Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 15

Mob #15 “Planet Races have interference. It’s not without combat. Besides, I have experience in “real battles.””

After a nap, breakfast, finishing maintenance and fueling my ship, and cleaning the interior, the emergency alarm blared.
[Emergency alert! Emergency alert! Unidentified fleet currently approaching. Judged as pirates due to refusing ship code confirmation. Combat personnel immediately prepare to sortie. Non-combat personnel evacuate then prepare to escape. I repeat…]
Huh? Why here at such a rural gate?
And while replacement work is going on, no ships worth money are even here!
Anyway, I interrupted cleaning and launched my ship to get into intercept formation.
When all the adventurer ships that were participating came out, I could confirm the appearance of the enemy fleet.
Roughly 100 ships large and small all told, with pirate flags bearing the mark of a scythe crossed behind a skull on the ships.
That mark belongs to the Grimm Reaper pirate gang if I remember right.
They’re quite vicious and tenacious, also famous.
Why are guys like that here?
Their territory should be much further out.
While thinking about the reason, unbelievable muttering came through the open channel.
[Tsk! Even though there were just two ships that could only run away, why are there so many weakling pirates?!]
Hey hey. What did that arrogant guy just say?
The Grimm Reaper pirate gang, like the Cytus pirates whose base was annihilated previously, are a massive scale gang that even the military has to come out against.
And their home base still hasn’t been discovered.
So the adventurer guild rules are to leave them be unless attacked or discovering a raid scene, report it, and if possible, tail them to find their base.
And from the muttering, it seems he was chasing some scouts apparently.
[Well, they’re all cowards anyway, so like the guys from yesterday, I’ll turn them into pretty fireworks and dust in space!]
And it doesn’t even sound like he disabled ships and bought them off the pirates.
He probably blew out their engines with high output lasers or something, causing huge explosions.
Even in situations where that can be unavoidable, it probably wasn’t the best judgment there.
By the way, as for why he’s still here, it seems the girl asked him to somehow handle the fuel, food, and lodging since she’d do all the remaining guard and debris cleanup shifts.
That’s what I heard at breakfast.
From all that, it seems the Grimm Reaper pirates came for revenge against the arrogant guy.
He doesn’t realize himself, but the others around seem to have understood, bombarding the arrogant guy with verbal abuse, soon devolving into mutual insults.
I’d like to curse them out, but for now, I should ask the guild for assistance.
“Hello, Uncle Roans?”
“Oh, it’s you Uzoss. Is this about the rescue in the Sardar Sector Gate?”
Uncle Roans responded with a smug expression.
“Yeah, that’s it. But how did you know?”
“Well, there happened to be someone from the Grim Reaper Pirate Gang who found them and reported it. I don’t know who that person is, but the report includes sightings of the idiots who attacked.”
I don’t know who that person is, but it’s good news.
“So, how’s it looking?”
“Reports are coming in from sources other than you, and it seems that the military has also been requested, so it’ll take about an hour.”
His response gave me a sense of the long-standing relationship we had.
But our overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation couldn’t be helped.
“It’s tough… In some cases, I might have to use you as a sacrifice.”
“Well, you just have to pull it off.”
To be honest, the possibility of that happening was low.
Anyway, we had one hour until rescue arrived.
We had to survive somehow.
I wanted to fire a shot into that troublemaker’s ship, but I couldn’t because I felt sorry for his partner, the girl named Fino.
That arrogant guy, You’re not just stringing her along as “partner”, are you?
If that’s the case, it’s seriously messed up…
As I was thinking about such things, a communication suddenly came in.
I wondered who it was and answered.
“Going out like this is a rarity.”
The person on the other end of the communication was none other than Noswail!

scene transition

And she was wearing what seemed to be a dedicated orange pilot suit, sitting in what looked like a pilot’s seat.
Then she dropped a bombshell.
“I’m joining the fight too.”
For a moment, everything went white before my eyes.
“No, no, no! You’re not a mercenary, so please don’t go out!”
“Planet races include interference, and there’s no guarantee there won’t be combat. Besides, I already have experience with ‘real combat.'”
“But you must have some blank, right?”
“The civilians who were involved only engage in combat for their own protection, based on their own judgment. There’s no problem with that.”
She probably wouldn’t listen to me say this.
And more importantly, her combat ship was the latest model from the Trias Gita Company, the “Storm-Zero.”
In terms of firepower, speed, defense, and maneuverability, it far surpassed my “Patchwork.”
And with her piloting skills combined, most people wouldn’t stand a chance.
While race ships are equipped for combat, they are likely intended for interception when attacked.
But the real issue is that if she were injured or accidentally shot down, we mercenaries would undoubtedly be held responsible, and it would not end well for us with her fans throughout the empire, or rather, the entire universe.
So, I decided to confirm immediately.
“Did you inform your team members?”
“If you all lose, we’ll definitely be treated as spoils of war, so I’m okay with contributing to victory. The reason I’m the only one here is that the ships with intercepting equipment other than this one are undergoing maintenance.”
It’s highly dubious whether that’s true, but it’s hard to pursue it further.
“Anyway, please don’t do anything reckless…”
I really wanted to ask for that much
For my own sake.

Then, an open line communication came in, and a pirate spoke up.
“We found you, you bastard! How dare you kill my subordinates!”
The leader of the Grim Reaper Pirate Gang, who appeared on the screen, looked to be in his 40s and had the appearance of a classic space pirate, with a dress shirt, eyepatch, beard covering his face, and a captain’s hat.
This appearance of an age-old space pirate is a story from a thousand years ago, and the story of a planetary pirate that gave rise to this outfit is a myth.
But perhaps by doing so, he wanted to leave an impression and obscure his identity.
By the way, this leader is known as “Black Beard” because of his appearance.
In the face of this dangerous character, I fearlessly confronted him.
“Heh! You lousy pirates talk big! We’ll wipe you and your subordinates out, and make you space trash!”
Oh, come on.
Don’t say convenient things in the heat of the moment.
[Damnit newbie! This is because you brought in unnecessary trouble!]
[Quit acting big, bastard!]
[You’re so cocky! We’ll kill you!]
Of course the other adventurers angrily retort, getting thoroughly refuted.
Seeing the situation, the pirate boss sneers, looking down on the arrogant guy.
[I see. Some dumb newbie got cocky huh. If you hand over that fool, we might let you go.]
Here the boss makes them an offer.
Of course he has no intention of actually withdrawing.
He probably wants to sell all their ships and pocket the cash. And the empire’s #1 handsome guys and beauties planet race team is here too.
He’ll either sell them off or make them his lovers. Or maybe even enter them in races to skim off the prize money and other profits.
The other adventurers surely understand this too.
[Oh, by all means, take him!]
[No returns!]
[Take responsibility yourself!]
[Get his partner off the colony first!]
Enthusiastic voices to hand over the arrogant guy showered the pirates and arrogant guy like solar winds.
[…You…better reconsider your actions…]
Seeing that momentum, even the pirate boss advised him with a fed up expression.
[Shaddup! I won’t take lip from small fry pirates!]
Sounding somewhat tearful but still charging recklessly at full throttle, the arrogant guy blew up several small ships and drones.
[Don’t screw with me! I’ll teach you weaklings how frightening I am!]
With that signal, the battle finally began!



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