Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Epilogue + Afterword

House Vellet had several secret rooms that even the servants didn’t know about.
They were made to prevent confidential information from being leaked externally.
The location was passed down verbally from head to head, and each used it as a workroom, but today one room had an invited guest.
“I won’t end up killed after this, right?”
“Ahaha! What a funny joke. Don’t worry. I trust En chan.”
“Just this once, I’ll let it slide as a drinking gathering.”
“I’m grateful for your lenient treatment, Duke Levezenka.”
Saying that, I poured wine into his empty glass.
He frowned, but seemed to swallow his feelings and downed it in one go.
“…You called me out to such a secretive place. I assume you’ll tell me the whole story?”
“Of course… It’s a story that mustn’t be overheard.”
After all, the other party was our country’s hero, [Flone the Thunder].
Since someone we were indebted to committed a grave crime.
We needed to properly prepare and take countermeasures against the chaos before publicly announcing this.
“So in the first place, you alone summoned and sneaked me into Ramdarb? You suspected Flone from the start?”
“Yes. A tip-off from a certain source.”
It started with information provided by a man named Aliban regarding Muscle Enhancement Extracts.
He confessed his sins and taught me about the danger of Muscle Enhancement Extracts, as well as info on the dealers distributing it.
And his reason for consulting me, known as a wicked lord to the public…because my son reformed Aliban, he thought his father could be trusted.
Hearing that far, he made a face like he just swallowed a bitter bug.
“…That kid of yours again, huh?”
“Oh, I’m endlessly delighted to have such an excellent child! En chan must also be happy his daughter’s fiancé is so splendid, right!?”
“Enough, just continue the story.”
Hahaha. You’re still as stubborn as ever.
“As I traced that supplier, I realized that the manufacturer was in the Ramdarb Kingdom. That’s when I began to question it. Whether she, who cares about the future of the country and is focused on talent development, is unaware of the wrongdoing taking place in the Ramdarb Kingdom, where she has close ties.”
“So that’s why you secretly infiltrated alone.”
“Yes. There was no concrete evidence that Flone was involved. What gave me confidence in my hypothesis was…”
“Yes! Just as En chan says, it was my beloved son Ouga!”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“Your expression said it all.”
The letter I received from my son said [Father. Please watch over Mashiro Leiche tomorrow, just for one day.]
He had likely already noticed Flone’s scheme then.
Otherwise, there’d be no need to request watching Mashiro. For some reason, my son knew Mashiro was being targeted.
And he went to persuade Reina Milfonti, successfully saving a young girl.
Come to think of it, his letter also mentioned [the possibility of bringing Reina Milfonti back].
My son was far ahead of us regarding this matter.
Hmph… Watching my son grow right before my eyes is truly delightful.
I’ll need to discuss this in more detail with Ouga later.
“Hmph. I thought you let that ending go because you’re an indulgent father, but there was actually a reason.”
“Exactly. The contributors must be properly rewarded. So I decided to credit this entire feat to Ouga.”
Of course that wasn’t the only reason. I still have to play the wicked lord role.
I don’t need rewards for acting in the country’s interests.
As long as it seemed like my son’s doing and I cut ties, there was still time.
Only a select few knew of our entry into Ramdarb, so they couldn’t link this incident to me.
“Most of all, we made the blunder of letting Flone escape. That’s an unthinkable mistake given the circumstances.”
“Hmph. We’ll pretend it went that way.”
“And En chan must be delighted his daughter’s fiancé gained prestige from this, right? Hmm?”
“Haha. Your expression is quite something, a mix of various emotions.”
Seeing the various expressions of my long-time friend, I feel good too and raise my glass.
“…You can take this as a joke if you want. …I believe that Ouga is destined to become a top talent in the country.”
“You… That’s a bit too disrespectful.”
“Hehe. It’s not very convincing when it comes from you, En-chan, who wanted royal blood more than anyone.”
“…We were better off without that meddling horse’s bone.”
“Maybe it was better than getting on that leaky boat as it is?”
” ………… “
He said nothing because he agreed with my opinion.
It had been the consensus among his retainers for a while that the crown prince wouldn’t improve the country.
With his broken engagement to Karen Levezenka, hope in the crown prince was lost.
That was why all the nobles were desperately trying to make him their puppet and seize power.
Of course His Majesty the King also realized this and was troubled, but then a savior-like existence appeared.
“After this incident, Ouga’s fame will roar even louder than before. And if Ouga had succeeded in defeating Flone…”
“…Your son would become the [Saint] to save this country?”
“So let’s be friendly like old times again. Duke Enju Levezenka?”
“Haah. Whether in the past or now, you’re always butting in, Duke Gordon Vellet.”
As if to negate his leaked sigh, he loudly clinked his glass against the one I held out.

