Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 14

Mob #14 “Would you consider joining my team as staff?”

After contacting the management colony I immediately returned to work, so I don’t know what discussion took place, but they apparently ended up staying at the management colony.
Seems the detours take more time.
Eventually work ended and I returned to the colony too.
Of course the colony was quite excited.
After all, one of the most popular racing teams in the empire was there.
That’s because besides Schoona Noswile, the team pilots are made up of handsome men and beauties.
Of course they have the skill to match their looks.
No wonder they’re popular.
Well I have no interest or desire to interact with them, so I promptly went to the bath, had a meal, then returned to my room.
As I tried to head back to my room, yelling echoed from the management office.
“The hell!? Why do we have to work unpaid, pay for lodging, food and drink, fuel, and even return the tickets back!?”
“You broke the prohibition on leaving the colony during standby rest, and didn’t perform the guard duties for the second shift. In other words, you abandoned your duties, so this is only natural. And we didn’t impose fines in consideration of the girl you left behind so think of it as a favor!”
It seems that arrogant guy came back and is already getting scolded.
Well, I don’t see a hint of reflection on him at all.
“Fino was there! She could do the guarding!”
Fino must be the name of the girl abandoned.
“Because you took the ship, she couldn’t perform the guard duties. She tried to borrow a ship from people on break to somehow carry out the work but it seems nobody would lend her one.”
“Huh!? Then it’s the fault of the guys who didn’t lend her one! I needed the ship to blow off steam! And I properly killed some pathetic pirates while I was at it!”
Hey hey…that arrogant guy is spewing some outrageous theories.
“And there was no emergency or anything so no problem right!?”
[Guard duty is about being there even if nothing happens!]
The arrogant guy doesn’t seem convinced but the staff here and on the monitor from the guild are relentlessly scolding him.
After all the only things they’re saying are plain common sense.
The arrogant guy has only himself to blame.
But then, surprising words came up.
“Screw this! I’m a Viscount’s son!”

It seems the arrogant guy is an imperial noble, and tried to shield himself with that.
Could that Fino girl be a servant by any chance?
[Unfortunately that holds no sway here. When you contract with us as an adventurer, we have you cut ties with your family after all.]
But the guild staff coldly severed that shield.
“Even though I’m a Viscount’s son…”
The arrogant guy still doesn’t seem convinced, letting out resentful murmurs.
Then another voice could be heard.
“Nobles are so worthless… Taking no responsibility whatsoever despite causing problems themselves…”
It was another survivor of that incident I’d rather not see.
The ace pilot of the Crystal Wind planet race team, Ms. Schoona Noswile.
“It’s been a while. Uzoss.”
“Yes, it has been a while, Ms. Noswile.”
Navy blue, short hair, and likely tall at 180cm.
A well-ordered face with a masculine aura despite feminine body lines.
80% of her massive fanclub are female fans, with popularity exceeding any two-bit idol.
Clearly someone living in a separate dimension from me.
And from her, words came that made me seriously wonder if it was some kind of prank or harassment.
“Got some time to talk?”
I seriously thought it was some kind of a surprise or harassment.


After that, Ms. Noswile and I headed to the garden outside the building.
Some parts outside the building had trees, turf, fountains, and such set up as relaxation spaces.
There were people napping or female staff chatting.
When we reached a bench in the corner, she stopped so I unconsciously called out.
“So what business did you have?”
In response to my question,
“Why the formal speech?”
She shot back a question, but there’s only one answer to that question!
For my personal safety!
If I spoke casually to you, your fans might kill me!
“Please don’t mind it, it’s a habit. So your business is?”
She seemed a little unconvinced but began telling me her business.
“In your third year of high school, your dad quit his salaryman job and started farming. He used up all your savings and took out loans for the startup funds, so you couldn’t pay the exam and tuition fees for college, right? So you became an adventurer?”
“Yes, that’s right. Something wrong…?”
“Your Dad didn’t really quit his job, right? His aristocratic boss pinned the blame on your dad, right? And on top of that, you have debts. Am I wrong?”
I let out a sigh.
Well, it’s easy to figure out with a little research, and even without researching, it’s easy to deduce.
But the real question is why she looked into this matter.
“Even if that’s true, it’s been good for my dad. He used to look really worn out before he quit. Now he’s back in our hometown, living a healthy life.”
Indeed, my dad had a pretty strained expression before he quit his job, but after he was fired and returned to our hometown, he had a peaceful expression as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
“I can’t say I’m not regretful at all. But it’s too late now. The debt is almost paid off, including the interest. The financial institution is reputable, so there’s no problem. Above all, my parents seem happier now compared to their salaryman days.”
“What about you? Couldn’t you go to university and had to choose the life of a mercenary risking your life?”
She kept asking me pointed, provocative questions.
So I tried a little counterattack.
“I think of it as my calling now. I don’t have to worry about troublesome human relations, and my results are evaluated fairly. How about you?”
“Races are fun. But I hate receptions and parties. The sons of those stupid-looking nobles always gather around.”
“Is that where race interference comes into play?”
“Yeah, it’s something like that.”
She answered my question with a resigned smile.
Since my counterattack seemed to have some effect, I decided to press further.
“So, what’s the main topic?”
She looked directly at me and said firmly, “Would you like to join my team as a staff member?”
I was perplexed, but my answer was already decided.
If I were to join her team because of her invitation, I would be targeted and harassed not only by the entire team but also by all the fans, and in some cases, I might even be killed.
There might be some fans of hers among the mercenaries, so it was more realistic this way.
Or perhaps it was part of an image strategy, like saying, “We don’t discriminate based on looks, even though we have only handsome members.”
It could be that the management team thought of recruiting someone like me for such a strategy, not necessarily at her request.
Regardless of the reason, it was a bold move to invite me, and I would definitely decline.
But I thought it was okay to ask why they invited me.
“Your team probably has many excellent staff members, right? So why invite me to the team?”
I could handle basic maintenance and inspections on my own ship, and even some minor modifications, but there was no way I could handle the delicate maintenance and inspections of the fragile ships that raced at high speeds in harsh environments.
However, her response was surprising.
“What I want is your quick and accurate judgment of situations. With that ability, you can make precise judgments in various situations, right?”
I had a safety margin in place, but I didn’t necessarily have confidence in such things.
I didn’t mind being appreciated, but I didn’t belong in her world.
“That’s a grateful offer, but I’ll have to decline. I’m not suited for that glamorous world, even if I’m just behind the scenes.”
“I see… That’s too bad.”
She smiled sadly in response to my answer and said,
“But if you can, please think about it.”
With that, she walked towards the building.
I didn’t have any disputes with her like I did with the guy from Burn Next, so I felt a bit sorry, but I still had the right to decline.
Now, let’s go back to my room and get some sleep!

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