Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Elemental Magic

“Wow, it’s so peaceful…”

I murmured, gazing leisurely at the serene blue sky. The presentation of goods in the imperial capital was left in the hands of my father and Chris, or rather, entrusted to Chris. They must be facing a challenging time by now. When I inquired about the situation in the imperial capital and their future plans, my father surprisingly appeared to be in a good mood and started discussing various matters. Perhaps he simply wanted someone to listen.

It seemed that Count Roland was primarily involved in these discussions with my father. As my father holds the noble rank of a border count, which is higher than a regular count, he preferred to avoid entanglement. Roland, on the other hand, possessed a remarkable network, as my father mentioned, “He lacks popularity, but he has connections—financial connections.” He added, “Clever, isn’t it?” Although I paid little attention to his remarks.

Well, during my explanation about the cosmetics and the state of the business, there were frequent discussions about the exchanges taking place in the imperial capital. My father claimed that I needed to be aware of these matters, but I suspected he just wanted to vent his frustrations.

“…If I’m criticized that much, I definitely don’t want to go. Yeah.”

However, even without my presence, Chris should have gone this time. The perspectives and opinions of women who have actually used the cosmetics are crucial for their explanation. That’s why my father left me behind and went to the imperial capital with Chris.

“Let’s pray for their safe return.”

If they come back, perhaps I should express my gratitude to Chris somehow. I wonder if she likes sweets? If I can make something, I should prepare it for her. While contemplating this, I shifted my focus and began practicing magic. Today, Sandra wouldn’t be coming to teach me. In fact, I intentionally chose a secluded spot behind the mansion where few people ventured, to ensure no one would witness what I was about to do.

“Well, let’s test my elemental aptitude. Should I follow the game’s pattern?”

The world I currently inhabit as “Reed” bears similarities to the otome game “Tokirela!” from my previous life. I say “similarities” because it’s a subjective perception, and I don’t truly sense that this world is “inside the game” at all. Perhaps there may be developments that align with the game’s story, but they aren’t absolute. The Reed I was reincarnated as was a character who had minimal involvement in the main game and only appeared as an extra. However, through my actions and choices since my reincarnation, my presence is gradually altering.

While striving to gather funds for a stable life, I ventured into developing cosmetics and even made a move to present them to the imperial family. Such a progression would never occur in the game. In other words, if I live in this world as my own life, the path will naturally unfold. With this realization, my motivation has soared.

“I can confirm my affinity for fire, so let’s try with water and ice next.”

By the way, there are a total of ten attributes that appear in “Tokirela!”

Ten attributes: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Wood, Lightning, Light, Dark, None.

Sandra-sensei has also taught me special magic spells, but I’ll explore them gradually.

I immediately began refining mana conversion and forming a “clear image” necessary for casting magic.

(scene transition)

“Wow, Reed-kun is more advanced than I thought.”

After confirming my elemental aptitude, I successfully cast magic for all attributes. It was unexpectedly challenging to come up with distinct images for ten different types of magic. Considering that a clear image is essential, it might be wise to assign names to the spells. After all, with ten different attributes, having names would aid in immediate visualization. Without names, I would have to imagine them each time before casting. I don’t need to vocalize the names during casting, but it’s helpful to have a “magic name” in mind, just in case, without revealing it to anyone.

Following that, I made various attempts, but it proved difficult to come up with suitable names. For the time being, I decided to use the imagery of a “spear” as the base form for attack magic. It followed a straightforward pattern of “adding spear after the attribute name.” For example, fire attribute magic would be “fire spear,” and thunder attribute magic would be “thunder spear.” This way, the magic felt akin to a spear flying toward its target.

“Alright, let’s try them all at once.”


I went through each magic spell, ensuring their functionality. After experimenting with all the different types of magic, exhaustion took hold, and I found myself lying on my back in a star-shaped position right there on the spot.

“Huff, huff. I wonder if I’ve met the minimum requirements and achieved my goal.”

Feeling a pleasant sense of exhaustion and satisfaction, I suddenly heard footsteps approaching. Startled, I sat up, and there stood Mel, brimming with excitement for some reason.

“…Nii-chan, Nii-chan, that was amazing! Let’s do that again!”

“Mel, how long have you been there?”

“Well, I’ve been here since you started using fire magic.”

So she had witnessed everything from the beginning. Hmm, this could be troublesome. For now, I want to keep the fact that I can use all attributes a secret for some time. Considering the future, it’s best not to draw too much attention. With that in mind, I decided to appease Mel.

“Mel, the magic Nii-chan used just now had different types. They had different colors, right?”

“Yeah, it was beautiful and cool!”

“Thank you, but I want you to keep it a secret between us.”

“Huh!? Even though it was so beautiful and cool?”

Mel seemed genuinely disappointed, as if she desperately wanted to witness the magic again.

“Okay… For keeping it a secret, how about I read picture books to you for as long as you want today?”

“Hmm… not just today, but if you read picture books with me tomorrow too, then it’s fine?”

Oh! I never expected to be negotiated with. Mel is both clever and adorable.

“Alright, I understand. I promise.”

Mel beamed with happiness upon hearing my response.

That day, I read picture books to Mel until she fell asleep. However, the next day, I discovered why Mel had insisted on “tomorrow too.” It turned out that Mel had asked mother and Galun for a favor, resulting in a mountain of ordered picture books being delivered. After spending the entire day reading picture books, my voice became hoarse, reminiscent of a night spent singing at karaoke. When Mel heard my hoarse voice, she brought me a book called “The Four Rattling Dons,” which seemed oddly familiar, and declared, “I think this voice suits it best!” Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

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