Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 8

Mob #8 “Now, we will begin the briefing! Pay attention, you mercenaries!”

The stress from yesterday’s awful encounter must have built up I guess.
I intended to just check my favorite video site, but I ended up viewing their livestreams and didn’t realize it was 2AM until I went to sleep and woke up at noon already.
“I gotta go today since I missed it yesterday…”
Today I’ll go to the anime shop [Animember] I intended to visit yesterday and buy new volumes and doujinshi, look for anime data cards and new books to read, stuff like that.
Oh right, I also wanted to explore and dig up old works, so I’ll stop by [Seizaban] too.
“I’ll eat out for lunch.”
I start thinking about lunch places while washing my face.
If I had woken up a bit earlier I could have made lunch, but with my plans to head out, it’s better to finish cleaning then eat lunch a bit late adjusting the time.
While thinking about that I begin tidying up my room.
My minimum goal is to not let it get filthy. I make sure to at least clean no matter what.
The apartment I live in specializes for mercenaries, and normally there are garbage chutes on each floor to throw trash down, but whether it’s also to confirm residents are alive, this building doesn’t have them.
Instead, there are categorized dustbins in the basement that can be thrown into anytime regardless of collection days.
They’re also flexible about things like rent due dates and room customization.
However, if 6 months pass with unpaid rent and no contact, the occupant is deemed deceased and everything inside is sold off or disposed of.
It seems they’ll discuss it with family if contacted.
I leave my ship at the guild’s spaceship docking site so no issue there.
I’m renting a 1LDK with bath and toilet. There are also 2LDK and 3LDK units, and I’ve seen kids and housewives on the 1st floor entrance.
Since I won’t have any visitors in my room, I put the bed in the living room.
The sole room is a perfectly organized book and PC room with shelves of manga, light novels, doujinshi, and anime data cards.
I have a policy of only buying one kuso game since playing them makes me feel meaningless, and not buying figures cause having them line up is creepy.
So it’s surprisingly a normal room aside from the PC room.
It’s a single guy’s place so a bit messy, but I absolutely won’t let it get filthy. Rather, I shouldn’t.
There was a guy who used to live here leaving his place a mess no matter how many times he was warned, so while he was out working one day everything inside was sold off and disposed of.
It’s also properly described in the contract so no complaints can be made.

After finishing cleaning and changing into nice clothes, I headed out for the anime shop [Animember].
[Animember] is located in Parubear City’s shopping district, which I reach in 10 minutes on the train from the nearest national railway station from my home, taking another 10 minutes on foot after getting off at Parubear Station.
Cars and airbikes frequently congest both roads and airspace depending on time of day, so for long distances the train, for short distances walking is faster.
If this were the imperial capital planet Hein there are personal travel capsules moving via the urban management system, but planet Ytts doesn’t have that so it can’t be helped.
Plus I rather like walking through the city.
Not just cars but airbikes too run along the ground roadways and navigable air zones, the streetscape a hodgepodge of low, mid, and high rise buildings.

The people walking the streets. 3D display ads. Trendy music and the shops’ PR songs leaking out. Rooftop energy stations and cafes on buildings. Self-moving vending machines and trash cans. A sweets shop with androids with exposed machinery for staff. High-rise apartments with garages right next to rooms, and so on. It’s precisely because I live in environments where life is constantly at risk that I like seeing the ordinary, safe cityscape.
Depending on location and planet there are slum-like places with bad security too so I have to be careful, but Parubear City has relatively good public order so it should be fine.
In addition to [Animember], the Mashitomo Building this shopping district’s [Animember] is in is also crammed together with all kinds of shops for anime, hobbies, trading cards, games, etc., and [Seizaban] is in this building too.
Maybe because it was around lunchtime, [Animember] didn’t have many customers inside.
By the way, the staff are half androids and humans, doing customer service stuff like cosplaying.
The androids replace body parts as needed to become exact lookalikes of characters.
Currently, Chisato Niorino and Takina Uegishi from [Reset Recall] are popular.
I looked around and bought new volumes of manga, light novels, and doujinshi I like, enjoyed exploring and discovering old works at [Seizaban], then casually walked around the various floors before leaving the Mashitomo Building.

