Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Chapter 6

Mob #6 “The opponent is a duke’s house. They won’t listen.”

The police soon arrived and took away the 3 uncles comprising the pirates.
The uncles had all been fired from their job, then thoroughly looked down on and divorced by their wives and children.
To get back to their former families, the 3 teamed up to borrow money and buy the asteroid residence and combat craft, then started being pirates.
It’s sad, or rather, I don’t know what to say….
Maybe it was bad that they succeeded the first time they tried…
And then they got a taste for it, I guess.
Well, at least they didn’t do something vicious like massacring people.
The amount they plundered was minor, so it probably won’t turn out too serious.
When I mentioned that to Roans at the guild reception while he was here about the reward money,
He murmured “the world sure is cold” with a tinge of deep emotion and melancholy.
However, if this were a protagonist-type story,
The pirates would consist of three beautiful sisters,
then the sisters would be the daughters of the imposing and historic leader of a large pirate crew,
But due to a betrayal by their subordinates and an attempt on their lives because they refused to become someone’s property, they somehow managed to survive,
They would gather funds for the purpose of seeking revenge against the treacherous subordinates.
Furthermore, some kind of special circumstances would arise, and these three sisters would become partners with the protagonist, or something along those lines.
And what had been bothering me even before discussing the details of this job was,
“So, what happened with that?”
Was the scene of dozens of mercenaries gathered around and pressing a guild executive.
“It’s about the 50 people request right? Apparently the client only paid that hero guy the reward. And it seems she paid him the full amount for all members. Saying stuff to the ones who didn’t get paid like [You didn’t get rewarded because your work wasn’t trustworthy!]”
When I heard that, I doubted my ears.
Not paying that many people the reward means big trouble!
The noble lady probably nitpicked as a pretext to favor whoever she took a liking to out of the gathered guys.
“That’s a big deal! Didn’t the guild object?”
“The opponent is a duke’s house. They won’t listen.”
As expected, really glad I didn’t take it.
–Avoid noble clients for anything besides combat–
It’s advice I got from a senior mercenary.
“And that guild executive who accepted the request is getting blamed huh.”
“Yeah, about that much.”
The executive in charge of accepting requests getting shouted at by various mercenaries, I think it was?
“So did that favored person quit being a mercenary and become that noble lady’s exclusive?”
While uncle doesn’t tell me the details since it’s about a job I didn’t take, that favored one was undoubtedly that hero guy, no mistake.
“Nah. He refused saying [I’m a mercenary. There are still people I have to save.]”
“Wasn’t the other party mad?”
“Seems the lady was totally smitten with him. Far from mad, she was impressed.”
As expected of a protagonist-type.
Normally, defying a noble’s request could easily warrant an unreasonable charge of disrespect.
But it’s permitted because the beloved daughter has fallen for him, she likes his personality-character-looks.
If it were mob me, I’d have been sentenced to death on the spot.
Well, I’d be safe since I wouldn’t even be liked in the first place.
And if you’re gonna say that much, then tell her to properly pay all the members!
Didn’t you think the reward amount was weird?
“Come to think of it, I don’t see that favored guy who got the reward, right?”
“Maybe he went home before getting surrounded by the protesters?”
As expected of a protagonist-type, even the flow of time and people are on his side.
Though I don’t know what to say about that hero guy. I can understand why the noble lady took a liking to him.
After all, he’s a handsome guy who seems to possess all girls’ ideals completely.
It’s rare for someone to give off such a clean impression.
There’s not one thing mobs like me should get involved in with guys like him, one of the small handful of perfect hero-types.
It’s best to avoid any association.
“It’s done.”
While I was thinking that, the payment procedure finished.
Even taking out the handling fees until purchase, quite a sum came in from buying those uncles’ asteroid residence and combat craft.
“Yeah, sure. I’ll come take on jobs again after resting a bit.”
“Yo. See ya.”
And so I obtained the reward money and left the mercenary guild behind.



After finishing work, I’d normally wander anime shops before going home, but there’s something I have to do before that.
Sending money home to my parents.
My dad quit his job and started farming right before my high school 3rd year exams, so I couldn’t attend college.
I say he quit, but I found out he was actually unjustly dismissed. So I didn’t complain particularly.
On top of suddenly becoming unable to take exams for that reason, and my grades not being especially great, I thought normal part-time work would be difficult with my looks.
When choosing becoming a mercenary amidst that, the trigger was being tricked by a teacher and forcibly enlisted into a mercenary corp in 10th grade.
Back then, not just me but they gathered and enlisted problem children with grades, personality, lifestyles by saying it was a special study camp so they wouldn’t fail classes.
That said, in reality we were just taken along to increase numbers and earnings from clients for the main corps members, and used as meat shields, with all the pay going into the shit teacher’s pocket, an absolutely crazy deal.
The guys who died in that first sortie were over-optimistic and charged in, or used as meat shields and decoys, with 37 people dying excluding me and just 2 others.
And the other 2 who survived aside from me accomplished protagonist-like feats to survive.
I didn’t get over-optimistic, and survived by maneuvering similarly to now, staying at the edge of the battlefield.
Playing dogfight-style shooting games and FPS games might have been one factor that allowed me to survive somewhat.
And then we did end up arrested, but a kind senior mercenary from a different faction than the shit teacher’s in the same mercenary corp said to me,
–No matter the results, surviving is what makes a good mercenary. You’ll become a good mercenary–
That might have been another reason I chose becoming a mercenary.
And the other reason was the high payments.
When I was forcibly enlisted in that mercenary corp in 10th grade and right after that first sortie, that shit teacher and mercenary corp were arrested.
I especially remember the teacher showing no remorse at all, and was sentenced to death really quickly.
What the police told me then was that just from the one time they sent us out, the teacher was supposed to get 120 million credits.
Divided by 40 people it’s 3 million credits per head, and when I heard that I remember being extremely surprised.
I was told this amount per head was the going rate for requests that were guaranteed to turn into combat.
After that incident, my high school life passed by peacefully, with nothing particularly noteworthy except for gaining lifelong friends.
By the way, my parents are currently living on the planet Tavul, my father’s hometown, and they seem to be doing various farming activities happily together.
Anyway, I decided to go to the nearest bank and send some money to my parents through the ATM.
As a rule I set for myself, I send one-third of each reward to them.
This time, the reward for the mission was 400,000 credits, but the old men’s ships added up to a whopping 5,600,000 credits. So, this time, I sent 2,000,000 credits, which is one-third of the total amount.
During the previous mission, we couldn’t salvage the wreckage, and the fuel and ammunition were provided, which amounted to about 3,000,000 credits, so I sent 1,000,000 credits back then.
Initially, I thought about sending only half, but it’s better to keep funds for unforeseen circumstances.
Even with just the 400,000 credits from this mission’s reward, I can comfortably buy two DX box sets of anime software and cover a month’s living expenses. I allocate the remaining amount after deducting fuel, maintenance, and repair costs to savings.

Once the remittance is done, I decide to go to the anime shop to buy some light novels to read during travel and waiting times, as well as some new anime data software.
However, on the way there, I saw someone I didn’t want to meet.
It was Lior Burnnext, the one who was fooled into joining the mercenary corps along with me but survived and had protagonist-like accomplishments.
He’s quite handsome, kind to everyone, serious, strongly driven by justice, academically outstanding, and excels in sports—a perfect guy without any flaws.
And he has that typical stubborn and kind aspect common in such individuals.
That’s why I dislike him and find him annoying.
So, I tried to leave before he spotted me, but unfortunately, he noticed me.
“Hey there, John Uzoss. How long do you plan to keep working as a mercenary?”

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