Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 1

Killed by Subordinates?

“This is the best possible situation I could have hoped for.
Right now, Nao is at the moment when the dream Nao have been earnestly wishing for these past three years is about to become a reality.
However, things progressed in a completely different direction than Nao desired.
His subordinates completely ignored the order Nao issued.
Yes, they readily dismissed his command.
On top of that, his adjutant, Lieutenant Meyrica said just one thing.
“As if we’d do that.”

I’m a lieutenant, you know?
I outrank you.
What do you mean, saying that?
No matter how incompetent I am, you should know better as a soldier.
Is that allowed?
Just as I was about to retort, Lieutenant Meyrica immediately issued a different order to the troops.
“Maria, you’re up.”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica.”
She called Maria.
Maria was Meyrica’s subordinate, a Sergeant leading a squad.
However, no matter how you looked at them, not only Maria who Lieutenant Meyrica called, but all the squad members she led seemed anything but suited for rough combat. They were all women, and greatly outnumbered by the pirates with only fifteen.
In a situation that seemed absolutely impossible no matter who saw it, my finest moment – nobly sacrificing myself to protect my subordinates in this dream-like situation – started slipping away because of Lieutenant Meyrica’s order.
Reality would not proceed as I envisioned.
And it was progressing in the worst possible direction.
They would be easily toyed with by the pirates without even fighting, then afterward the expected fate for women – violation and murder after being ravaged by the pirates.
I could see no future but that.
“I won’t allow it!”
Just as I tried to cancel Lieutenant Meyrica’s order, a strong impact struck the back of my head.
“You’re in the way, Captain.”
I was struck from behind and grabbed by the scruff of the neck by Sergeant Kate, Lieutenant Meyrica’s adjutant, then dragged to behind Maria’s squad.
Eh? Huh?
But I’m the captain, right? Even though I just graduated, I’m an officer, your captain.
Yet what’s with this treatment?
It’s awful.
And hey, what do you mean [in the way]?
To say that to the captain, no less.
I wanted to strongly protest, but I couldn’t make a sound because my neck was being grabbed and I was dragged around.
Ignoring my worry, the pirates seemed to be looking forward to the impending violence, leering with disgusting grins, licking their lips.
Paying not the slightest attention to either my concern or the pirates’ repulsive behavior, Maria’s squad stood in front of me, aiming what they held at the pirates.
“Do it, Maria!”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica! Is everyone ready? Then take aim…fire!”

Together with Maria’s cute voice, what the squad members held in their hands simultaneously spat flames.
The roar – though without sound in the vacuum – looked like it produced a roar, and the pirates who had been closing in until just before my eyes collapsed.
One after another, Maria’s unit made their weapons spit flames, taking down pirates.
Only fifteen from Maria’s squad were fighting right now.
The other squad just watched – no, cheered them on.
Seeing the pirates steadily being felled, their cheer voltage increased.
Some jumped and shouted, clapping loudly in excitement.
Around the time half the pirates were downed, they finally seemed to recognize their disadvantage and started fleeing, but Maria’s squad kept mercilessly shooting them down even as they ran.
When the last pirate fell, the excitement of Kate’s squad members had peaked.
The only exception was Kate herself, who couldn’t get into the flow.
Because in order to keep me from getting in Maria’s way, Kate had been grabbing me by the scruff of the neck the whole time, so she couldn’t jump around or shout, let alone clap, since she was holding me.
But she also got more and more excited seeing the pirates falling one after another.
Finally Kate couldn’t contain herself anymore and unconsciously put strength into the hand holding my neck.
Wait a minute!
Using the powered suit to grip a neck and put strength into it is kinda dangerous!
Hey! Don’t put any more strength into the hand holding me, oh crap.
I-I can’t…breathe.
S-Stop, this is bad, any more than this is no good!
It’s falling! It’s falling! Stop!
No matter how much I scream internally, Kate doesn’t notice at all.
See, I’m falling…falling, And my suits protecting function is falling, so stop.
The moment before I fell over, I lamented my misfortune at being killed by my own subordinate instead of nobly sacrificing myself.
Does this count as a heroic death?
And isn’t this a little over the top?
I don’t want to think I’m so disliked by my subordinates, but really?
However, the saying that your life flashes before your eyes as you die seems to be true.
But man, of all things why recall this moment?
Certainly there was almost nothing good in my life, but still, this scene is a bit much.
The memory that surfaced as I died and became suicidal again – my life really had no happiness at all, huh.
Right until I was falling, I lamented how unlucky I was.

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