewhat so it was really annoying.
At worst, I’ve gotta at least ensure the civilians Ms. Noswile’s group and the colony staff can escape.
As I was thinking that, a broad transmission came to all us adventurers including Ms. Noswile.
[All personnel, evacuate towards the colony direction!]
A man who looked to be in his mid 30s with a strong will appeared on the monitor, prompting us to retreat.
Understanding they were reinforcements, everyone began retreating the next moment.
Everyone except the arrogant guy shouting [Don’t order me around!].
And the instant everyone besides the arrogant guy pulled back, a rain of beams poured at the pirates from [above] and [left].
A so-called crossfire.
This rain was the imperial fleet and assembled adventurer units.
I don’t know the exact number but there’s definitely a considerable force.
In one volley, half of the remaining pirate ships were heavily damaged or destroyed, completely reversing the tide.
Then the handsome man from earlier promptly called for the pirates to surrender over open channel.
[This is Rear Admiral Salamas Thundchilde of the 7th Imperial Fleet! I tell the Grimm Reaper pirates this! If you surrender, cut your engines and store your drones and small ships! If not carried out within 3 minutes, we will rain fire once more!]
The fleet that arrived must have been close by, but the 7th Fleet was especially unlucky for the pirates.
This 7th Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Salamas Thundchilde, was from the Thundchilde Viscount family but had an unlucky upbringing as his mother was a commoner. However, he joined the military at 15 and built up achievements allowing him to rise to Rear Admiral in just 15 years.
He’s said to be unparalleled in the imperial military for fleet command, tactics, strategy, and personnel training.
His subordinates were all guys looked down on or hated by nobles, like commoners and washouts, but their ability is top class even in the imperial military.
It’s said the previous Cytus pirates and these Grimm Reaper pirates moved and worked to avoid encountering the 7th Fleet.
Frankly, if Ms. Rosweisse was here, she’d immediately try picking him up as a genuinely elite catch.
And after the 3 minute warning,
[With the “Devil” breathing down our necks like this, we’ve got no moves left…we surrender. Bastards! Disarm! We’re the Grimm Reaper pirates! Don’t embarrass us!]
The Grimm Reaper pirates surrendered.

“Phew…somehow I survived again this time…”
Through the cockpit window I could see the pirates surrendering.
If things had gone badly, no, if even a small gear had shifted, we could well have ended up like that.
Thinking about that, I let out a sigh of relief once more.
But I didn’t know the Rear Admiral was called the [Devil] by pirates.
Then a transmission came from Ms. Noswile.
[Uzoss, you alive?]
Ms. Noswile had quite a tired expression on the screen.
Well, I probably feel the same way.
“I’m alive, thanks to you shooting down enemy aircraft left and right.”
I forgot the honorifics and praised and thanked Noswail.
“From my perspective, I think you’re the one who pulled the aggro, right?”
“Even if that’s the case, you’re the one who actually shot them down.”
The number of enemy aircraft shot down is calculated based on whether they were actually destroyed.
So, there’s no doubt that she’s the one who’s been shooting them down.
“Now, shall we head back? We’re running low on fuel.”
I actually wanted to explain until she was satisfied, but our fuel situation was getting dire, so I decided to prioritize that.
“Oh, right. I need to return while it’s still moving!”
She had the same idea, and we both prioritized heading back immediately.
Even if we ran out of gas, the military was right there, so they would probably come to our rescue.
It’s quite embarrassing if you’re really stuck in the space but have enough fuel to reach the colony.
So, with the use of thrust and inertia, we managed to successfully reach the colony, and the sense of accomplishment was quite satisfying.
Oh, and that arrogant guy, Fiddick-Luttondan, narrowly avoided being hit by crossfire during the battle and ran out of fuel, so he was towed by the 7th Fleet’s ship.
And it turns out that the girl who had been tossed around on that ship during the battle, Miss Fino, wasn’t on board.
Well, wish I shot that damn ship from behind…

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