Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 2

“My body is a mess now. Full of iron beams so it doesn’t break down. Flesh shaved away. No growth or decay. Not human. Just a doll.”
Her trembling voice. She choked back what sounded like sobs and placed her index finger on her cheek.
“…I knew I could never live a normal life again… Yet because of the time with you, it hurt so much… If Ouga cares for me, then die here…”
The tattered mask, and still Reina tried to put it on.
“With your death… Teacher will praise me… I’ll be happy…”
“…Will Reina be happy if I die?”
“Yes, that’s right. If Sensei praises me, I will be happy…”
“In that case, show me by killing me.”
“Lightning Bolt!”
The brilliant Lightning Bolt Reina fired pursued me in a straight line.
My whole body was assaulted by the surging electricity.
The sensation of my insides being seared swept over me and my vision grew hazy.
…Grit your teeth! Time to show your manly spirit, Ouga Vellet!
“You look like you wanna ask why I’m not using Magic Burial.”
The answer should be obvious.
“I don’t intend to dodge your attacks.”
This attack embodied her feelings.
If I’m to accept her, I can’t flee from these emotions.
So I learned another thing about her.
“Helped me reaffirm Reina’s kindness.”
“What foolish… I attacked you…”
“Yeah. With magic. And I wouldn’t take damage from Magic Burial.”
She knows about my Magic Burial.
If she really wanted to kill me, she should’ve used physical attacks like that kick.
“You’ve given me another reason I want you, Reina.”
I took another step towards her.
Because I want to close the distance that formed between us.
“No! Sixteen Lightning Arrows!”
The lightning arrows pierced me, and I was assaulted by heat that seemed to sear my muscles.
I desperately endured the urge to collapse and writhe around by digging my nails into my skin.
…What would the old me when we first met think seeing me now?
He’d probably laugh derisively, saying I should’ve just lived freely and ignorantly.
But the current me is determined to save her.
Unlike my past life, I aimed to be a villain and do whatever I wanted.
Then saving Reina is what I want to do now!
I want to follow my beliefs and save Raina. ……!
“Don’t stand! I’ll really kill you!
“Hehehe… Go ahead and try.”
“Lightning Sword Dance!”
I bit my molars so hard I thought they might shatter, holding in my voice.
Instead my body screamed, sending danger signals to my brain.
Even with the flesh granted by this world, my limit was approaching.
Which foot I stepped out with, left or right?
My awareness grew hazy, only focused on not collapsing.
With just that thought driving me, I advanced straight towards Reina.
“Why do you stand up…? At this rate, Ouga will…”
“Because…I want…Reina…”
“Still saying such nonsense…? I’m a criminal who deceived you all.”
“I alone…decide my feelings.”

“Surely people won’t stay silent either. Harboring me will only ruin Ouga’s reputation.”
“Even if the world doesn’t forgive, I’ll forgive you. Even if the world becomes our enemy, I’m…on your side.”
“No more… Those kind words… Your kindness…”
Reina’s shoulders shook.
She swung down the tightly clenched fist in a wide arc.
“Don’t give me hope…!”
–A dry sound rings out.
My outstretched palm collided with her fist.
“You finally took a step towards me, Reina.”
She who had only retreated back until now for the first time stepped forward to me.
Our gazes which hadn’t met before now overlapped, Reina and I.
“No matter how much you deny yourself, I’ll affirm you. Even that body of yours, I wholly accept all of you.”
“On the name of Ouga Vellet.”

“Ouga…will you accept everything about my past too?”

I was born on the small island nation of Ramdarb.
Being isolated from other countries and having little land, we lived in peace without conflict.
My family was the same.
Papa and Mama worked growing tea leaves, and my little sister Mary and I helped out sometimes.
“Papa, Mama, listen! Reina, you know! Reina got praised at school today for having lots of magical talent!”
“Oh really? Then Reina can become a splendid mage.”
“Mary too! Mary wants to be like big sis!”
“That’s right, that’s right. You’re both talented like Papa after all, so you’ll be even more amazing!”
“Not that much.”
“Don’t say that, Mama! Let me hug you!”
Mama pushed back Papa trying to cling to her, holding his face away.
But she wasn’t really bothered. They taught me it was just embarrassing in front of me and Mary.
“Ahaha! But you know, Reina doesn’t plan on becoming a mage.”
“Eh, why? That’s such a waste.”
“Because… Reina wants to have a close-knit family like Mama and Papa!
“Yeah, Mama… Reina! I love you!”
“Mama’s gonna hug you too!”
“Mary loves you too, big sis!”
Talking about what happened that day, our dinner tasted especially delicious.
I was happy. I didn’t doubt that these kinds of days would continue as I grew up.
Until that demon came.