Time flies, and already two weeks had passed since the Ramdarb incident.
I wanted to heal my tired body, but time waits for no one.
Especially the world situation had shaken greatly.
Flone Milfonti was put on the kingdom’s most wanted list.
King Anbald staked the honor of the Kingdom of Logres to swiftly capture and execute her.
Flone was more fiendish than I imagined. No, someone like her embodied the nauseating evil that word signifies.
Apparently Father had felt something fishy about Flone for a while.
Taking advantage of her being occupied with the academy tournament, he discovered the factory producing the Muscle Enhancement Extracts and Magic Power Enhancement Extracts, along with the room for illegal human experimentation.
After that, upon receiving my letter, Father went with Karen’s father to rescue Mashiro and the others.
Considering Father’s doting personality and unnaturally fast reply speed, it wasn’t hard to deduce he was in Ramdarb.
I could only feel grateful for this. Really.
I don’t think this lets Karen’s father off the hook, but I should properly thank him later. That’s a separate issue.
Thanks to them, I got to live every day losing nothing.
…No, I lost freedom.
“Why the hell am I student council president…?”
After Flone’s deeds spread, suspicions also arose about Reina, but she was declared innocent after her circumstances were considered.
Reina was fundamentally a victim who had no choice but to act to survive.
That was taken into account as extenuating circumstances.
But now she was under House Vellet’s protection.
I arranged this so Reina wouldn’t get snatched by others.
Obviously. No way I’d let her get stolen after all that effort.
She also agreed this was fine for now, so I think it settled nicely.
Anyway, Reina had planned to quit the student council.
But many petitions poured in from students, and after discussions with the academy, she became vice-president, down one rank. The former vice-president, me, succeeded the president’s seat.
So her efforts made unwillingly for Flone’s sake didn’t go to waste, and things turned out like this.
But that’s all over with now.
The big issue was one thing.
“Why the hell…am I in this mess…?”
I glanced at the title of the document on the table.
[About Bestowing Rewards and Titles from His Majesty King Anbald]
Why the hell did it become like thisssss!?
It’s not like I did anything significant regarding this incident.
At most I tried hard to obtain Reina.
Yet somehow I’m getting a reward from the king?
“This totally wrecks my life plans…!”
My scheme to freely do as I pleased as a villain was… Oh no. No point thinking about it now.
Might as well get some sleep since it’s lunch break anyway.
Everyone else was out working, so no one else was in the student council room.
I don’t think anyone would find out if I slept a bit.
I took a book from the table and used it as an eye mask, flying off to the world of escapism.

“Reina Vellet, I have returned… Hehe, Ouga looks tired.”
When I came back after finishing work, Ouga was sleeping leaned back in the president’s chair.
Seeing him relaxed like this was rare, so I felt a bit privileged. At the same time, the fact he could sleep so defenselessly here made me happy.
It’s proof he’s opened his heart to trust us that much.
“I wonder what kind of sleeping face he has… Makes me curious.”
He had covered his face with a book, so I got more curious about what was hidden instead.
Did he look cute sleeping too, or was it a silly face?
Either way, it wouldn’t change my feelings for him one bit. I’m infinitely grateful to him already.
I definitely won’t forget until I die his wounded figure that day, his words to me, the warmth he gave me.
No, I’ll cling to those memories and take them with me even after death. Absolutely never letting go.
“Ougaaa, are you awake…?”
“A deep sleep indeed. Pardon my intrusion then.”
Careful not to wake him, I slowly, gently slid the book aside.
“Such a cute sleeping face. Ouga looks a bit childish like this.”
With his sharp eyes closed, he looked more age-appropriate than usual.
Seeing him now, I realize he’s younger than me.
For my junior to risk his life and save me, I’m such a pathetic senior.
His dignified conduct usually makes me forget that.
But that gallant attitude draws people in, gathering more and more around him.
I wonder how many people’s fates Ouga has changed.
“If not for Ouga…I think I would’ve died without ever knowing such happiness.”

svene transition


…Ouga surely wouldn’t want this, but for him, I want to do anything.
For the one who gave me this new life called Reina Vellet.
“Things like this…are okay for me to do.”
I brought my face closer through the gap between his face and the slid book.
A small secret gospel sounded in the private space with just the two of us.
The End



Hello, good morning, good evening, good boobs!! (Trendy)
Dear readers. It’s been a while, or rather the first volume, so long time no see. I’m Edogawa Komaki.
I’m deeply grateful you picked up this second volume of [The Villainous Son’s Misunderstood Saintly Life]. Being able read to you again brings me great joy.
Thanks to those of you who purchased volume one, I could publish volume two. My sincere thanks.
This time focused on the mysterious student council president from volume one, Reina Milfonti.
I was careful not to be overwhelmed by her somewhat heavy past circumstances, making sure to mix in laughter, passion, and moving moments to craft an entertaining tale. I remember wracking my brain, usually only thinking about boobs, to finish the manuscript.
If you could enjoy it, nothing could make me happier.
Oh, that reminds me, one joyful announcement.
This work is being adapted into a comic by Dengeki Regulus! The artist is the wonderful Mai Senjou who draws lively characters.
Please check out Ouga’s story in manga form too.
Well then, most of the thank yous remain, so I’ll move on to the acknowledgements.
Editor T:
Thank you for cooperating to improve this work amidst the hurried schedule when I requested deadline extensions. You support me immensely in various ways. I look forward to working with you going forward.
Illustrator Herigar:
Thank you again for the energetic illustrations that boost excitement, especially the beloved Reina waiting in ambush with a whip for the color insert. I’m a hardcore fan that loves every picture, but that one especially.
The proofreaders, designers, printing company, and many others support me; I can’t thank you enough.
And the readers. Thanks to your support, we achieved results like the social media campaign (now ended) and comic adaptation.
I will tighten myself even more and strive to create works that meet your expectations.
I sincerely hope you’ll continue cheering on Ouga and company’s exploits.
I look forward to meeting you again in the next volume.
With that, I would like to conclude now.

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