Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 2

“…! Mashiro, one more time!”
“Up!? Uh, yeah!”
Since Mashiro was also a target, we couldn’t just leave her.
I lifted her again and rushed into the headquarters.
It’s okay… there are battle-hardened veterans in there. They must have already captured the culprit.
As I reassured myself, I ran down the hallway and kicked open the door.
“Reina! Are you okay!?”
But as I looked at the scene illuminated by the light, I was speechless.
The room was completely destroyed, and everyone, including Flone-Milfonti, who was here, was lying on the floor.
“Ouga-kun, the student council president is not here!”
“…!? What…!?”
As I was momentarily stunned by Mashiro’s comment, another scream echoed from the accommodation facility.
I don’t know if the voice belonged to a student or a teacher, but someone in the accommodation facility was trying to take Reina away.
That much was certain.
“Damn it, we won’t make it in time by running from here…!”
“Ouga-kun! Let’s use that thing from the magic battle!”
“…! Right! Do it together!”
Understanding her intent, I summoned a battle coat to protect her skin.
“Explosive Gust!”
In the next moment, we flew with tremendous force towards the accommodation facility and reached the top floor.
I broke the window with a kick, and we entered.
I cut my arm while protecting my face and throat, but this level of injury wasn’t a problem.
And when I raised my head, my gaze met with a suspicious figure in a black robe wearing a mask, who was reaching for the doorknob of a room.
This person was the culprit of the kidnapping incident…!
“Where is Reina!?”
The black robe didn’t react to my shouting. He showed no intention of even moving.
He wasn’t carrying Reina.
…Which meant, the room his hand was touching. That was suspicious.
[I’ll take you too…]
In a low, muffled voice, the black robe choose Mashiro as another target.
Not satisfied with just Reina, he planned to abduct Mashiro too.
“That’s too greedy. I won’t hand over either.”
“Ouga…he’s the one who…”
“Yeah. We’re definitely catching this guy.”
He’s the one who defeated those headmasters. An absurdly strong foe.
Judging by the lack of footsteps upstairs, I couldn’t expect backup from the teachers. They were likely all taken out already.
We had to face this guy alone, huh?
A truly hopeless situation.
…Heh heh, how interesting.
“Ready, Mashiro?”
“You bet. I won’t let you get away.”
Everyone took their stances, and silence dominated the room.
We couldn’t give him an opening to retrieve Reina. Depending on circumstances, we had to strike first.
“Now, Mashiro!”
“On it! Frozen Sixteen Arrows!”
Sixteen ice arrows were launched from all directions at staggered intervals the moment I stepped in.
[Flame Bullet]
“Crap…! Fire magic…! Worst matchup…!”
The ice arrows being shot down. But the fact Mashiro’s magic power exceeded his meant they cancelled each other out.
Normally the Flame Bullets would have reached her too.
“Two on one! Gotta deal with me too!”
I struck at his head and gut simultaneously.
An average mage would be distracted blocking the high attack and eat the body blow, but the black robe handled both perfectly.
Being grabbed was bad. I had to make distance…!
I threw a front kick. My sole made contact with his body and we both got blown back.

“Hmph, not bad.”
Talented in magic, and agile enough to keep up with my movements.
Clearly unnatural. His body must be somehow enhanced.
It’s a proven fact throughout history that a mage’s physical abilities tend to be inversely proportional to their magical talent.
This guy broke the rules set by the world.
“Now then…what’s your next move?”
If I use Magic Burial, I should finish him here.
But even with me and Mashiro, our chances are fifty-fifty at best.
We’re evenly matched covering each other’s weaknesses, but if either of us gets knocked down, it’s over.
If we can’t win two-on-one…there’s only one option left.
The issue is when to use it.
I glance at the room where Reina is likely in.
The distance is about equal between me, the black robe, and that room. So I’ll make the first move!
“We really do think alike.”
We both moved at the same time, but he got there first.
“What are you up to…!”
No verbal response…but an unpleasant sound comes from his body.
Getting hit by that would be bad!
I instinctively pull back my arm about to block and shift my body to evade.
His swung fist sticks into the wall, pulverizing it.
I break into a cold sweat at the terrifying power. But villains don’t withdraw here.
“Don’t forget wide swings leave you open!”
I circle around to his back and put him in a full nelson to restrict his movement.
C’mon muscles, hold him…!
“Frozen Sixteen Arrows!”
[Flame Bullet]
The colliding wind and fire magic cause an explosion.
In that moment, a pleasant, out-of-place aroma drifted through the battlefield.
That scent…where have I…
My eyes unconsciously go to her room.
[Taking your eyes off your opponent mid-battle?]
As I turn, the black robe’s fist grazes my cheek, cutting it and drawing blood.
What kind of body does this guy have?
“I’ll rip off that mask and see your face!”
He catches my palm strike aimed at the mask between his hands, stopping it.
We end up grappling, arms locked.
“What freakish strength…!”
[That’s my line…]
“Frozen Wind!”
[Scorching Wind!]
“Did you forget you told me not to look away!?”
To counter Mashiro’s magic, he had to unleash a considerable amount himself.
I don’t miss that opening, tripping him to destroy his balance.
Now! This was my only chance!
I call out the name of the one who can break this deadlock.
“I’ve been waiting.”
As if it was only natural, she slipped into the facility through the window without a sound.
Spotting her golden hair poised at the edge of my vision, I dive and push Mashiro’s head down to shield her.
“Petal Storm.”
In an instant, shockwaves from slashes pass overhead.
Their speed is like lightning.
The slashes launched from Alice’s sword split into three directions. Crawling along the floor and walls, flying through the air.
The undulating slashes seemed alive and confused the black robe.
[Flame Bomb…]
The flame bombs scattered in the air, but Alice’s attack wasn’t done.
Her slashes directly struck the slow-to-react black robe and blew him away.
“Frozen Wind!”
The moment the slashed black robe exploded, Mashiro’s spell froze him–but the spreading flames from the blast froze into an ice wall, blocking our view.
“Damn! Had to make this annoying at the end!”
“I will pursue him.”


