Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 10

Mob #10 “Straight to the point. Won’t you switch to my side?”

Right after Miss Rosweisse said [Now I’m off to obtain my new crew member!] and cut the transmission, this time I got one from Miss Leopardess.
Luckily this line is for communications from other mercenaries or the command structure, able to switch between open for all – individual that anyone can interrupt – and encrypted individual that can’t be interrupted.
[Looks like you survived somehow. Lend me some of your time.]
She looks angry for some reason. Don’t recall getting in her way during combat though.
Well, she’s always angry at me, so no different from normal I guess.
“What business do you have?”
[Could we switch to an encrypted line?]
Since she looked serious despite her expression, I switched over to encrypted.
“So what business do you have?”
[Hey. Do you know what that [yellowish-green helmeted] one is?]
Miss Leopardess asked that seriously.
“Oh. You mean Lambert?”
More precisely it’s Miss Rosweisse, but I give the name of Lambert who should be registered as a mercenary since I can’t talk about her.
[You know him?!]
Hearing my reply, Miss Fialka unconsciously raised her voice.
“Just that I happened to run into him on his first battle and learned his name.”
Yeah. I’m not close with Lambert, I haven’t even talked to him. I just know Miss Rosweisse.
[So he’s a complete newbie?]
“Well, yes I suppose so.”
[What were his results like?]
“I heard he actually didn’t shoot anything down on his first battle. You can tell from the combat record, but Lambert drew over a dozen enemy ships and secured a safety margin for allies.”
Though the actual circumstances seem to be that because Lambert lost control of his bladder, Miss Rosweisse desperately had the equipped cleaning droids focus on cleaning so she couldn’t attack.
[Considering his results this time, with skill like that it wouldn’t be strange for him to immediately become Bishop-rank after waiving the exam….]
Miss Fialka started seriously pondering.
It’s understandable. Anyone would be interested in learning about someone with such inhumanly impossible maneuvers who achieved outrageous results.
But well, he’s not human.
Miss Leopardess, pondering like that, suddenly spoke to me.
[Hey…Aren’t you frustrated?]
“I wouldn’t be envious of someone pulling off such inhuman movements. I’d die trying to mimic that…”
[Well…that may be true but….]
Honestly, Miss Rosweisse is on a different dimension. Miss Fialka seems to understand that as well.
[But you could still be overtaken by your junior! Isn’t that vexing?]
“I don’t particularly think so. I’ve got no plans to rise to Bishop rank.”
In response to Fialka’s question, I answered as usual.
“Why are you so lazy? Don’t you want to show off your abilities to the people around you a little?”

As always, Fialka got furious and yelled at me.
From the perspective of someone as serious as a block of concrete, people like me must be unbearable.
But I also have my reasons for not wanting to go to the bishop class.
“It’s just going to be a hassle. Besides, I don’t think it’s a good idea to show off my abilities.”
Hearing my usual response, Miss Leopardess turned bright red with anger then,
[That’s enough!]
She said, cutting the line.
To someone earnest like her I probably look like a man with no ambition. But I’ve got my reasons for it.
If talking to me is unpleasant, she should avoid conversing more than the bare minimum.
Come to think of it, I wonder if she asked about Lambert because she wants to team up and work together?
Well, I think Miss Leopardess would be plenty favored by Miss Rosweisse, so it should be fine.
More than that, back to the light novel…

☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Fialka Tirussad】

After cutting transmission with that man, I unconsciously pressed my brow.
To think that [yellowish-green helmeted one] was still a newbie!
I was sure he had transferred from another branch and was nearing Queen-rank below King.
And that man didn’t seem flustered at all, calm as ever, despite such an outstanding newbie appearing.
It shouldn’t matter to me if he’s overtaken by his junior.
Yet why do I care about a guy like him…?
“Miss, I have prepared your meal.”
While arranging the sandwich, coffee, and salad on the table, Sherry spoke to me.
I did use stamina in combat, and am a little hungry, but I’m too preoccupied wondering why that guy acts like he does to eat.
“I believe it best if you partake sooner than later. You tend to eat little usually.”
But Sherry, noticing that, told me to eat.
It sounds like a suggestion but I understand from our long relationship since childhood she’s instructing me to eat. She’ll surely nag if I don’t eat.
“Very well…I’ll partake…”
Sherry’s specialty roast beef sandwich was delicious as always.
And while eating,
“Were you able to obtain any information from Mr. Uzoss?”
“That renowned [yellowish-green helmeted one] is an utter newbie, and it seems he just happened to be with the guy on his first battle.”
“My my.”
“What about you?”
“From footage of that craft, I tried searching manufacturers while inferring its form and specs but…there were no matches. Similar forms existed but…”
Sherry and I had divided up investigating information on that greatly active [yellowish-green helmeted one]. We reported our results to each other.
“The craft and its pilot are quite the mysteries.”
“A complete newbie achieving such results. And I heard he drew dozens without a scratch on his first battle.”
“He’s incredible. This Mr. Lambert Riagrades.”
“Despite such an outstanding junior appearing, that guy doesn’t seem rushed at all. Even though he might be overtaken in rank by his junior.”
It irritates me he’s not perturbed in the slightest, but I’m also very interested in why he doesn’t care at all.
At this rate, even if I beat him or his junior overtakes him, he doesn’t care whatsoever so I won’t get any sense of accomplishment…
While racking my brains over this,
“Miss, do you want to defeat Mr. Uzoss, or do you dislike Mr. Uzoss being made light of?”
Sherry said something outrageous.
“Obviously I want to defeat him!”
I strongly argued against Sherry’s words.
“Then shouldn’t Mr. Uzoss’s reputation not matter?”
I stumbled over my words in response to Sherry’s observation.
For me, it should be enough to just defeat that coward, so why did I feel bothered by such things? Just thinking about it made me feel frustrated.
“Well, in a different sense, they’re definitely better than those guys who incurred the wrath of the young lady.”
Seeing that I couldn’t argue, Sherry changed the subject.

☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse]

