Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 2

The flashback before “death”

It was three years before the battle with the pirates,
when I was still living on the planet Nehonium near the capital, though in a different star system.
Our kingdom’s capital region of space consisted of the rare triple star system formed by three sets of binary stars, and planet Nehonium was the main planet of a different star system from the capital planet Diamond.
Right now, it was just me and a woman here, and she was talking to me.

“Nao, it’s too bad you failed to get into college. I still can’t believe you failed the exam. But it will probably make the future we talked about difficult. I think this means I’ll have to say goodbye. You can’t stay here either after this. You’re graduating from the orphanage too. Go live your own life, Nao. Let’s part ways here.”
After I told Tet-chan, who I had been close with until now, that I failed the college entrance exam, this is what she suddenly said, as if showing her true colors.
The one I call Tet-chan is a woman named Tetsurine Bruce, who I grew up with at the same orphanage.
We were raised together at Bruce Orphanage before I was even cognizant.
There were many other orphans raised in similar circumstances, but she was my only real friend, and until just now I thought of her as my girlfriend.
Maybe because of my personality, I spent my childhood mostly reading books.
Perhaps because of that, I hardly made any friends I’d call close.
The only one I could call as such was Tet-chan, Tetsurine.
She was always by my side, encouraging me.
When we advanced to the local royal academy, my personality proved advantageous in a good way.
Because I didn’t mind steadily studying, I was able to graduate at the top of my class.

We orphans are allowed equal education up through high school.
Even nobles can attend the same classes, though of course those arrogant nobles look down on us commoners and rarely attend public schools.
But when orphans graduate high school, our lives are practically set in stone.
In this country, most lives are determined by birth.
For us relatively fortunate orphans raised at a nice orphanage, we’re allowed to live as very low ranking commoners by getting jobs.
But this country does have one slightly more fortunate aspect than many others
The Kingdom Dream, if you can call it that, or the “dream of the kingdom” – the last chance they say is left.
That last chance, the few ways remaining for even an orphan to find success are:
First, make your fortune in business.
To do that, you must get into and graduate from the special scholarship course at the Myeongjin School of Business Administration, the pinnacle of private education.
Even though it’s a private school, students get in through scholarships so tuition and dorm fees are fully covered, allowing anyone, even the lowest dregs living in slums, to attend without worrying about money.
Also, many children of big business conglomerates attend Myeongjin University, so you can make connections with them while enrolled.
Therefore, even as an orphan you can gain many powerful connections, and after graduating you’ll get headhunted by not just the big conglomerates but all the major companies in the country.
Just graduating from there is enough to lead quite a fortunate life.
For orphans living in this country, you could say it’s the best way to move up.
Of course that’s what I aimed for too.
Though I failed.
The second is the often heard story of seeking success in the military.
In this country that’s considered even higher status than business, a very popular route.
To seek the path of the military elite, you first enter the Royal Military Academy in the capital planet Diamond. What merits noting regarding enrollment at the Royal Military Academy is, needless to say there’s a world of difference from regular volunteers, and graduates are also treated differently from normal military academics in the kingdom, so it’s virtually essential for those aspiring to succeed in the military.
However, the Royal Military Academy has high national status, making it an extremely narrow gate, not one entered easily.
It’s a method of advancing even narrower than business.
And the last method is entering the civil servant training department at the top First Royal University, the gateway to becoming a government bureaucrat.
Graduating from that department then steadily building up a career and achievements, even an orphan could potentially rise to Prime Minister.
Impossibly, there was one person in the past, an orphan from wartime, who took this route and made it all the way to Prime Minister.
While there’s only been one that became Prime Minister, several have made it to Ministry, and even now several actively serving government bureau directors came up through this method.
Naturally it’s the narrowest gate in the country.
Right before graduating from my school, amazingly, I was nominated by recommendation as a scholarship student to that department at the prestigious First Royal University.
For an orphan like me, it would normally be an offer jumped at, but properly getting into the First Royal University has a catch.
While children of nobility and well-off families would doubtless choose this route, for an orphan like me there are circumstances that make it unselectable without considerable resolve.
Of course, since I lacked any such resolve, there was no way I could choose it.
The circumstance requiring resolve is the sheer inequality after graduation.
Officially there’s said to be no difference in post-graduation placement, but in reality there is.
After a probationary period of one or two years, those like me without any backing are sent to govern far flung parts of the kingdom, but the issue is where we’re assigned.
Assignments start from the capital and get farther out depending on your pedigree.
Of course we orphans end up remaining to be assigned to remote dangerous border planets.
In peacetime it would still be a fortunate environment for an orphan, but not during wartime.
Though the capital region may be safe enough, how much greater the danger for the border regions in this age of endless conflict.
Being dispatched as a senior official to such dangerous lands would put you in an extremely perilous position.
A common scenario, but the local ruler or number two can readily flee at the first sign of danger under some pretext, while those dispatched as orphans without powerful backing, as the highest ranking local official we’re forced to remain on site representing the government even as danger looms.


