Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 5

Mob #5 “Oh, oh. If anyone resides on that asteroid, please respond.”

I left the guild after finishing resupplies the same day I accepted the job.
My ship [Patchwork] focuses on search-defense-maneuverability capabilities, with average speed and firepower.
Protagonist-types just have to increase speed and firepower. Enemies come to them, attacks never hit them, and they perfectly control the ship no matter how tricky the maneuverability is, so they have no need for other capabilities.
But that doesn’t happen to mob me. Those 3 are necessary elements to survive.
By the way, that request to gather 50 people also has various other dangerous points besides standing out – having unpleasant guys there.
An obvious one is being used purely as a meat shield.
The more people, the more dispersed the target, and the damage is reduced before hitting my ship.
A common example is the client being the target of an attack from someone during the transfer, so gathering meat shields in anticipation of being attacked during the transfer. Escorting a lady is a common pretext.
Next is likely handpicking and favoring ones with good looks for their escort.
With 50 people, there’s bound to be handsome guys, and big-breasted lady too.
They gather numbers to search for and find peoples like that.
And then disparity in rewards is guaranteed to happen.
Of course it’s natural if there’s achievements like driving away attackers or shielding the client, but even with none of that, favorites get raised payments while the rest get reduced payments, unreasonable stuff like that.
Another reason is appearances.
Some nobles just feel better having a large escort.
When I was a newbie, a guild executive who was a nobleman forcibly made me participate in a job like this to show off to a noble lady client.
Back then, I was compared to the good looking guys and constantly sneered at, and was almost used as a meat shield. It was awful.

While thinking about stuff like that, I arrived at the space region where pirates appeared.
First I’ll start scouting. [Patchwork’s] normal search radar usually is 1 billion km, but this one mine can scan 2 billion km.
That sentient combat craft that contacted me last time could probably scan around 10 billion km.
I check areas with little human traffic one by one, like asteroid belts, abandoned colonies, debris accumulation points, and planetary satellites.
I also go around asking nearby inhabited colonies and residential satellites.

4 days later after steadily continuing such meticulous scouting and investigations, I discovered a rather large asteroid.
If it was in an asteroid belt it wouldn’t be suspicious, but one just sitting alone in empty space is 100x more suspicious.
On top of that, thermal readings were detected from the asteroid.
In other words, something artificial is on that asteroid.
But some people remodel asteroids like that for a life of seclusion, so I have to check.
If it turns out to be a stubborn old hermit or something, getting them to cooperate would be a major pain.
Furthermore, while it could be a case of somehow getting knocked out from an asteroid belt, in cases like that contact comes from the victim immediately and the police or military come for rescue, so it wouldn’t be left alone. But if right after being knocked out, or if it was unmanned, or worse the occupant was unconscious or dead, that’s also possible.
So first I contact the office on the nearest inhabited planet with the coordinates, and check if anyone lives there.
Their reply was that no resident was confirmed at those coordinates, and it was proven to not be a registered asteroid residence knocked out from a nearby asteroid belt.
In other words, someone was living there without permission, making the chances of it being a pirate base high.


But there’s still the possibility of ordinary people living there without permission, so I first ready my barrier then call out openly.
“Oh oh. If anyone resides on that asteroid, please respond.”
No response even after 5 minutes passed.
“Um, your current location coordinates constitute navigation obstruction according to interplanetary navigation law. Please promptly move coordinates and complete procedures, or dispose of the current asteroid residence.”
By the way, living on asteroids outside of asteroid belts is really prohibited, and they’re treated as debris so there’s no problem with destroying them.
After another 5 minutes passed.
No helping it, time to execute the final measure.
“Since there is no response, I will carry out destruction procedures assuming it is unmanned. Destruction begins in 5 minutes.”
They usually panic and come out when I say this but…is it really unoccupied?
While thinking that, the asteroid slowly began moving.
Looking closely, exhaust ports for movement had appeared from somewhere without me noticing.
They were probably kept concealed for camouflage.
“Looks like someone is definitely there alright.”
I immediately deploy my barrier and brace myself to deal with the situation.
The suspicious asteroid residence is slowly moving away from my ship.
I don’t know if it intends to leave, but I need to have the local police on the closest inhabited planet get an explanation from them about why they were in a place like this, then have them fully atone for their crimes after.
“Oh oh. Please stop, I need you to give an explanation to the local police before leaving!”
Since they haven’t attacked me, I called out trying conversation first, but that became unnecessary.
Because small combat craft launched from that asteroid residence. Two of them.
The instant I confirmed that, I dropped the barrier, rapidly closed in on those craft while firing beams at them.
I don’t intend to hit them. It’s enough if the opponent panics or something.
They’re probably trying to hold me here and let the asteroid residence escape.
So if they evade or flee in response to my actions, I’ll go straight for the asteroid residence and attack.
Even if they try to get in my way, I’ll evade and still go straight for the asteroid residence to attack.
Either way, attacking and hitting the movement exhaust ports to stop the asteroid residence makes it my win. Then I just have to shoot down the launched craft.
I should try to minimize destruction if possible, because that raises the buyout price. Gotta demolish while keeping that in mind.
Then those combat craft evaded left and right to avoid the beams.
So I throttle up approaching the asteroid residence, scoring a hit on the exhaust ports.
There was an explosion, but the asteroid residence continued advancing straight without stopping.
However, I could clearly tell it was moving on inertia now.
So I quickly banked and fired beams at the combat craft.
I was sure they’d evade, but one was easily hit, spinning unsteadily before becoming unable to move.
[Shit! How dare you Gatel!]
The remaining 1 craft came at me but it isn’t very fast.
My ship [Patchwork] still has more speed.
I better call the police for now.
“Oh. I called the police just now, so don’t resist anymore.”
I know that’s impossible but I’ll warn them anyway.
[Shit! We were finally earning as pirates and were gonna show up our ex-wives!]
[I specially bought it after borrowing money… Shit! Move! Moveeee!]
No, it’d be dangerous to move in that state.
[Nothing for it… We just had too good of a run so far….]
Come to think of it, it’s surprising they kept up being pirates, small-scale as they were, for this long at this level…

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