I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: The Girl in Gray

Translator Note: prepare for the feels




–I had a dream.

[Haha… with this, ●● will be your big sister.]

[How nostalgic… I’m sure this child will become as beautiful as ●●! If ●● is this cute!]

A dream of a couple with indistinct faces and golden hair, happily playing with a girl with “gray hair.”

I don’t know who they are.

But that girl looked so happy… and seeing her enjoying herself, my heart strangely warmed.

“Mama! I want to hold ▲▲● too!”

The girl energetically pleaded with the woman holding a baby with golden hair, asking to hold the baby herself.

The couple looked at the innocent girl with affection… and gently, carefully placed the baby in her small arms.

The girl held the little life with a serious expression, as if handling something fragile. The couple watched over her with gentle eyes.

It was a heartwarming scene of a loving and close-knit family.

They will surely continue to live happily together.

It felt like that, the scene was so warm.

They truly looked happy–

–Noise disrupted the dream.

“What is this? ●●, what is this sinister magic? What did you do? Why is ▲▲●… dead?”

“No, it’s not… I didn’t do anything–“

In an instant, the view shifted to a motionless “mass of flesh resembling a baby” and the fearful eyes of the couple staring at the girl with gray hair.

There was no trace of the happy scene from a few moments ago. There was only the confused gray-haired girl and the couple, who looked at her with terror-filled eyes, as if they were seeing a monster.

(Stop…! I don’t want to see this anymore… I don’t want to!)

For some reason, I strongly felt that I didn’t want to see what lay ahead. Even though this was supposed to be just a dream. Even though it shouldn’t matter.

However, the dream continued to unfold, regardless of my will.

“Father… Mother… it’s scary, it’s scary…”

The girl, frightened by the “dark and sinister magic” enveloping her, reached out her hand to the couple, seeking help.

“Save me…!”

Perhaps she just wanted to be reassured.

She extended her hand, thinking that her parents would do something. But–

“Get away… you monster!”

The couple called the girl a “monster,” slapped her outstretched hand, and rejected her.

They looked at her with fear in their eyes.

It wasn’t the gaze of seeing their own child.

Their eyes no longer reflected the beloved daughter who was once there.

“–Don’t you dare sleep, Number Fifteen! Damn it, you managed to survive again… you damned ‘demon.’ Just die already.”

I woke up to the sound of metal clanging and angry shouts.

I raised my heavy body and looked around.

Iron bars surrounded me.

An unkempt, dusty space.

“Ah, what a waste. I could’ve sold that face for a fortune to those perverts who are into freaks. But thanks to this damn curse, I can’t even do that… I wish you could experience what it’s like to be in my position, having to manage someone like you. Honestly, just die already.”

Through the iron bars, I faced the man.

He muttered those bitter words and spat at me before leaving.

No one would hit me.

I would be forcefully awakened and berated for no reason, as usual.

I lowered my head and looked at myself.

My clothes, like rags, were filthy.

My body was unnaturally thin and emaciated, to the point of being unhealthy.

And… there was an object resembling a collar around my neck.

The tattered clothes were damp, perhaps soaked with sweat, and beads of sweat rolled down my forehead.

“…Another… one of those dreams.”

A nightmare I’ve had countless times.

A dream of my past self that I never wanted to remember again. The dream of the moment when my happy days began to crumble.

In the dream, I was merely an observer unrelated to the girl… but upon waking up, I remembered everything. I remembered that the girl was me.


I sat in a huddled position, clutching my knees as if to protect myself.

Why am I even alive?

Days treated like livestock.

A meager amount of food given only to sustain my life.

No friends, no family. No hobbies, dreams, goals, or hopes. An empty existence.

I wouldn’t mind dying.

I wanted to die and be free from this suffering.

But… even that was not allowed.

Even if my head was severed by a sword.

Even if I was crushed to a pulp by magic.

Even if my entire body burned in roaring flames…

I was never allowed to die.

The “blessing” branded into my body, named “Divine Protection,” wouldn’t even let me die.

No matter how much I was sliced by a sword, the black magic that emerged would completely heal me in a matter of seconds.

Even if I was crushed to a pulp by magic, my body would be restored to its original form after a short while.

Even if my head was severed, and I lost consciousness… when I woke up, my cleanly reattached head would be there, without a scratch on my body.

That black magic that manifested when I was injured, without any connection to my own will, kept me alive.

And… it inflicted the curse of death upon those who harmed me.

Everyone died while looking at me with eyes as if they were seeing a monster. With expressions filled with resentment, faces tainted by despair.

No entertainment, just a life bound by iron bars.

Forced to fight with other slaves in illegal arenas, becoming a spectacle to be amusingly observed by masked nobles.

The desire for salvation had long disappeared.

Abandoned and rejected by my parents, treated as a monster and captured by a man who sweet-talked me into becoming his slave. Over and over again, I was filled with hope only to be betrayed… Eventually, I stopped believing in anyone. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

I buried my face in my knees and hugged my legs tightly.

Then, a random fairy tale popped into my head without my permission. It was a simple hero’s tale, read to me as a lullaby by a mother whose name I no longer remembered. It was about a hero defeating the Demon King and being granted a single wish by a god.

I couldn’t recall what the hero wished for anymore.

But if… if it wasn’t the hero, and I could have one wish granted…

I wouldn’t ask for help. It would be meaningless.

I wouldn’t go back and redo the past. It no longer mattered to me.

I didn’t need anything. I didn’t want anything. There was only one thing I wished for–

“To end it.”

To bring an end to this existence.

“Huh… here?”

Such a change came to the young girl one day.

“That’s right. From today on, this guy will be put in the same cell as you. A cursed roommate suits you well, doesn’t it? You with that damn blessing?”

The man who managed the slaves brought in a single person and said that.

(Why… armor…?)

First, the girl felt a sense of doubt. That person was equipped with armor for some reason.

A clunky and cumbersome full-body armor.

A full-face helm that covered the face.

Normally… to prevent rebellion, the equipment should have been taken away.

However, for some reason, this person was not wearing the collar that marked them as a slave.

It was all too… out of place.

But the man who brought the armored person didn’t seem to have any doubts… He shoved them into the cell and quickly left.


The unnatural behavior made the girl feel slightly suspicious.


…But she quickly stopped caring and huddled with her face buried in her knees. It felt like thinking about it was pointless, that it didn’t matter.

“Hey, don’t they have blankets or futons or something here? The floor is dirty and hard if I have to sleep… Well, I can sleep anywhere, though.”

Despite not wanting any involvement, that armored person—the voice of a seemingly young man—casually spoke to the girl.

The girl didn’t say anything and remained silent in response.

“Well, I won’t be here forever, so it’s fine. I’ll be out soon.”

The man in armor lay down on the floor, saying something indistinct.

And soon, the sound of his sleeping breath could be heard. Even though only a few seconds had passed.

“What’s with this guy?”

Lifting her face from her knees, the girl looked at the armored man.

–A strange person.

That’s what the girl thought. In any case, he was a peculiar individual.

Several hours later…

The armored man woke up and stretched, saying, “Hmm, slept well.”

“Anyway, this place is really dirty… Do they ever clean it properly? Well, I can’t complain. Aren’t you bored being here too?”

Once again, for some reason, he spoke to the girl.

The girl simply returned silence, offering no response.

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