After that, if the enemy occupies the region we may be held prisoner for decades.
In cases like this, if the captured official has family in the occupied region, the discontented locals who can do nothing instead take it out on that official’s family, often massacring them in riots.
Officials understand this risk, so unmarried postings far from the capital are most common.
That’s sufficiently tragic, but if it’s conflict with other nations at least there’s little chance of the officials themselves being killed, so you could say they’re saved to some degree.
However, that’s not the only danger in the border regions.
The highest frequency of danger comes from cases involving space pirates.
When facing pirates, we orphan-born officials, as representatives of the local government, are killed as examples through cruel means.
Orphan officials suffer more deaths from pirates than enemy nations on the frontier.
Because security can’t be maintained on the frontier like around the capital.
The military is tasked with securing the kingdom’s entire region of space, but they can’t fully protect the vast area with limited forces.
The First Fleet is stationed around the capital, and there’s an organization dedicated solely to protecting the capital region, so it’s safe as long as you remain planetside.
They can’t completely eliminate the space pirates, but the capital region is absolutely safe from planetary invasion.
However, not so on the frontier.
Pirates run rampant out there.
The main planetary systems are still safer, but imagining the increased risk if assigned to the outermost planets of a system far from the capital, or colonies in orbit around those planets – it’s easy to picture.
Yet officials must be assigned even to those dangerous planets, and ones like me, commoners without backing – especially orphans – are guaranteed to end up in such hazardous posts.
In a sense, the threat of pirates is said to be far greater than that of enemy nations.
Yes, on this course, what awaits us is a very high likelihood of a harsh fate, which is the possibility of brutal murder by pirates.
According to one statistical survey, five years later the survival rate for orphan officials was lower than that of volunteer frontline soldiers.
Advancing as a government official is unthinkable without absolute ambition, so attending the First Royal University is out of the question for me.
That’s the understanding of practically everyone living in this country, and in my case as well, the orphanage staff and school faculty didn’t oppose my decision to decline university, respecting my judgment.
Yes, when considering my own future, among the three methods I mentioned earlier, I also contemplated marrying Te-chan, whom I had considered my girlfriend until now, and unhesitatingly chose the Business Course.
In general, among the three methods mentioned earlier, it had the lowest hurdles to overcome.
For me, it was a challenge that involved dropping two ranks from the level of being recommended to that prestigious department at the First Royal University, which was already the pinnacle. Up until this point, no one who knew me had ever imagined I would fail the entrance exam.
Naturally, in my mind, not only did I plan to enter the prestigious Keirin University, but I also envisioned graduating from the Business Course, joining a famous domestic company, and eventually marrying Te-chan to have a happy family.
I had worked diligently for all this.
That’s why Te-chan’s statement about failing the university entrance was quite unfair.
However, Te-chan’s words continued.
“I want to be happy.”
With these words began a one-way ticket to the hell that awaited.
Even I understood that you can’t miss even the smallest chance at happiness as an orphan. But still…
Even I know that. But …….
“I received a tremendous opportunity from Jayne recently.”
I couldn’t help asking.
“What do you mean?”
“That Jayne will make me happy. He said he’ll take me as his mistress. He promised I could manage part of the business under him in the future. So I decided to become Jayne’s mistress yesterday.”
When I don’t even have my acceptance or rejection yet today…I felt Tet-chan’s words were a terrible betrayal.
And Tet-chan drove the stake in further.
Though my life force was already nearing zero. As if to finish me off.
“If you had gotten into the famous Myeongjin University, I might have hesitated a bit. But honestly, I think it’ll be difficult for you from now on after failing college.”
And Tet-chan’s words continued to back me into a corner.
“I didn’t dislike you Nao, but thinking about my own future…so this is goodbye.”
Are women a creatures that really this cruel?
My head was in full panic mode now.
Vexed, frustrated, pathetic…emotions I didn’t really grasp coursed wildly back and forth in my head, leaving me baffled.

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