Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Chapter 7

Mob #7 “Anyway, I’m not joining the army. Is it okay to keep your girlfriends waiting? I don’t want to interrupt your date.”

Every time we meet, I’m told the same thing I’m now sick of hearing.
This guy, Lior Burnnext, is the second son of a count’s household who for various circumstances came from the capital planet to enroll in the ordinary high school on my home planet Ytts.
Why was a noble like him chosen for the mercenary recruitment members?
My guess is that he was treated as an unwanted child by his family.
Otherwise, there’s no way a noble like him would attend the same normal school as me, or become the victim of such a crime.
He became a topic during school as the victim of a terrible incident, then after graduation entered the imperial military leveraging that experience and is currently active as as a Major and an ace pilot and one of the central figures of propaganda.
He gives off the feeling of a standard upstart protagonist.
Maybe he’d say stuff mocking his adversaries if he had any.
By the way, my unchanging response to his recruitment he tells me every time we meet is:
“Like I said before, I don’t wanna join the army cause it’d increase my chances of dying.”
“It’s the same as a mercenary! And the military has better guarantees and welfare, most of all it contributes to the empire! Don’t you get that!?”
He doesn’t care that I clearly look unwilling, and keeps pushing his opinion on me.
Why does Burnnext want me in the military so badly?
He probably sincerely thinks that rather than doing something like being a mercenary, it’s better to enlist in the military and build achievements if I’m doing the same stuff. And he has some aversion to mercenaries after that incident too, I guess.
But the actual circumstances of employment for colonial citizens in the military are awful.
The truth is the planet I’m from used to be the capital of the Galactic Democratic Nation 70 years ago before being invaded and turned into a colony by the empire.
As a result, discrimination by home planet definitely exists in places like the military and political-business worlds, and as a colonial I’d definitely just be used as a noble’s meat shield or stress relief tool.
If beautiful women may be told to offer their bodies.
Any achievements would likely be stolen from me, and failures pinned on me.
I could even be punished on fabricated charges of disrespecting superiors.
And it’s not just colonials, the original imperial citizens face similar circumstances.
The pay may be a bit higher than a normal company worker, but comparing it to human dignity and life, it’s too cheap.
As a noble, he probably doesn’t know about any of that.
And more than anything, he seriously thinks recruiting me like this is [kind].
Frankly, I want nothing to do with him.
If I joined something like the military, he’d definitely get involved.
The Mercenary Guild is very comfortable in comparison.
There’s practically no entanglements aside from personal responsibility.
Who’d join the military!?
“Mercenaries properly contribute to the empire with stuff like security and transport too you know?”
“That may be true. Then it’d be good if you did the same in the military. The Majesty would be pleased too.”
And guessing another reason he solicits me, it’s possible the empress is involved.
The current 38th Empress Amelia Furanelle Ohvalles is a beauty with blue-silver hair, jet black eyes, and fair skin, garnering attention online as [Empress Beauty].
Maybe he’s childhood friends with Her Majesty and is recruiting me from a pure desire to help her out.
And while he may not realize it himself, he might also harbor a desire to show his good side to his childhood friend.
Well whatever the reason, it doesn’t change that it’s annoying.
By the way, while I’ve been talking with Burnnext for a while, my life is in danger of being exposed to danger.
The reason being the women accompanying him. They’re definitely military personnel from their uniforms, though I can’t tell if they’re his subordinates, colleagues, or superiors. But they’re glaring at me fiercely.

And they’ve got military-grade laser guns at their waists, so it’s no joke.
Of course if they murdered me they’d be prosecuted, and even though punishments for noble crimes and consciousness reform advocated by Her Majesty have been progressing, nobles can still avoid punishment, so concealment of murder has a high chance of being carried out.
From their view, it’s like don’t get in the way when we’re out together!
Then they should let me end this unproductive conversation if they want that.
They get that I don’t wanna talk right?
But of course they won’t understand that.
So I’ll take advantage of them.
“Anyway I’m not joining the army. More importantly, is it okay to keep your girlfriend waiting? I don’t wanna interrupt your date.”
When I point that out, seeming to recall he had company, he looks back at the women.
“It’s not a date! Sorry about that ladies. Did I make you wait?”
After denying it’s a date, he turns an apologetic smile to them.
Just him smiling is enough to draw their gazes and instantly melt their glaring eyes that had been boring into me.
“Oh not at all! I think it’s wonderful you worry for your friend, Major ♪”
And one of them wraps her arm around Burnnext’s.
“That’s right. I still have time after this, so it’s no problem,”
Says another, also wrapping her arm around his.
Starting with that, the women begin vying and pulling for Lior Burnnext’s arms, seemingly saying that they themselves are actually his lover.
“Hey, stop grabbing my arms!”
They’re fighting nicely, so with their gazes off me I swiftly take the chance to leave the area.
“See. It was a date after all. Welp, this bothersome bug will take his leave.”
“Wai-! We’re not fini─ ugah!?”
Leaving the immobilized Burnnext with his arms seized by the women behind, I promptly left the area.
Maybe I’ll go to the anime shop tomorrow… I’m kinda tired today….
I’ll head home, just shower, eat the convenience store bento I bought, then check my favorite anime’s official site before turning in.

☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Lior Burnnext】

John Uzoss, one of the survivors from that incident in 10th grade.
Why doesn’t he accept my advice?
Rather than doing something like being a mercenary, enlisting in the imperial military and building achievements would let someone with his colonial planet origin contribute to the empire a little, so why doesn’t he choose that?
If he joined the military and was assigned to my unit, he could attain reasonable rank, and increasing personnel would be my achievement too!
It’d help out Amelia who’s working hard too…
I see! He’s being considerate of me!
He thinks being near me, an imperial noble, would cause me trouble as someone from a colonial planet!
But I don’t care about stuff like that.
Next time we meet, I should notify him of being assigned to my direct unit, then he’ll happily enlist in the military.
With his ability to make quick situational judgements, he could become an excellent adjutant!
While the women pulled at my arms, I was convinced of my own thinking.



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