Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 3

“So I’ll prove it. That you can’t kill me.”
I stood tall, piercing her eyes with mine.
I powerfully struck my own heart as if saying, “Fire here.”
“I’ll never kneel! Not until I grasp you in these hands, absolutely!”
“Shut up!!”
The machinery embedded in her activated, emitting operating sounds.
Proportional to the decrease in liquid in the test tubes, Reina’s pressure increased.
The light converging in her palm shone, electricity crackling along her arm.
…This was the greatest magical power I’d ever felt.
I shouldn’t take it head-on. My instincts screamed to evade.
Whether I could withstand it was only known to God.
Better to die without regret than keep regretting it from here on.
Besides–I had no plans to die in a place like this.
“Ouga… Any last words…?”
“None. We’ll speak again right away.”
“I see… Ouga, I had fun with you.”
Saying that, she unleashed the magic to kill me with tears streaming down her face.
“Superconducting Lightning Cannon!!”
In an instant, the torrent of light swallowed me.
Before I could think anything, the impact blew away all thought.


The unleashed beam of light gouged away Ouga and the wall behind him, a moment of silence enveloping the area.
After a short delay, a deafening destruction sound rang out.
I can confidently say that was my full-powered attack.

The exhaustion assaulting me from the magic depleting my body’s power made me want to collapse, but I stared straight at where he had been.
Thick sandy smoke obstructed him from view.
…Of course. There’s no way he could be unharmed after taking magic enhanced like that.
That’s a fact anyone could understand.
I should quickly confirm his corpse and report Ouga’s death to Teacher.
“That was for the best…”
I pulled my gaze from where he stood and looked at the hand that killed him.
That time with him was a fleeting dream I saw.
[Do you say things like that to everyone, Ouga?]
[No way. Only to those special to me.]
I just needed to forget it all indifferently like my life so far.
[I won’t let you go anywhere. I’ll definitely make you come back here.]
[To do that, I’ll give it my all. Use whatever means to get all of us together again safely as the student council. I’ll blow away any obstacles in our path.]
As I wished, I’d return to Teacher and walk the same life as always.
[Got it. Then I’ll hope for Reina’s tea. That was truly delicious.]
“…But why…”
“I want you!!”
Why… why can’t I stop crying?
…Did I mishear something?
Right now, I distinctly heard his quiet voice…
…Did I mishear? Just now, I’m certain…I heard his faint voice…
I didn’t look directly where the voice came from.
Did I want to believe it was just my imagination? Or was it that I didn’t want to acknowledge him being dead as reality?
“It’s…my win…Reina…”
But with his words, I was forced to raise my face.
Without a doubt, Ouga was standing there.
Dragging his right leg, he walked straight towards me.
Despite his body swaying unsteadily from the damage, his figure looked grander than ever before to me.
Advancing towards me unswervingly from the true path.
Not angry at all, Ouga softly smiled and gently grasped my hand.
“Kept…my promise… Got your hand…Reina…”
Saying that, he collapsed leaning against me.
I couldn’t move.
Up close, I could clearly see his wounded body. His fine clothes tattered to shreds, the exposed skin marked by cracked gashes.
I inflicted all of this.
So did I still have value worthy of embracing him? The qualifications to embrace him back?
When I couldn’t even cast a Recovery spell on this good-for-nothing.
My thoughts started straying into a negative spiral.
With Ouga stroking my head, all those doubts became meaningless.
The shouts and violence from Teacher etched into my mind.
Usually just recalling it would make my chest tighten painfully, but now I didn’t feel scared at all.
A warmth as if protecting me embraced me.
“Let’s walk the path slowly. Just stay as you are, Reina.”
I had feared walking an unknown future.

