Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

Feeling I did something bad, I hurriedly continue speaking.
“Anyway. Stuff like resentful words on that level didn’t work on me.”
“I-I see…”
While in its monster form it was invincible to any kind of attack, by taking human form it seems to gain a physical body.
“When the ghost monster took the form of a dead person it had a physical body. I easily beat it down like that and defeated it.”
“I’m glad I didn’t have to fight it since I’m scared of ghosts…”
“Uh huh.” …Put horror movies on the item wishlist next time. Let’s see if we can drive Red and Yellow away by playing them loudly.
“What about the Smile Monster? That one caused quite major damage right?”
“I know about it too. All of a sudden tons of people started laughing for no reason, and lots of traffic accidents happened, to the point it caused the function of the city center to halt, right?”
It had caused that much chaos huh. Well, considering its ability it’s not surprising.
“The Smile Monster’s ability was simple. Anyone it touched would be forcibly reminded of the happiest moment in their life, and unable to contain their joy, they would start laughing.”
“Huh, just the ability sounds pretty kind.”
“It would’ve been fine if that was all, but the troublesome part was the effect would spread from the people it touched too.”
The one to quickly realize how bad that was, was Blue. Raising her face from the computer she turns pale.
“That means…it spreads just from bumping shoulders and stuff out on the streets right?”
“Exactly. That’s why the damage spread so widely.”
What comes to mind is the image of the monster in a clown appearance smiling as it walks around. As it lightly brushes the shoulders of passing people, increasing the smiles, it had an incomprehensible creepiness like something from a poorly made horror movie.
“The effect probably lasts as long as the Smile Monster is alive. During that time, no matter what you do the laughter won’t stop.”
“It wouldn’t be a monster otherwise right?”
Making people smile, if only that was all it did. People made to laugh are deprived of emotions other than joy, even becoming unable to speak.
“How did you defeat the Smile Monster?”
“….Well, I just finished it off before it could touch me. Its combat strength itself wasn’t that much. You guys could beat it easily too.”
Simply that I didn’t laugh even when touched.
They’re all nothing but troublesome guys.
Though for me the electric slug monster was the most annoying.
“It’s done.”
While we were talking about the monsters, it seems the quiz was completed.
Operating the computer and looking at me, Blue sends her gaze to Red and Yellow before looking back to me.
“The rules are simple. When you know the answer to the asked question, answer aloud.”
“Got it.”
“Answer clearly, with conviction.”
“Because otherwise it won’t get across.”
Huh, you’re the one operating it, it’s not like the computer decides right and wrong answers right?
While tilting my head at Blue’s meaningful confirmation, the quiz begins.
“We will now start the thrilling Justice Crusaders quiz tournament.”
“Unnecessarily stylized…”
Having the computer speak is amazing… Seeing stuff like this that I didn’t have until coming here makes me understand the progress of the times.
“It can also do this.”
“Lady Aoi banzai. Lady Aoi is the true leader of the Justice Crusaders.”
“Hey? You’re still aiming for the leader spot right!?”
Ignoring the tsukkomi from Red, Blue continues operating the computer.
Then once again, a voice flows from the computer.
“Confirming the conditions. If Lady Akane and Lady Kirara win, they gain authority to command Sir Katsumi. If Sir Katsumi wins, the losers gain the obligation to treat him to a meal, or make it. When the answer to the asked quiz is understood, inform Master Aoi verbally and a correct answer will be 1 point. Are these acceptable?”
No objections.
I feel like the condition of making food was added to the treating somehow but it’s not something to fuss over.
“Then, let us begin the quiz. Question 1.”
“Alright, I’ll do my best!”
“Do ya best!”
This is a battle against the Justice Crusaders too.
I’ll show them who’s the smartest…!!
“The surname of Justice Crusaders’ Red is Shinzo. Now, what is her first name?”
“Um, hang on a sec?”
My mind blanked for a moment, huh, what? Why is it a question with an obvious answer for these guys?
Looking at Red beside me who seems similarly perplexed, she holds her head with a pained expression.
“What a difficult question…! What on earth is Red’s real name!?”
“It’s your name isn’t it!? Hey, why are you pretending not to know!? This is as shameless as it gets!!”
Sudden memory loss!? Red who seems to be struggling obviously forced, acts even more exaggeratedly surprised when she sees my reaction.


“Huh!? Could it be Katsumi knows the answer!? Go ahead and say it!”
“Waa, amazing. As expected of the man who beat the Quiz Monster. You’re even more impressive now.”
“Being able to understand this serious question already, indeed you’re the Black Knight. You’ve got it.”
As if acting in concert, Yellow and Blue begin moving.
Here I realize I’ve been had.
“O-oi, y-you guys, d-don’t tell me from the s-start-“
“What do you mean? Oh, there’s 3 questions total. You might be able to get them all right.”
Three!? From the flow I have to call out their first names don’t I!?
“Th-this match is invalid!! I quit!!”
I try to stand up from the chair but Red and Yellow sitting on either side hold down my shoulders.
I can’t stand up against the strength and intensity unimaginable from their usual selves.
“You said it didn’t you, that if you lost you’d listen to anything we say.”
“And after spoutin’ off so cocky, no way you’d quit now…right?”
“Giving up during the match means you lose at that point.”
Aren’t they scary…? They act more cunning than the monsters.
“I never said I’d listen to what you say! Th-there’s no proof of that anywhere!”
Since it’s come to this I’ll trample the conditions out of spite and escape!
There’s no way they’d take footage with security cameras in a situation like this, if I keep resisting here they’ll surely give up!!
“Fine, let’s do it!! If I lose, I’ll listen to anything you say except becoming an additional warrior!!”
And here a voice that seems to be mine rings out from the computer Blue is operating.
Th-that’s what I said in the spur of the moment when provoked by Yellow earlier…
“You guys call yourselves heroes!? …Haah!?”
Come to think of it, whether I win or lose it’s all gains for them! The Justice Crusaders are risking their lives with their work, they must get paid a lot.
For people like that, paying for delivery and the like is surely a trifle.
Compare that to me.
To win, I have to call them by their first names.
If I lose, I have to listen to anything they say except joining Justice Crusaders.
No matter which I choose, it’s hell…in that case…
“The answer is…Akane!”
I have no choice but to take the less risky winning side.
After saying it aloud, I’m tormented by the sensation that something large inside me was shaved away.
I’ve avoided getting familiar with them and calling them by name until now but for them to use a hand like this…unbelievable…!!
“Correct. Well done.”
I clench my teeth enduring Blue’s voice announcing the right answer.
I want to smash this computer right now and turn it to junk but it’s probably expensive so I’ll refrain…endure…!
Red next to me seems stunned for a while after hearing me call her name, then suddenly flushes red.
“U-um, ah, no, somehow hearing you actually call me makes my heart go thump thump! Ehehe…I-I’d rather stay as Red. It’s embarrassing.”
“I’ll seriously knock you down!?”
There’s no way you’d react like that now!?
Red holds both cheeks, blushing.
As I try to vent my anger while feeling the heat in my face, Yellow beside me places a hand on my shoulder first.
“Now then.”
“Let’s do the next question.”
“Question 2.”
The quiz is far from over.
Seeing two questions still remain on the computer screen, I make an expression of despair.

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