Raging flames rose all around.
I could hear cries from all directions.
Huh…? What am I doing…?
“Ma… Cough, cough!”
When I tried to call out, my throat felt hot and pained, nothing coming out well.
I need water… I instinctively went outside to draw well water.
There was a woman there.
“Jeez, if you’d just come over quicker, the island wouldn’t have become like this…”
She spat in displeasure, with the charred remains of Papa and Mama at her feet.
“Papa…? Mama…?”
I drew near and touched their faces. Very rough, and they didn’t respond.
They were already dead.
“Hm…? Oh, it’s you. Reina, was it?”
“W-Who are you…?”
“Doesn’t matter. Hm… Well, good enough for a first try, I suppose. Right, decided.”
Saying incomprehensible things, the woman grabbed my hair and tried to take me somewhere.
“It hurts! Let me go!”
“Ugh, brats really are annoyingly noisy, be quiet!”
“Papa! Mama!”
No matter how much I cried out, the two didn’t come help me.
Because they were already dead.
Their figures grew distant. But suddenly, it stopped.
“No…not big sis…don’t take her…”
It was because Mary clung to the woman’s leg.
“Hmph… So the daughter takes after the parents too, huh?”
“I see, I see. Then go wait with Papa and Mama first.”
Light flashed before my eyes, and when I opened them, Mary had joined Papa and Mama.
I don’t remember anything after that.

When I woke up, bizarre machinery had been embedded in my chest and stomach.
That day marked the beginning of my life as a “vessel” for Ms. Milfonti to transfer her soul into.
The first thing she told me was to change my first-person pronoun to “watashi”. I obeyed to avoid getting beaten.
Next, machinery was stuffed all through my body so I could have an eternally young physique. I obeyed to avoid getting beaten.
After that, my days repeating experiments as a “vessel” candidate continued.
Ms. Milfonti often called me trash or defective, but she didn’t dispose of me like the other children brought in.
Probably because I was the most obedient.
I didn’t cry, scream, or rebel.
I discarded all emotion to avoid pain since I hated it.
Ms. Milfonti was made out as the hero who saved Ramdarb from the demon raid.
The king I saw shaking her hand in photos was someone I’d never seen before.
When I brewed tea for the first time, she praised me with “good enough”.
So I practiced to brew delicious tea.
She never praised me again.
I was told my expressionless face was creepy, so I always wore the same smile.
I got beaten for being creepy.
But I wasn’t disposed of.

If I threw away the parts of me that were Reina, I could avoid disposal.
My entire reason for living became shifted to being for Ms. Milfonti’s sake.
Eating to serve Ms. Milfonti. Studying to serve Ms. Milfonti. Pretending to be her disciple to serve Ms. Milfonti.
For Ms. Milfonti, for Ms. Milfonti, for Ms. Milfonti…

Until Ms. Milfonti found a replacement “vessel”.

“I…don’t know how I should live.”
The past she spoke of far exceeded even my imagined circumstances.
My imaginings were like child’s play compared to the series of atrocities.
Ms. Milfonti was no hero whatsoever. Her true nature was self-centered, uncaring of sacrificing others for herself like a demon.
“The me called Reina is long gone… I can’t even tell if I brew tea because I want to or for Teacher’s sake…”
…I see. No wonder my words didn’t reach her.
The resolve I had was far too insignificant and unreliable.
“My whole life has been for Teacher’s sake…! Even my family! My normal life! All of it stolen away!”
I tumbled back clumsily, powerfully shoved.
My immaturity and the thin feelings conveyed in my words to her were pathetic.
Reina held out both arms towards me.
“If you care about me…will you let me kill you here…?”
That’s right. She’s absolutely right. It’d be better if I died–
“I refuse.”
–the old me might’ve said.
Not so weak my feelings would give up over that.
If it wasn’t enough, I’d re-steel my resolve.
I cast my words at her with the determination to bear all of Reina Milfondy.
“Killing me won’t bring you happiness.”
“Didn’t I say!? My entire existence is for Teacher’s sake! Why don’t you understand!?”
“Because you’re crying, Reina.”
The mask she had suppressed her heart with was now useless.
Her true feelings were overflowing out.
“W-why am I crying…? I have to, need to defeat Ouga…”
“No. You’re free now.”
“You’re wrong…! That’s my will… Yes, surely that’s why…”
The one clinged to the past most desperately was her who had suffered in the past.
It was because the deeply ingrained fear of Ms. Milfonti still dominated Reina.
Then the one thing I could do for her was–
“Reina–Shoot me with your strongest magic.”
Her movements froze stiff.
Her unfocused, confused eyes turned to me.
“A-are you serious…?”
“Yeah, you wanna kill me, right? Then try it.”
“B-But I know how your technique works too…! Even if you use Magic Burial, taking this attack means you’ll die!?”
“[The possibility of death] isn’t a reason I’ll give up.”
I had to show her my resolve.
My resolve to protect Reina from Ms. Milfonti and the evil of this world no matter what.
“I told you. I want you.”
This was a battle of convictions.
The “for Teacher’s sake” shackles she had clung to her whole life versus the beliefs I had built up in this new life.
Winning here and showing her the path of supremacy that is Ouga Vellet.

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