Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 3

I’m going to die.

At that point, the man she mentioned, Jayne the homewrecker approached.
This Jayne guy is quite famous on this planet.
Since we went to the same school I’m not unacquainted with him.
In short, this guy is the third son of the Eom family, the biggest conglomerate on this planet, Jayne Eom.
The Eom house is the wealthiest on this planet, and Jayne is the third son of one of the largest conglomerates in the kingdom – one of the blood relations who will lead the conglomerate after graduating college.
If this guy was terribly unpleasant, I could resent and hate him to redirect my feelings, but that wasn’t the case.
Well, I was NTR’d so maybe I do hate him, I’m not sure.
Jayne’s characteristic is that he really dislikes other guys, but he’s what you’d call an ikemen – with such a well-ordered, model-esque face you’d think he really was one.
Plus he’s good at all sports, clearly athletic.
It’s said any girl would swoon if he approached them.
Maybe because he was so blessed, while not flashy, he lives the playboy lifestyle.
I can see why Tet-chan would fall for him.
Yet at the same time, he shows virtually no interest whatsoever in the discriminatory mentality common to wealthy noble scions, an agreeable man.
Perhaps that easygoing temperament led him to make even an orphan like Tet-chan his mistress.
Moreover, he was one of the few who I could chat with casually.
If not for Tet-chan we might have become friends.
Detested by mob men like me, but a guy who could easily be a protagonist.
This Jayne approached me.
“Oh, Jayne!”
Tet-chan greeted Jayne as if her lover had come, a radiant expression on her face.
The fact that she can make that expression after crushing me to rock bottom, women really are incredible I think.
“Nao, huh. Heard you failed to get into Myeongjin. Really too bad.”
Jayne already knew I failed to get into Myeongjin University.
“You had some bad luck, man.”
While I couldn’t match Jayne whatsoever in sports at school, in studies I never lost to him once.
I thought he came to mock me failing college, but I was wrong.
He just simply said I had bad luck.
I don’t get it at all.
Jayne always walked around with women like mistresses, and now four beauties followed behind him too.
At the moment, Wan-san, a popular model on this planet, as well as the school’s beautiful instructor, Midori-sensei, and the renowned senior, Hilt, who could be considered Miss School with her popularity, were all said to be Jean’s lovers. It was quite intimidating to hear that.
All of these beauties were Jayne’s mistresses.
Te-chan was among these showy lovers, and honestly, I couldn’t understand her feelings.
However, in the midst of all these beautiful people, Te-chan realized for the first time that she also belonged to the category of beautiful people, and she blended in effortlessly.
The beautiful women also approached Jean.
At that moment, my eyes were drawn to the mobile device held by the junior, Yana.
It seemed she was watching some kind of video, and I couldn’t help but take a quick peek, only to be shocked.
And what’s more, their naked bodies were shown.
Upon closer inspection, their naked bodies were around Jean, who was sleeping.
But what surprised me the most was Te-chan, also naked, straddling the sleeping Jean.
She had a seductive expression that she had never shown before, and most of all, she was moving intensely on top of Jean.
Moreover, the volume was low, but I could even hear Te-chan moaning.
When I heard her voice, I was already beyond understanding, and I started running.
Yana must have noticed me like that and called out to Techrine.
“Techrine-senpai, is he okay?”
Hilt-senpai also spoke up.
“He’s your ex-boyfriend, right? I hope he doesn’t commit suicide.”
“It’s alright. Nao-kun doesn’t have the courage for that. But seriously, what’s going on? Oh, isn’t that from yesterday? It’s embarrassing, so delete it. Why are you watching it outside?”
“It’s fine, it’s a commemoration for Techrine-senpai.”
“Oh, stop it. You’re all naked too. Are you okay with someone other than Jean-san seeing it?”
I could hear the conversation between the girls, but I was already running.
I ran blindly.
Tears overflowed from my eyes.
I didn’t want to admit that I was crying, but my face was already a mess of tears.
I cried almost profusely, cursing the world and my cursed environment, while shouting angrily.
“I… I’ll die! In this rotten world, go to hell! Perish!!”


scene transition


Perhaps at that moment, I was contemplating suicide.
Unconsciously, I had come to a place known in a certain way.
This was a quiet park on the cliffs by the coast.
Yes, this place was known as a suicide spot, and it was a place where people threw themselves into the sea cliffs at a rate of a few people per year.
I was walking toward that cliff.
Fifty more steps, it’s embarrassing that it’s not just five more steps, but there were fifty more steps.
If I took fifty more steps, I could bid farewell to this world.
I thought that, but for some reason, my feet wouldn’t move from here.
I don’t have any lingering attachment to this world… I should have no lingering attachment, and I should want to die, but it’s pitiful.
I can’t even commit suicide.
I raised my voice even louder and cried.
“Am I such a pitiful man that I can’t even commit suicide? Is there no God in this world? If there is, what does God want me to do? How much more must I suffer? It would be better if everything just perished~”
I uttered words blaming even God as they came to mind.
How long had I been crying?
I was finally crying myself out, and I started to calm down a little.
I still wanted to die, but I had come to accept that I couldn’t commit suicide.
It was getting quite dim outside.
I start to think about what happens next, wishing that I could die in an accident.
Staying here indefinitely wouldn’t solve anything.
When I glanced around, I noticed numerous safety signs, presumably for suicide prevention.
I had never noticed them before I came here.
Among the signs, there were some with a humorous touch, probably hoping to make people reconsider their thoughts, like “Wait a minute, reconsider your current thoughts.”
[However, let’s think about this. Until I came here, I didn’t notice any of these signs. If I give up on suicide, these signs come into view. It’s almost as if these signs are telling me to reconsider my thoughts. Does this mean they want me to commit suicide? If I could do that, I would have already done it.]
With a touch of sarcasm, I had become quite composed, and that’s when I saw a military recruitment advertisement.
It was one of the popular idol groups wearing short military skirts in their uniforms, leaning against a handsome soldier and appealing with smiles.
“All we have to protect us is your courage. Please, join the Space Navy with me and protect our comrades. We’re waiting for your courage!”
It was quite a trendy advertisement,
and it was one of the popular posters as far as I knew.
By the way, there was another version of the military recruitment poster that I knew.
It featured an idol wearing a mini skirt, sitting with her legs crossed in the admiral’s seat on a warship and saying a similar line. This one gained attention because it seemed like she was almost visible, and I preferred that one.
But that’s irrelevant now.
I wondered if anyone would be lured into joining the military by posters like this.
Even if there were such people, I doubted I’d meet anyone decent. While thinking this, I was gazing at the poster intently.
And then, it dawned on me at that moment.
If I can’t die by my own hand, why not let an enemy country kill me?
Yes, that’s right. I heard that if someone like me were to volunteer for the military, they’d almost certainly be sent to the most dangerous battlefield, considered the most perilous border region.
I’d almost certainly be able to die within five years.
Once I made up my mind, it was time to hurry.

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