Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Chapter 11

Mob #11 “Welcome… Wait, it’s you again?”

The day after being drafted into the army.
Maybe because I was tired, I didn’t wake up until nearly noon again.
So in order to carry out the plans for my interrupted day off the other day, I did a thorough cleaning and took out the trash before heading out.
Last time I had fast food for lunch, but this time I went to a set meal restaurant.
It’s called [Belly’s Buddy], which makes me doubt the naming sense of whoever came up with it, but it’s said to serve delicious food.
Their most popular item on the menu is the [Three Kinds of Fried Chicken Set] (1080 credits), which comes with rice, miso soup, pickles, shredded cabbage, fried young chicken, dragon chicken, and chicken tempura.
I got the meat and veggie stir-fry set (680 credits) this time.
After finishing that meal, I decided to head to the underground shopping district I had planned to go to last time off.
It has an ominous name but it’s a proper shopping district.
Apparently about 5 generations ago, the shopping district chairman thought a normal name would be boring and not attract shops or customers, so he made the name and appearance of the entire district shady. As a result, it got an attraction-like appeal, doubling the number of shops and customers.
Now it had expanded in scale, crammed full of shops selling not just food and clothes, but also home appliances, junk parts, hobbies, used books, adult goods, weapons, ammunition, pharmaceuticals, aerocars, combat boats, spaceships, and military surplus.
It probably grew this big thanks to the existence of some diehard fans.
Guys walking around wearing hoods, carrying swords, wrapped in bandages, and wearing eyepatches could be seen here and there.
I was headed to a certain shop located in a corner of that underground shopping district.
It was a shop befitting the underground market, with ivy covering one whole wall.
The woody, earthy, grassy smell filled the interior, and bagged pill-like items were lined up on the counter.
Behind the counter was a woman who looked around late 20s to early 30s, a extinguished cigarette in her mouth, reading a newspaper.
Yellowish skin, right blue eye and left green eye, wearing glasses, and long deep crimson hair tied around her neck reaching her back.
When she notices me, she directs a listless-looking expression my way, but
“Welcome… Wait, it’s you again?”
Seeing who I was, she immediately returns her gaze to the newspaper.
“As free as ever I see.”
“The old geezers only come for their meds around noon.”
This one’s Gonzales Patterson.
One of the few friends I got to know after starting high school in my second year, of course a guy.
But despite the mature onee-san appearance before me now, during college he got into an accident and to save his life, only his brain was cyberized and put into an android body.
And since there were no male model androids at the time, he was reluctantly put into a female model.
After that, his original body completely healed through clone regeneration therapy, but he still uses the android since he apparently can’t afford the treatment costs along with the transfer surgery fees.
By the way, despite the exterior matching the shopping district concept, this is a proper licensed pharmacy, and he’s a legit pharmacist.
He prepares prescriptions for nearby hospitals and ones brought in.
“So what brings you today?”
“Came to hear some [rumors]. And to restock on throat lozenges. Three bags each of tortoise shell, peppermint, and cinnamon please. And a bag of cider too.”

scene transition

“I still love the old-fashioned way of doing things.”
While Patterson gathered the candies from the counter into one bag as ordered, I handed over cash that was clearly far more than the cost of 10 bags of candy.
“How about…the [rumors]?”
These [rumors] were the main reason I came to this shop.
While the underground shopping district was a proper one, the shady atmosphere let truly suspicious characters easily blend in.
He’s just an information broker on top of running a proper pharmacy, but there were probably guys doing really dangerous stuff mixed in too.
I definitely don’t want to get involved but…
Anyway, for now it’s [rumors].


“Let’s see…you know about the [gate toll] thing?”
“The toll reduction movement at the Darika star zone gates?”
It was a demonstration going on recently started by the colonial planets of the Darika star zone.
Gates are spatial wormholes called “quantum singularities” existing in outer space, allowing near-instant travel over vast distances through them, the so-called wormhole-type transportation vital to supporting logistics.
In the past, before I was born, the tolls were extremely expensive for anyone besides nobles.
But with the previous emperor’s “it hinders economic growth!” they became reasonably priced for anyone.
However, when the current empress succeeded, people started insisting they be made even cheaper.
“Yeah that. For some reason the demands are escalating more and more supposedly.”
“Then wouldn’t that normally become news?”
“Supposedly they made some utterly stupid demand, that the empress do a dogeza apology broadcasted live throughout the galaxy when lowering the tolls.”
“What’s with that retarded demand.”
Clearly only an idiot or malicious monster complainant would say that.
“Rumor is it’s nobles who dislike the current [Amelia Franourd Ovalles] pulling the strings.”
“But with just that, it seems like it’d still make the news?”
“They’re keeping it secret so as not to increase sympathizers, and because some nobles furious about it are secretly gathering forces supposedly.”
“To gather forces without letting it be known huh.”
The current 38th Empress Amelia Franourd Ovalles is said to be a wise ruler working hard to eliminate disparities between imperial and colonial territories.
As such she’s popular among the masses in both the empire and colonies, especially some young nobles.
However, among the old nobles there are supposedly those who look down on the young woman, ignoring her orders, trying to make her their lover to seize power, or even thinking to replace her as empress themselves.
This demonstration is also rumored to be a plot by those anti-empress factions.
In other words, it’s sabotage by the anti-empress factions, and the pro-empress factions are keeping it secret to crush it.
Getting close is sure to drag you into trouble.
Better not get close.
I’ll stay away.
“That’s about all the [rumors] I think you’d like.”
As Patterson said that, he removed his unnecessary glasses and started wiping the lenses.
Since he also wore glasses when he had his original body like me, he feels uneasy without them even now.
I could also get vision correction or cybernetic eyes if I wanted, but it’s a pain so I stick with glasses.
Reserving treatment might get jacked by nobles cutting in line too.
“Alright. If you come across something again, let me know.”
“Yeah, I’ll contact you when that happens.”
My friend’s smiling face in response was completely different, but for some reason, it felt just like the old days from our student days.
“By the way, are you going back to your original body? You must have saved up quite a bit of money.”
So, I asked what had been on my mind.
As a mercenary, I wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money at once, but for a pharmacist turned information broker, it should be quite profitable.
He had been paying for the storage fees for his original body, so he should be able to easily afford the medical expenses and the replacement surgery.
“You actually keep your android body pretty clean.”
“Well, you can easily sterilize and clean this whole body.”
Androids and people with full-body prosthetics could sterilize and clean their entire bodies powerfully.
Perhaps for that reason, most of the people working in hospitals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and receptionists, were androids or people with full-body prosthetics.
With this, there was no risk of being infected by viruses, and when leaving the hospital, there was no risk of carrying viruses with them.
And then, in a whispered voice, Paterson said something outrageous while covering his face with a newspaper.Then, hiding behind his newspaper, he casually said something outrageous.
“That’s why I bought a dedicated sterile cleaning capsule.”
I was at a loss for words for a moment.
“Huh? Weren’t even the smallest ones like 800 million credits?” The maintenance and cleaning fluids must cost quite a bit too, right?”
While a hospital might have demand, it’s not something an individual pharmacy buys!
“I need to get in before preparing medicine…”
“A bath is good enough! Of course costs disappear!”
This guy definitely likes his current body so much he’s clearly wasting money to create an excuse about costs to prolong swapping back right!?
Well, I understand why.
He had appearance complexes as a student, so he must be happy with his looks now.
But then he should hurry up and change his name at least.
With that beauty’s appearance, calling him Gonzales is just too hard!

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