After that, I finished my lunch a bit late when there were fewer people at the fast food place, then directly went back home and headed towards the guild.
The reason being that during my meal I received a special mobilization order─aka [red letter].
This is something the Mercenary Guild can issue to all mercenaries who are members forcing their attendance unless they currently have a job obligation or reasons like injury, illness, pregnancy-childbirth-for females, or long term repairs or loss of space craft
Looks like this time it was issued to the guilds throughout the entire Pout region space.
There are suitable penalties for ignoring or refusing this.
So I immediately prepared to depart and came to the guild.


“Yo. You’re late.”
“I got it while eating so was surprised. So what’s the reason for the red letter?”
When I asked Roans what this mobilization was about, a really unpleasant answer came back.
“The details will be heard in a briefing from the military 30 minutes from now, but looks like we’ve been told to clear out some small fry for a major pirate subjugation.”

After that 30 minutes, the mobilized mercenaries were moved to a hall used for ceremonies and such.
The loudmouth guy, hero guy, and Miss Fialka were there too.
Which means….
[Long time no see, Captain Uzoss♪]
“You came as expected….”
I got a transmission to my wrist terminal from Miss Rosweisse, the ancient civilization relic excavated sentient superweapon and small combat craft WVS-09 owned by that loudmouth guy.
Despite having blocked her on both my ship’s communications and my wrist terminal, I don’t wanna think about why the connection got through.
[Have you reconsidered talking about switching over to me?]
The projection display on my wrist terminal I’ve got, small as it is, clearly shows Miss Rosweisse smiling.
“But I already declined before right? And you being here means you’re still with that loudmouth guy, right?”
When I conveyed my stance and pointed out her circumstances,
[I’m still with him because I gave in to his nagging, but I can cast him off anytime!]
Came the quite devilish reply.
As expected, Miss Rosweisse can’t be trusted.
Saying she wants to switch to me because her capabilities are higher than the loudmouth means that if someone more capable than me appears, she’ll switch over there instead.
As we were doing that, a large projection screen in front displayed a military officer on the stage, a well-built man who looked like a soldier, and he yelled at us mercenaries.
“Starting now, we will begin the briefing! Pay attention, you damn mercenaries!”
Someone shouted at us mercenaries.
I had thought this guy would explain the mission details, but that expectation was shattered.
“So, let me explain.”
Instead of the well-built military officer, Captain Priscilla Hyliat, a famous figure responsible for the military’s propaganda, took the stage at the back of the screen.
She was known to be one of the most competent generals in the Imperial Army, the daughter of General Lascos Hyliat, and the Vice Commander of the Imperial Army’s Guards.
With her black hair, purple eyes, fair skin, and her beauty and figure, she was sure to captivate most men.
Moreover, she was highly praised for her strategic command abilities and logistical support capabilities, surpassing even her father.
She was the perfect fit for propaganda.
“This time, the request to all mercenaries is to secure a bridgehead for the attack on the base of the Kaidus Pirate Group. This operation is crucial for the elimination of the ruthless and powerful Kaidus Pirate Group.”
Captain Hyliat explained with a serious expression.
“I hate that woman.”
In response to Captain Hyliat, Rosweisse muttered a complaint.
In fact, there were people who reacted to Captain Hyliat in a similar way as Rosweisse did.
It’s hard to explain, but Captain Hyliat, while acting as a military officer, had an atmosphere that somehow invoked a protective instinct.
She was skilled at making requests and handling people adeptly. Moreover, it seemed like she had acquired these skills not as techniques but as innate traits.
In a negative sense, she was naturally a cunning woman.
Perhaps she was just doing her job seriously, and it was a pitiful story in a way.
Well, she was someone who had no connection or interest to me.
“In addition, for the execution of this operation, we have received powerful reinforcements.”
Captain Hyliat turned her gaze to a man in a special black pilot suit.
“If you’re mercenaries, you should be familiar with them. In the organization known as the Mercenary Guild, which spans the entire universe, there are only twelve King-class mercenaries, and one of them is Mr. Alberto Circlewood!”

scene transition

The man in the black pilot suit introduced raised his hand lightly.

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