Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3: Book Eating Talented Lady


“Wow, incredible. What is this…”

After parting with Elena, I was dumbfounded by the scene before me as I visited the library alone.

A high ceiling that looked to be three stories tall. Daylight-colored lighting as far as the eye can see. A beautiful, glossy floor that highlighted the beauty.

The bookshelves on the first and second floors were packed full of books, with spacious areas for reading, and a calming music box melody filled the air.

“So this is the school’s library…”

Whether a book lover was involved with the school or it was built with great attention to detail, I could tell with one look.

As expected of a school with many nobles enrolled.

(I’m so excited to be able to read books in a place like this…)

As far as I could see in the library, there were no students using it.

It was the perfect time during lunch break. With such a luxurious place practically empty.

“Well, with no one here, I feel like I should turn off the lights and music box…”

I felt a small sense of thrift, but I continued browsing the bookshelves on the first floor in a sightseeing mood.

What caught my eye were difficult genres.

Philosophy. Autobiography. Religion. Secular. Chivalry, etc.

“Do students read stuff like this? They’re so thick, it’s like getting hit with a blunt weapon…”

Umm, I wonder if literature is on the second floor?”

Since I had never used the library before, I didn’t know where each genre was located.

But I didn’t feel inconvenienced. Rather, I felt lucky to be able to look around with a fresh perspective.

(Alright, up to the second floor)

I went upstairs in search of entertaining books.

“Literature, literature…where’s literature…”

Since I thought no one was in the library, I had only been looking at the bookshelves. I was neglecting to look ahead.

But there was something fundamentally wrong.

The moment I reached the corner after looking through the rows of bookshelves, someone jumped out right in front of me.

A girl with thin blue hair tied in a side tail. Sleepy golden eyes. Holding several books in both hands—


Like a ghost, she appeared without a sound, letting out a powerless voice. By the time I tried to avoid her, it was too late.



I felt an impact on my body.

The girl must have been focused on the books she was holding, because she bumped into me without noticing.

A small whimper. Next the sound of books falling to the floor.

Although neither of us had much momentum, being aware of an impact versus not being aware makes a huge difference in response.

With no resistance, the slender girl suffered a complete defeat like a balloon being batted away. She fell hard on her bottom.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay!?”

“Oh… Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry for my carelessness.”

The girl who bumped into me seemed to be enduring pain, bowing her head with one eye closed.

While I thought it was entirely my carelessness, it seems she thought it was hers.

“No, I was careless too. I’m really sor—”

I tried to apologize too, but…I couldn’t get the last words out.

I involuntarily swallowed my breath at the shocking sight before me.

When the girl fell on her bottom, her skirt got badly rumpled. I could see her underwear through her black tights.


I hurriedly averted my eyes, but… one’s gaze can easily give it away.

“Um… it’s not proper to peek at someone’s underwear taking advantage of an accident. Byleth St. Ford.”

“I’m really sorry… That was unintentional…”

“Please be more careful from now on.”

Her tone was inorganic and expressionless as she fixed her skirt.

Strangely, she didn’t seem embarrassed at all that I saw her underwear.

“Oh, I’ll pick them up too… Wait, why do you know my name?”

Four romance novels had fallen to the floor. I picked up the two that the girl hadn’t reached yet and handed them to her while asking.

Checking Byleth’s memories, there was no information about this girl. In other words, they were meeting for the first time.

“Thank you for picking them up. As for your question, aren’t you famous?”

“Ah, haha… I see…”


As expected of a current student, it seemed that the “bad rumors” had reached her ears.

The girl with sleepy eyes had an expression that really didn’t change. Her tone of voice remained the same. She was a hard one to read.

“Um, are you okay? Anywhere hurt or painful?”

“My bottom hurts a little, but I’m fine.”

Seeing her stand up as if to demonstrate, I stood up too.

“More importantly, there’s something I want to ask you. Byleth St. Ford.”

“W-What is it?”

“Right now it’s lunch break, but why exactly did you come here? As far as I know, this is your first time using the library, right?”

Facing her, I couldn’t read any emotions.

“Um, I came to read some books.”

“At this time?”


The moment I gave that reply, her golden eyes narrowed. It was the first emotion I sensed from her – suspicion.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that. While it would be different for frequent library users, this is your first time here. And there are also unsavory rumors about you.”

“Well, you see…”

“So for someone like you to come at a time when there are no users, don’t you intend to play some pranks on the books?

(I understand why she would think that with her reasoning…but still…)

I had no intention of dropping my noble name, but for her to confront me so boldly like this when I’m feared and avoided by others, she has guts.

—To be honest, it made me happy. It meant I found another person who would interact with me as an equal.

“Even after talking to you, I don’t feel you’re the kind of person the rumors say. But if you do intend any mischief, I won’t forgive you. Books contain all the wisdom, history, feelings, and ideas of previous generations. They’re precious things that should be handled with care.”

The girl spouted these solemn words while carefully holding what looked to be a fiction romance book.

The gap between her stern words and the book she was about to read was somehow charming and amusing.

“I won’t cause any trouble, really. I just came to enjoy reading some books.”

“It’s easy to say that.”

Her curt dismissal continued.

“So until you leave the library, I will stay and read nearby. I don’t have that kind of authority but…is that alright with you? Byleth St. Ford.”

“If that allows me to read, thank you.”

This girl must love books dearly.

If a boy with bad rumors entered a room full of her treasures, anyone would be wary.

“There’s nothing for me to be thanked about. I’ve done nothing but say rude things to you.”

“That’s only because of the bad rumors about me, so it can’t be helped. Which is why I’m at fault, and you’re just doing the natural thing. That’s how I see it.”



Her sudden silence made me tilt my head and wait for a reply.

“Byleth St. Ford. Are you really a bad person?”

“Huh? You’re asking that to my face? While I do think I lean more to the good side…”

“I see.”

Same tone of voice, same lack of expression. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking with her “I see.”

“Then let’s look for something you can read together. The genres I can confidently recommend are philosophy and romance novels.”

She spoke as if wanting me to read the books she recommended. Between philosophy and romance novels, the latter sounded more enjoyable to me.

“Then…could you show me where the romance novels are?”

“Are you alright with that? I thought you would choose philosophy since you must have a lot of experience with romance.”

“Experience or not, they’re still fun to read.”

“Is that so? Then please lead the way.”

“Uh, sure.”

And so, guided by a mysterious girl whose name I still didn’t know, I was able to easily find the book I wanted.



Then, as I was reading the book in a single-seat chair in the library…

“Is it interesting, Byleth-St. Ford?”


“The book I recommended to you.”

The girl who had been reading across the small table from me spoke up.

“Oh. I’m still in the early chapters, so it’s hard to say, but it’s promising.”

“Is that so?”

The story I was currently reading revolved around class differences.

“If you ever feel it’s not to your liking, don’t hesitate to let me know. There are plenty of other books here.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“No need to thank me.”

She kept her gaze on the book she held in her hands, her sleepy golden eyes running over the vertical text as she adeptly balanced reading and conversation.

“Hey, I have a question. Are there usually this few people using the library at this time?”

“Only occasionally when the librarian is here. This time is usually quiet, and food and drinks are prohibited in the library.”

“I see…”

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