“I’m counting on you!”
I could leave it to Alice.
She made a hole in the ice wall for people to easily pass through and continued chasing the black robe.
Mashiro and I charged into the room he tried entering.
It was a room used by teachers, with oddly few and plain belongings.
And there. Slumped against the bed was a familiar girl with pink hair.
Her skin looked devoid of life, pale white in the moonlight.
We rushed over and gently laid her body on the bed.
Mashiro brought her face close to check Reina’s breathing. I felt her wrist for a pulse.
It felt like the longest ten seconds of my life.
Our expressions as we looked at each other went from anxious to relieved.
“Phew…thank goodness.”
Mashiro sighed in relief, her eyes half teary.
“Looks like she’s just unconscious.”
“Then could the others also be…”
“Yeah, let’s go check on them quick. We’ll need the students in their rooms to help too.”
“Okay, I’ll go tell them!”
“Ah, hold on!”
But Mashiro had already left the room before I could stop her.
…She really needs to be aware she’s a target too.
Well, the culprit was probably chased by Alice, so the threat’s gone. It should be safe.
“You alright? Don’t strain yourself.”
“Sorry…for the…trouble…”
“Don’t worry about it. I told you to rely on me, right? This is nothing.”
“Hehe…you’re so…kind…”
“Quiet now. Get some rest.”
She gave a small nod and closed her eyes.
“I’m so glad you’re okay.”
I stroked her beautiful hair along her shut eyelids.
“Master Ouga! This way!”
“Got it…I’m coming.”
With Reina now safe, I headed over to where Alice was calling me.
She had already sheathed her sword and was back in maid mode.
“That is…”
What Alice pointed at was a gruesome sight beyond description.
A body twisted and folded like an origami crane.
The shattered mask and glasses…
Shuelba Anthem in the black robes lay dead in a way he’d never return.
“And this was near his body.”
“Long time no see, huh?”
Muscle Enhancement Extracts. The illegal drug Aliban used to temporarily boost strength.
I see. With this, his abnormal physical abilities make sense.
It’s honestly disappointing how neatly it wraps up.
“The magic he used matches too. Evidence points to him being the culprit…what do you think, Master?”
“Yeah…I think you’re right, Alice. As a Vellet house servant, go inform the kingdom guards.”
“Hold on, Alice.”
“Yes? What is it?”
“Do you have paper and a pen?”
“I have my daily use ones, if those will suffice.”
“That’s fine. Lend them to me.”
This was just insurance, to be safe. Maybe overthinking things. But being thorough is first-rate.
“Take this along too. I’m counting on you.”
“Of course…I will carry it out.”
Alice bowed and leapt out the window again, sprinting through the night town.
I imitated her moves, jumping around until I reached the ground.
There was something I wanted to confirm before they recovered the body.
I hope I’m mistaken.
I approached Shuelba’s corpse and checked what I wanted to know.
And I became certain.
“Just as I thought…”
My murmur was swallowed by the night wind.

The incident that struck fear in the magic academy students was handled as Shuelba losing control in jealousy, and the curtain fell unceremoniously.
Evidence from numerous testimonies showed he had gone mad and acted on emotion after using Muscle Enhancement Extracts.
That was the kingdom’s official record.
As Mashiro and I guessed, there were no deaths among those attacked last night.
However, the missing students who disappeared before that could not be found despite the guards searching for them.
They couldn’t smooth over students gone missing.
The Ramdarb Kingdom and magic academies issued a joint statement.
The academy tournament was cancelled, and all students including those who came to cheer and tour were ordered to return home.
Besides the rep players, it would take time for the others to leave by regular transport. As for Mashiro and the other reps, they were likely already sailing away by now.
I walked forward, my pure white battle coat fluttering.
I passed through the dark path of nothing but shadows and finally stepped into a place with light.
A lone figure standing center stage with no audience, gazing at the sky.
“You came after all.”
“I thought you might not show and stand me up. Even though I’m the one who got called out. Being late wouldn’t impress me either.”
“And yet I arrived earlier than the specified time…”
“So what’s this important talk?”
“Don’t rush the conclusion. First, one thing to clarify–the culprit, Reina Milfondy.”
With that, she made an unpleasant smile that seemed plastered on, wrapped in a black robe.

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