I’m lucky.
Two suitable candidates for me to carry have appeared at the same time.
One is a top-class mercenary.
The other is the captain of the Imperial Guards and a general.
Either way, there’s no shortage!
The guy who’s currently on me, the guy who fainted and wet himself, is in a different league.
Now… who should I call out to?
Alright! I’ll go with the mercenary guy.
After all, I’m a combat ship. My true worth is on the battlefield.
For me, things like checking the opponent’s number or silencing security are easier than child’s play.
And the man who came out after a few calls was Alberto Circlewood, a handsome guy with black hair and deep purple eyes, looking tough and sharp.
The incontinent fainter who is riding with me now is just as good looking.
“Nice to meet you. I am the Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse. Is that your ship, the Diabolos, and are you Captain Alberto Circlewood?”
“What do you want?”
Alberto Circlewood looked at me in surprise, and so I immediately got to the point.
“Let me be straightforward. Won’t you switch to me?”
“I am the Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse. I am an autonomous superweapon with a will, excavated from the ruins of an ancient civilization, as you call it. It seems that the combat ship you are currently using was modeled after us, the Wagner-Valkyria Sisters, but it doesn’t even come close to me. That should have been proven just now.”
Upon hearing that, Alberto Circlewood raised an eyebrow.
“But what I’m currently carrying is nothing compared to you, and I can’t fully utilize my capabilities. But you can! I believe you can fully unleash my potential.”
“I see…”
Alberto Circlewood stared at me with a serious expression.
He’s fallen for it.
Shall we prepare to eject Lambert Rhyaglas out of the ship?
“Do you understand? Then let’s get to…”
“I don’t need it.”
I doubted my microphone.
What’s going on now?
Why is the guy over there looking so upset?
“I have this ‘Diabolos.’ I don’t need a bitch like you.”
Alberto Circlewood said that and cut off the communication.
I was dumbfounded for a moment, but I immediately felt anger welling up within me.
Who is that pitch-black guy!
I’m an autonomous ancient weapon, you know?
There’s no ship in this era that can beat me!
These misunderstood, fainting, and incontinent guys, and even that creepy otaku, there are no decent mercenaries at all!
As I thought, the one who is suitable for me is General Keirekt Yrundiver! If he were truly outstanding, he would understand my value.
“Indeed, General Yrundiver would be the most suitable for me. If someone truly outstanding were on board my ship, they would undoubtedly understand my value.
I immediately checked the personal number, and there were various security measures in place.
But for me, this era’s security is nothing.
I received a simple pass as if I were being pampered.
After a few more notification sounds, a handsome young man with blond hair and sharp, aquamarine eyes appeared.
“Nice to meet you. I am the Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse. Is that you, Grand Marshall Keirekt Yrundiver?”
When I sent this with a smile on my face, General Keirekt Yrundiver lightly smiled in response, and…
“Hmm. Obtaining my personal number, which only my family, friends, and a few trusted individuals know, and even keeping the prepared security intact, a beautiful woman was the one to initiate the first contact with me. Honestly, it’s surprising.”
I delivered the line, fully realizing my excellence.
“It’s an honor.”
“What’s the matter? What do you want from me?”
With a smile on her face, she threw a question at me.
So, I straightforwardly stated my purpose because negotiations often come with tricks, and being straightforward can be refreshing.
“Let me be straightforward. Won’t you switch to me? I am the Small Combat Ship WVS-09-Rosweisse. I am an autonomous superweapon with a will, excavated from the ruins of an ancient civilization, as you call it. Even if all the combat ships and battleships you’re using now were combined, not a single scratch would be left on me. Choosing to ride me won’t be a loss for you. Right now, I have a human on board for refueling and docking, but this person is not suitable for me, so I’ll eject them soon for your peace of mind.”
Upon hearing my presentation, Keirekt Yrundiver closed his eyes and began to contemplate various things.
After a while, when he opened his eyes,
“I see… certainly, if it’s a combat ship created by an ancient super-civilization, it’s safe to say that my safety will be guaranteed.”
He smiled with an understanding expression.
See! The person who truly deserves me will understand my value!
“Then, shall we dock your ship with mine…”
“However, I have no intention of accepting that offer.”
Once again, I doubted my microphone.
“First, ‘I simply can’t believe it.’ Even after searching for hundreds of years and not yet being discovered, saying there’s a superweapon with a will from an ancient civilization is either a scam or a joke. Second, even if you were indeed a genuine superweapon, you mentioned ejecting the person currently on board. While you might have put them on board, if they don’t meet your ideal, you could potentially eject them. Furthermore, since you have a personality and can override the high-ranking person on board, even if I put the person I’m trying to protect on board, they could be thrown out at your whim.”
Keirekt Yrundiver let out a small sigh.
“Therefore, I have no need for you. Ah, let’s be generous with the mercenary compensation. Well then, goodbye. We’re still in the middle of the operation.”
He cut off the communication with a sigh.
I froze at the sudden turn of events.
What’s this all about? What’s this about? What’s this about? What’s this about!
Is he an idiot? Doesn’t he understand how excellent I am?
There doesn’t have to be a man, right?
A female duo is also an option♪
Oh! Maybe I can educate a young, beautiful boy according to my preferences!
Even if I look for someone like that, I’ll need humans for refueling.
There’s no helping it; I’ll have to carry them a little longer…
I looked at the still unconscious, incontinent man with bewilderment.

★ ★ ★

Since the team had entered, fortunately, there were no deserters, and everything was surprisingly peaceful.
The light novel I bought turned out to be good, and I didn’t even get approached by Hero-kun.
Well, I did get approached by Lady Leopard…
Even the people around seemed relaxed, to the extent that some of them were casually doing minor repairs.
Except for one person (or one machine?), who had failed to recruit and was complaining, and then suddenly burst into creepy laughter, Rosweisse-san.
And then, about 64 minutes after the team had entered,
“We have completed the complete control of the facility!”
The report of the mission’s completion came in, and the operation to annihilate the Kaidus Pirate Group had ended safely.
Of course, it wasn’t an immediate disbandment.
We would listen to General Yrundiver’s praise of his allies before finally disbanding.
Even though it was customary for military work, General Yrundiver seemed somewhat fed up with it.
Well done.



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