Without Teacher as my foothold, what was I living for?
Most of all, wouldn’t it render meaningless Papa, Mama, and Mary’s deaths that day?
I had constantly wondered if I had any value in living like that.
“I want you as you are.”
“Yes…me too…”
But I won’t waver anymore.
“I too…want to live together with Ouga…”

Ahh…My whole body hurts. No, I’ve probably lost feeling in over half of it already.
Well, I should just be glad I’m still alive for now.
Surely someone will come after hearing the explosive sound of Reina’s magic.
As long as nothing’s missing, I can recover.
For now, more than that, I want to feel the warmth in my arms.
Reina’s serene expression.
The battle with her was an all-or-nothing gamble.
With Mashiro’s cooperation before the tournament, I learned a physique enhancement method using magical power that also worked on magic, not just physical attacks–Beyond Limits.
I hadn’t yet used my full power, but somehow my body maintained its shape.
I’ll have to thank Mother for giving birth to me so sturdily.
“What can I do for you…? With this body…I can at least do what men like…”
“…Girls shouldn’t expose themselves recklessly like that.”
She visibly deflated and began buttoning up her school uniform.
…I’m not really angry, but maybe I should watch my language for a while.
“…For now, just live freely without overthinking things.”
“Well… if it’s okay with you, I’d like some guidance, at least in the beginning…”
“Guidance, huh… Maybe something related to your tea research. I also want to drink your tea every day.”
That would be just perfect for both me and Reina.
There’s no need to worry about it.
“Hm? Did I say something strange?”
“N-No, you’re right. Since we’ll be together for a long time, it’s natural for our relationship to be like that… By the way, why do you want to drink my tea?”
“Because Reina’s tea is very delicious.”
“…I’m glad…”
…Did I really just make her smile like that?
I wonder if she’s aware that she can make such expressions now.
You’re moving forward.
I hope she doesn’t forget her current feelings and her face.
“Hehe, that smile suits you the best, Reina.”
With that wish in mind, I gently poked her cheek.

“My magic certainly had the power to bury Chris-Lagunica.
But both her and Mashiro-Leiche were standing there unharmed.
And that was all because these two prevented it…!
“I can’t just leave my beloved person alone.”
“I never thought that the [Criminal of Thunder] could be such a wicked criminal as you described.”
“Glad you came along, En-chan.”
“Don’t call me by my nickname from our school days, Gordon! Call me Enju!”
Current head of the Vellet Duchy, Gordon-Vellet.
Current head of the Levezenka Duchy, Enju-Levezenka.
Although they have different roles in command, both have been skilled magicians since their youth.
“…Why are you two here!?”
“Our son sent us a letter. We couldn’t believe it when we found out you were in Ramdarb.”
He said that and took out a piece of paper from his pocket.
[Father. Please watch over Mashiro-Leiche for one day.]
“I also happened to be in Ramdarb… No, I came here for you. In case of an emergency, bring Enju along.”
“I thought you were going crazy to doubt the hero of our country, Flone-Milfonti, but it seems like you’re the one who’s gone mad.”
“We’ve already seized the factory. All that’s left is you… no, capturing you will be the end.”
Former Commander-in-Chief of the Holy Knights and two current ducal heads, along with a Dual Magic Caster.
…Even I am at a disadvantage.
My aging body is already feeling the effects, and I can’t afford any accidents.
“…Fine. I’ll let you go just for today.”
“You’re talking down to us quite a bit. Do you think you can escape?”
“We both want to avoid a direct confrontation, don’t we?”
Gordon and Enju’s expressions sharpened. They understand it too.
If we continue to fight like this, we’ll both suffer non-trivial injuries, and on top of that, there’s no guarantee of victory.
The name [Criminal of Thunder] isn’t just for show, and even with Chris-Lagunica, it would be unwise for an old man like me to face four opponents.
The best choice is to sheathe our swords.
“…Next time we meet, I will definitely capture you. Be prepared.”
“If you can, give it a try. …Well then.”
I turned my gaze towards the vessel candidate protected by Chris-Lagunica.
“Let’s meet again, girl. I’ll definitely come to take you.”
“…That won’t happen. Because Ouga-kun will defeat you!”
“Heh, seems like you have quite a blind faith. Well, that’s fine. I’ll look forward to that day.”
Next time, I’ll obtain a vessel that can withstand my magic, not an imperfect substitute like this.
As they continued to glare at me, I leaped into the sea without hesitation.

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